I Like You Just The Way You Are.

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Chris returns, Henry gets a shock and Noah prepares to leave.

I Like You Just The Way You Are. image

At the hospital, Bob tries giving Reid a compliment but he can't compete with his ego. Bob attempts to convince him to stay but Dr. Oliver won't do it. When he walks off, Kim arrives, happy to see that the young doctor will be leaving. Bob knows that he's a headache but he might miss him anyway. He says that Reid has made him change how he feels about his own job. He's been thinking of training him to take over the hospital. Kim thinks that's a terrible idea.


Barbara is watching Henry get dressed in his room. He thinks they should use the fortune for more than expensive clothes. They flirt and she cops a feel. She tells him not to feel guilty for Katie refusing to take the money.


Henry and Barbara go to Fashions and he offers to buy her a dress. As they make out, Kim walks in. The couple tries to pretend they aren't one. Henry changes tracks and admits he's buying a dress for Barbara. She pushes him aside and tells him they can't go public. He insists that he's not ashamed of them and then walks off to tell Katie himself. Barbara worries that she's making a fool of herself. Kim tells her not to worry.


Luke is at the station telling the cops that he doesn't want to see Damian. When he walks out, he bumps into Reid. The doctor taunts him. Luke blows up and throws him against the wall. They bicker. Luke knows he's a great surgeon but he's a lousy person. Reid tells him to stop acting like a spoiled brat.


Katie is at home leaving another message with Vienna, begging her to come back for Henry and the fortune he needs to spend. When she turns to Jacob, she sees that the eye of his teddy is gone. She goes down to her car to drive him to the hospital. The battery is dead. She climbs out to flag a car and one runs into her. Chris leaps out of the car. She asks him for a lift to the hospital. They go back inside and he checks out Jacob himself. He also finds the eye on the floor. They talk about him and he says he's not sure how long he'll be back. Reid walks in. Katie introduces them. Chris remembers him. "I'd hoped I'd never have to see your face again," Chris says. The doctors bicker. Chris went to school with him and accuses Reid of cheating to get a fellowship. "I'll come back when Dougie Hughes is gone," Reid says. He walks out. Katie follows him and asks him if he cheated. He claims he's innocent. She's starting to wonder if she's been wrong to stand up for him.


Noah goes to see Luke at home. They discuss Luke's situation and then Noah hands him papers to nullify his adoption. He's afraid that he will never be independent if he's tied to his family. Noah explains that Dr. Oliver will be paying his bills so he won't need insurance. Luke is sure that Dr. Oliver wants to do something more than just help him. Noah takes out his camera and explains that he is going to make a film about his voyage to getting his sight back. When he points the camera at Luke, Luke tells him who happy he is to have him in his life.


Henry shows up at Katie's. He tells her that they're 'over'. He's finished interfering with her life and he's sure she'll end up in love with Reid. Chris comes in and laughs when he hears this. He says that Reid is the wrong guy for her. Reid explains that he happens to be gay. Henry is in shock. Chris leaves and Katie admits to Henry that she already knows Reid is gay. The doctor makes himself scarce. Henry and Katie bicker about why she never told him this. She shows him the door before he can tell her about Barbara.


Kim and Bob are eating lunch at the hospital and joking around when Chris surprises them. He's annoyed that they haven't told him anything that's been going on. Kim hopes he'll be sticking around. Chris asks his father why he would hire Reid.


Kim, Bob and Chris go out for lunch. They discuss Dr. Oliver. Chris thinks he's a phony and tells them that Reid stole his fellowship. After they explain that Reid is leaving, they ask Chris to come back to Memorial. He's not ready for that. His mother wonders if he came back to town for Alison. "Relationships don't work for me," he says. When he walks out, he runs into Katie. She thanks him for his help earlier.


Luke drives Noah to Memorial. He tells him he loves him and they kiss. Reid watches them. Luke approaches the doctor and apologizes for earlier. Reid surprises him for offering some sympathy about Damian. Luke hopes he will show some kindness to Noah. "I'm his doctor, not his babysitter," Reid says. They bicker. Reid tells him to stay out of his way.


Henry joins Barbara for a drink at the Lakeview and tells her he got in a fight with Katie over Reid. She laughs and says that he's in love with being in love with women who he thinks are out of his league. "I like you just the way you are," she says. She wants him to get over his obsession with Katie and asks him upstairs. As they go up, Vienna arrives in the lobby.


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