Meant To Be.

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Faith gets caught, Molly and Lily battle, Dusty offers Janet a solution and Jack disappoints Carly.

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At Lily's, she and Holden worry about Faith. Molly repeats that Faith was using drugs. The women bicker. Lily threatens to hold Molly responsible if anything happens to her daughter. He drags Molly across the room so Lily begins bellowing at them, saying that Molly has been playing up to Faith to impress Holden. He decides to go looking for his daughter and Lily leaves with him.


Faith goes to see Parker at his place. He's shocked to see her. She asks if she can stay. He's okay with that. They talk about Liberty and what a rough time she's having. He thinks that he's gotten a lot closer to her because of this. She asks for some munchies and then gets nervous when someone drives up. It's her parents. She panics and makes Parker promise not to tell anyone she's there. He needs an explanation. Faith explains about her pot bust. He thinks this is all stupid and tells her to talk to her parents. When she threatens to go out the window, he decides she can stay. He slips down to get some food and she pulls out a bag of joints.


Jack shows up at Carly's with a bag of books on pregnancy. He begins rambling about prenatal vitamins. "It's going to be an awful long nine months if you keep this up," she says. She thinks it's time they made a public announcement about their relationship. He doesn't want to do that without talking to Janet first. Carly is not pleased. Lily and Holden show up looking for their daughter. They fill them in and Jack runs off with them to search. Carly walks into the kitchen and finds Parker getting food. After mentioning the mess with Faith, she talks about Jack and assures him that she is together with him again.

Parker goes back into his room as Faith hides the drugs under his bed. He tells her that he is taking her to the farm to hide her where no one can find her.


Parker takes Faith to the farm house. Lily and Holden are waiting for her. Faith tells Parker he's a jerk. She leaves with her parents.


Back at Lily's, she questions her daughter about her drug use. She points out that many of the people in the family already have substance abuse problems. Faith insists that this is a lot of fuss about nothing and she hates her school. They argue. Faith refuses to go back to school. Her parents know that things have been a mess lately, but that doesn't excuse what she did. Holden makes her promises never to do drugs again then leaves to take a conference call. Lily tells her daughter that she wants them to be close again... and she doesn't think it's appropriate for her to have a relationship with Molly. Faith accuses her of being jealous and suggests that she learn to tell the truth herself. After Lily storms off, Faith complains to her father about her mom. He suggests that she stay out of trouble and give her mom a break.


At his place, Dusty jokes to Janet that he can buy off a bishop to get her annulment. They make out. She stops and says she can't be with him. Things are moving too fast. She's been praying for Liberty and she's afraid that if she takes time to let herself be happy, Liberty will get worse. He asks her to fly to Santo Domingo to get a divorce. She's reluctant; everything is moving too fast... but she agrees anyway. They hug and kiss. After she calls Teri to tell her, they run off. She tells him that she is happy and hopeful for the first time in a very long time.


Carly walks into Al's to see Molly. They complain about Lily and Molly insists that she is not 'the other woman' in all of this and she just wants Lily to get over Holden. Carly turns the topic back to Jack and says they are meant to be. 'Meant to be' doesn't mean much to Molly. She says what counts is work and warns her that Jack won't walk away from his new baby so easily.

Parker walks into the station to see his father. Jack assures him that he did the right thing by turning Faith in. They talk about Jack's rivalry with Dusty.


Molly arrives at the farm house. Lily is there. She tells her to stop trying to be Faith's friend because it is confusing her. Molly refuses to agree to her demands. They bicker and Molly refuses to back off.


Jack goes to Carly's. She gives him coffee. He notices he got a text from Janet informing her of her plans for a quickie divorce. He starts to throw a tantrum. Carly laughs. He rants and decides to 'fix the problem' himself. Soon after Jack storms off, Janet and Dusty arrive. They tell Carly that Jack had the plane grounded and wouldn't let it leave the country. Carly screams for Jack. He comes back in and begins bickering with Dusty. Janet begins having spasms.

Upstairs, Parker notices the bag of joints under his bed.


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