Are You Out Of Your Mind?

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Dusty proposes, Janet lets Jack go and then gets some news that could change things again.

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Liberty and Parker are talking over the computer by videofeed. She feels like she's 'the bubble girl'. She doesn't think it's a good idea for him to come and see her and suggests he get a healthy girlfriend instead. He doesn't like that idea.


At the farm house, Janet asks Teri what she would do in her shoes. Teri says she doesn't have the same religious beliefs to contend with. She wonders what will happen between her sister and Dusty. Janet is sure she's already lost him. They argue about what Janet deserves to have in her life. Janet blames all of her daughter's misery on herself. Dusty arrives. Teri offers to leave but Janet makes her stay. Dusty drops on his knee and unveils a ring. "Are you out of your mind? Get away from me with that!" Janet blurts out. She yells that this is inappropriate. He tells her to let Jack be with Carly so they can be together. "You turned my life around and I want to do the same for you," he says. She faints.


Jack goes to Carly's. She asks what he and Janet have decided. They haven't decided, he explains, though he makes it clear that he couldn't walk away from Janet and a baby. Carly wants him to put her first and put his promises to other people aside... since she doesn't think that will happen, she says she'll have to learn to live with this. They rehash the complexity of the situation and how unhappy they are with it. Parker comes in and tells them that Liberty isn't actually going to be happy to see him. After he leaves, Jack and Carly marvel about how well Parker turned out. Jack tells Carly that he can't ask her to commit to him while he's having a baby with another woman. They go into the kitchen and argue over their options again.


In Craig's room, Ellis explains to Craig that Parker's trust fund is totally liquid now. He points out that what they are doing is illegal. Craig assures him that everything will be okay. Parker shows up, looking for his money. Craig hands him a debit card. Ellis makes himself scarce. Parker asks Craig to explain to his parents that he's accessed his fund and then leaves.


Craig goes to Carly's and interrupts she and Jack to tell them that Parker has control of his trust fund again. They say they have no problem with that. Craig offers to keep an eye on the account. Jack leaves. She tells him the latest about the situation and he wonders why he still wants to be part of it. Craig tells her to drop Jack and just concentrate on work. She's sure Jack still loves her. "If he loves you, he wouldn't be having a child with someone else," he suggests.


Parker arrives in Minneapolis to see Liberty. He's brought balloons and stuffed animals. He tells her that their parents seem to be cooking up another plan.

Jack arrives at the farm house and finds Teri there. Dusty took Janet to the hospital after she fainted. She tells him to let Janet go if he doesn't really want to be with her. Liberty calls and begs him not to even dare thinking about having a baby. He tries talking her around but she tells him all of the reasons why this is a bad idea and claims she will refuse the transplant even if the baby is a match. She says that she will fight this on her own and win.


Dusty is with Janet at the hospital. He tells her he wants to take care of her and her daughter. She admits that he is offering her everything she's ever wanted but she can't say 'yes'. Janet points out that they barely know each other. He still loves her. "I love you too," she finally admits... but she can't think about herself right now. Jack interrupts and asks to be alone with her. He informs Janet that he'd do anything for Liberty... except have a baby. "We haven't been a family for awhile," he says. She agrees that they shouldn't have a baby if they don't love each other. He says he'll always love her. She asks him to stop lying so they can get an annulment and he can be free. Jack promises to do whatever he can for Liberty. As Jack walks out, he tells Dusty to take care of Janet. Dusty walks back in and Janet tells him what happened. "You've run out of excuses not to marry me," he says. The doctor comes in with some news. "Congratulations," he tells them.


Back in Minneapolis, Liberty tells Parker that she could never allow a child to be born knowing that it wasn't wanted. Parker says it wouldn't be so bad for them to have a baby brother and begins joking about names they could give him. He opens gifts for her. They joke and laugh until she coughs. He decides to stop for the day. She's glad he came. They touch hands on the plastic barrier.


Jack returns to Carly's and kicks Craig out. He tells her that he's not going to have the baby because he wants to be with her. His marriage is over and that means they can be together. They kiss. He knows he's given her plenty of reasons to doubt him, but he tells her that he will always be with her now. "We were put on this earth to be together lady," he says. She pulls off his jacket and they climb onto the couch.


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