Glutton For Punishment.

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Damian battles for Lily, Meg makes a request and Paul tries to make amends.

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Faith and Holden sit on a porch and she apologizes for everything. He promises that this mess will end today. After he runs off, she pops some pills.


Molly barges in on Damian and Lily in the garage. She snaps a picture of him to prove he's alive and threatens to alert the authorities. Lily begins bickering with her. They get in a cat fight and call each other names. Damian eventually gets bored watching this and gets between them. They shove him down but he pushes back and pulls Lily away. She claims she's seen the real him for once. He still thinks she might change her mind about swanning off with him. Before they can leave, Holden arrives. Damian holds the three of them at gunpoint. After shoving Molly in a closet, Damian levels his gun at Holden. Lily tells him she won't run off with him and begs him to turn himself in. Damian refuses. She refuses to leave with him unless he lets Holden live. Holden tells Damian that her love for him was never real, unlike his love with Lily which was pure and real. Molly listens and weeps. Damian continues taunting the couple. Molly runs out. Damian and Holden struggle with the gun. Molly knocks the gun out of his hands and Lily grabs it. He begs her to run off with him but she says it's over and hands the gun to Holden. A cop runs in and takes the gun. Damian is arrested and dragged off. Holden hugs Lily and then the cops cuff him. He notices that Molly has left. She returns and tells him she almost went home but stopped herself and came back. "I'm a glutton for punishment," she says. They review the situation and she wonders how he's going to move on. He reaches out to her. She pushes him away and asks him what their future is. He makes it clear that things were wrong between he and Lily even before Damian came into the picture. He's happy to be with her. They kiss. He's taken away.

The cops show up at Lily's and hand Luke a search warrant. They inform him that his father has escaped.


Luke goes to the station and finds his sister there. She tells him what happened and blames herself for everything. As she rambles, he notices that she doesn't seem well and her hands are freezing. He assumes she's high and asks to see her purse. She explains she just took a pill to calm down. Damian is led in and Luke follows him into an interrogation room. Lily arrives and begins bickering with her daughter about Damian.


In the interrogation room, Luke confronts Damian about his lies. Damian insists he's done everything for the family and their legacy. Luke says he doesn't want anything to do with that. "Holden Snyder is my father. My only father," he declares. Luke walks out and hugs his mother. When Damian is led out, Lily takes off her ring and hands it to him.


Emma goes to visit Meg at the mental hospital with cookies and pictures of Eliza. Meg can't handle it. Her mother is only trying to make things easier and asks her what she needs. Meg doesn't need to be reminded of what she's lost. Emma insists she hasn't lost anything and she will get better.


At home, Paul and Emily notice a news article about Holden's escape and how Damian might be alive. Paul decides to take Eliza to see Emma and make sure that she keeps Damian's possible re-appearance a secret from Meg. As soon as he leaves, Meg calls and asks Emily to come and visit her.


Emily arrives in Meg's room. Meg tells her that she's not getting any better. She rants about Damian and then says she's afraid of herself and how far she has been pushed. Since she doesn't feel like she can be a good mother now, she asks Emily if she will step in. Emily is surprised and tells her she would be honored.


Paul goes to the farm house and tells Emma that Damian is alive. He wants them to keep this a secret from Meg. She takes a swipe at him and assumes he just wants to pin the blame for what's happened on Damian when he's also to blame for Meg's madness. Emma lays into him and tells him he's the last person Meg needs on her side. "Just stay away from her," she asks.


Paul and Emily meet up at home and she fills him in on her visit with Meg. He's surprised when she tells him about Meg's request. He wishes she hadn't agreed to Meg's proposal. Paul decides he's going to take Eliza to see Meg. His wife thinks that's a bad idea. He says he needs to do this for Meg. "I'm going with you," she says.


Paul arrives at the hospital and goes in to see Meg alone. He tells her he wants what's best for her and he's sure she can turn things around for herself. When he tells her that seeing Eliza might actually help her, she shakes her head and refuses. "There are a lot of people in this world who love you. Don't give up," he says.


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