It's Not That Simple.

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Janet tells Jack her news, Dusty still wants Janet, Holden escapes and Lily tracks down Damian.

It's Not That Simple. image

At home, Faith is on the phone with Damian telling him she can't sneak around for him anymore. He threatens to reveal her problems at school if she doesn't co-operate. She's starting to stop caring. Damian threatens her again and tries to set up a meeting between with Lily. After she hangs up, Lily comes in and asks what's going on. Faith says she needs a drive to school. Lily can't do it so she asks for lift to a friend's house instead.


Molly goes to Faith's school pretending to be Lily. The head mistress recognizes her as a TV reporter. Molly admits it and then asks her what would happen if anyone found out they released and under aged girl to some random guy pretending to be her father. After the head mistress describes the man, Molly gasps, "Damian!"

At the station, Holden is flipping out at the cops. Lily and Faith arrive and tell him she's leaving again. Holden is in handcuffs so no one gets to hug. Faith tells her father she knows he's innocent and then leaves with her mother. The cop returns to lead him away. Holden pushes him off. Molly runs in and says they can't take him away. She explains what just happened at the school. He panics and is sure that Lily is being led into a trap. When he tells the cops, they don't believe him. Holden chokes a cop unconscious, steals his keys and runs off.


Faith and Lily are in her car. Lily is sure that something is up because her daughter is so jumpy. Faith gets a text from Damian telling her to hurry. She starts shaking. Her mother interrogates her, swipes her phone away and asks if some boy is threatening her. Faith breaks down and explains that Damian is alive. Lily's shocked and confused. She soon realizes that they are on the way to meet Damian and calls the police. Her phone doesn't work so they drive off to see him on their own. When they pull up to the address Damian sent Faith, Lily tells her daughter to wait while she goes to face him.


Lily goes into a house and calls for Damian. He suddenly appears.


Carly and Jack are making out on her chaise lounge. He stops so he can tell her that she is beautiful and precious. After they get in her bed and have sex, she tells him she feels at peace. He thinks they've wasted too much time being apart. She's glad that he could finally keep his promises. "I'm yours and I love you," he says.


At the hospital, Janet is in shock when a doctor informs her and Dusty that she's pregnant. After the doctor departs, Janet says that God must have intervened to save Lily's life. He asks her if she's sure this is Jack's baby. An alternative answer hadn't occurred to her so he reminds her that they slept together. She refuses to even think about that. She calls Jack. "We did it. I'm pregnant," she announces. Jack gulps.


Jack and Carly get dressed in her room. She's shocked that he was still sleeping with Janet. He didn't think this would happen. Carly is freaked out. He tells her that everything will be alright but he has to go and see Janet. She's sure this changes everything and tells him to go. He leaves. She makes the bed. He returns and kisses her. She takes his scarf so he'll have something to come back for. "I have everything to come back for," he says.


Back at the hospital, Dusty continues to question Janet about her certainty. He refuses to pretend that he doesn't love her. Jack arrives. Dusty wishes her the best and leaves them alone. She tells Jack that she will always be grateful for this but she doesn't expect anything else from him. He has no intention of walking away. She knows he loves Carly and won't try to get him back. They decide to go ahead with ending the marriage.


Sage goes home and finds her mother milling around. She guesses that her parents have been together. Carly admits they are back together again. Sage is thrilled and hugs her, demanding details. She asks when Jack will leave Janet and move back in. Sage rambles. Carly repeats that things are complicated. Jack returns. Sage asks if he's staying. "It's not that simple," he says. Sage runs off excited. Jack's annoyed that Carly already told her. They talk things over. He says he'll always come back to her.


Dusty is sitting on a street bench looking pensive. Teri finds him and asks for an update. He tells her Janet is pregnant. She wonders if he'll still want to be with her if it's Jack's baby. He's holding on to the possibility that the baby could be his. Even if it is Jack's baby though, he still wants to be with her.


Dusty goes to the farm house to see Janet. He gives her flowers and points out that she's been nauseous for months and the baby could be his. "Would it be so bad if this baby were ours?" he asks. She says it has to be Jack's. He asks her to believe in miracles and refuses to walk away from her.


Next on As The World Turns:

Carly tells Craig she doesn't know if thing are over between Jack and Janet.

Jack asks Janet who the father is.

Damian clobbers Holden and takes the family hostage.

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