Only If We Do It Badly.

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Holden and Molly go after Lily and Faith, Dusty makes plans for Janet and Carly gets excited.

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In an isolated house, Damian is shocked to discover that Lily is afraid of him. She refuses to play his games anymore. He says they belong together and he will do whatever he has to to keep her. She pleads with him to turn himself in. "You have a chance but not at the expense of my children's father," she says. As she rambles about how she needs him, he hears the door open. Damian reaches out and grabs Faith. They argue and Lily begs him to let Faith go. He ties her up instead.


Holden and Molly are in her car bickering about what to do. She thinks they should call the police. He points out that they would just lock him up again. He calls a contact who hacks into Faith's phone account and gets the address she was going to. They drive off to the address. He runs up to the house alone. Through a window, he spots Faith bound to a chair. Before he can open the door, Damian clobbers him with a log and then runs off to the woods with Lily.


Molly sneaks into the house and frees Faith. They run out and find Holden unconscious. Molly wakes him up. He mutters Lily's name. Molly rolls her eyes. Holden hugs his daughter as she worries.


Damian drags Lily to a work shed and they argue about Holden. He tells her that they just need time alone so they can reconnect. She pushes him away. For a long time, she gave him the benefit of a doubt because he was Luke's father but letting back in her life has been the biggest mistake of her life. This makes him furious. He drags her off, determined to take her to sea with him. Molly catches up with them.


At the Lakeview, Craig meets Ellis, who is worried that Carly will find out that they are borrowing from Parker's trust fund. "This is grand larceny," he points out. "Only if we do it badly," says Craig.


At home, Carly is telling Jack that she will always have to share him with his kids. She just wonders what he'll do about Janet. He repeats that he is leaving her. She asks him to handle things with Janet fast and not let things drag on.

At the farm house, Dusty promises Janet he can give her and the baby everything they deserve. She doesn't want to talk about this until she knows who the father is. As she runs upstairs, Jack calls and Dusty answers her phone. "I think I'm the father," Dusty informs him before hanging up. After he leaves, Janet comes downstairs. She calls Liberty. Parker answers and says she's sleeping.


Back at Carly's, she babbles until she notices that Jack is in shock. He tells her about his conversation with Dusty. He stutters as he thinks things over. Carly repeats that they will never let each other go. She suggests that he not make this a competition with Dusty. After he leaves, Craig arrives. He shows her some designs of hers that he had made into samples. She's impressed and they excitedly talk about things. Carly wants to push the business big but he worries they don't have the money. When she goes up to get her sketches, he follows her into her room and guesses Jack was there. He asks if she is back with him. "To tell you the truth, I don't know," she says.


Dusty is at home hanging out with Johnny. His son wishes he had a house with a yard. "You just gave me a great idea," Dusty says.


Jack goes to the farm house and finds Janet sobbing at the table. She beats herself up for not being with Liberty right now. He tells her about his chat with Dusty. She insists that Dusty isn't the father. They bicker. She's sorry for what she's done but she feels like her daughter is being punished for it. Jack promises that Liberty will get better. She leaves for work.


Carly and Craig go to Al's. She rambles through business plans. He's glad to see her so excited. Jack saunters in. Carly asks Craig to give them some time. After he leaves, she and takes Jack for a walk through Old Town. She never thought they would be back together again. They're both impressed by how open and forgiving they have become. She offers to make any adjustments she has to so that things will work for them.


Dusty finds Janet at work and tells her they are taking the day off. They go out to look at a house and he tells her it could be their home. She's flabbergasted. He says it will be a place the kids can always come home to. She doesn't know what to say. He offers to wait for as long as it takes and kisses her.


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