Guess I Beat You To Him.

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Luke learns of one of the skeleton's in Reid's closet, Meg spends some time with her daughter and Faith's secret comes out.

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Emily tells Paul they should buy Eliza an Easter dress. He's okay with that. He goes off to the bookstore and she wheels Eliza into Fashions to look at outfits. Paul returns a few moments later and Emily says they should have a picnic.

Meg is at the hospital telling her doctor that she's not ready to leave. Her doctor thinks she needs to start facing the outside world. Meg can't do that until she's in control of her impulses.


When Emily walks out to get sandwiches, she runs into Meg and begins freaking out, assuming that she escaped again. Meg explains that she is on a group outing. Emily calms down. Paul and Eliza come by and he puts the baby in Meg's face. She's reluctant, but holds her. Emily leaves to get sandwiches and Paul lets Meg spend some time with her daughter.


Meg and Paul go to Java with Eliza. He tells Meg she's stronger than she thinks and she'll make it through this. Her group leader comes to collect her. She says goodbye to her daughter and thanks Paul for everything.


Emily and Paul go home. They talk about Meg and he says that it's important that they don't give Eliza any mixed signals. Emily says she is Eliza's mother right now. Paul says he needs to protect his daughter from becoming too attached to her. Emily begins fuming. They bicker and she asks him to trust her. They make out.


Meg is returned to her hospital room. She tells her therapist that the little trip was a good idea. She wants the chance to spend more time with her daughter.


Mr. Judd confronts Reid at the Lakeview and accuses him of killing his daughter. He starts to pummel the doctor as Luke stands and watches. The guy stops and leaves. Reid tells Luke the show is over. He walks off and Luke chases after him. They bicker. Reid insists that this is none of his business and tells him to get lost. He orders him to leave this alone.


At home, Lily leaves Lucinda to watch the children and goes off to get Holden. Lucinda tells them that the whole family will be getting back together again. Faith is skeptical. Lucinda sends Ethan and his sister off to look for balloons. Faith tells her grandma that the family will never be the same. Lucinda thinks that she should show her mother more respect but Faith doesn't see why when Lily has messed up so much. She doesn't want to see her father get hurt anymore. "It's a good thing you're going back to boarding school," Lucinda says. Faith wonders if she should stay to stop another disaster.

Lily arrives at the station to pick up Holden. She discovers that he was already picked up... by another woman.


Holden and Molly are at the farm house. He tells her that he won't hide their relationship from anyone anymore and asks her to move back in. As they kiss, Lily walks in. "Guess I beat you to him," Molly says when she sees her. Molly and Holden give a public display of affection and then she sends him off with Lily. When they leave, a call comes in for Holden from Faith's school. Molly is informed that Faith has been suspended and why.


Lily and Holden arrive at home. He calls out to the kids. Lucinda declares that they can all be normal again. Faith doesn't think that's likely. Holden admits that he won't be moving back in but he'll still see them. They send the kids off to wash their hands and the adults tell Faith she needs to go back to school. After a little prodding, she admits that she can't go back. She claims she's not happy there. Molly arrives, much to Lucinda's chagrin. Cake is announced. As they file off to it, Molly corners Faith and asks her about the suspension. Faith asks her to stay out of this. Holden and Lily walk over to them and Faith announces that she wants to go back to school immediately. As they prepare to leave, Faith promises Molly she will tell her parents as they drive.


Faith's parents drive her to school. She apologizes for everything that's happened. They tell to stop blaming herself for what happened with Damian. She begins explaining she was suspended but they stop her, hugging her and telling her how proud they are. She talks her parents into staying out of the school and runs off.


Holden and Lily stop for coffee and mull over their problems. He thinks they need to forget about the past and focus on the future. He gets a text from Molly asking how they took the news from Faith.


Lucinda goes to the farm house to see Molly, who already know what she has to say. Molly refuses to leave. Lucinda offers her money. "Save your zeros old lady," Molly says, explaining that she moved back in with Holden. Lucinda says he can climb into Holden's bed but his heart will always belong to Lily. Molly kicks her out. After she's gone, Lily and Holden arrive. She fills them in on Faith's secret. They aren't happy to hear it or to learn that she's talked to Faith about this behind their backs either.


Dr. Oliver goes to Lily's to see Luke, who reluctantly lets him in. Reid asks him to forget what he saw earlier. He says he's not a murderer but false accusations could embarrass the hospital. Luke assumes there must be some truth behind the story, but agrees to keep his mouth shut if he'll tell him the whole truth. Reid explains that the man's daughter died from an almost inoperable brain tumor when she was six years old. He wouldn't fight back because he didn't see the point. Luke thinks he feels like he deserved the attack for failing. "That's what makes you such a great doctor," he says. Luke explains that he's broken up with Noah. Reid's not surprised and says that Luke's guilt overwhelmed Noah and doomed them. Luke gets angry and tries to throw him out of the house. Reid pushes him off and advises him to step back.


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Carly and Jack find a body.

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