What About Us?

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Carly has a new plan, Damian gets frustrated and Lily gets an idea of her own.

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Lucinda walks into the station to lecture Jack about keeping Holden locked up. He tells her things aren't as simple as she thinks. Holden thinks that Damian might be hiding in town. He worries to Lucina about Lily's safety. "You still love her," she says, patting him on the back. He thought she would stop hounding him when she was his ex-mother in law. Jack wanders off and around the station. Carly arrives. She's there to apologize for making a scene in Minneapolis. They laugh about how out of line she was.


Carly and Jack go to Al's. He tells her that their future won't be easy. He's not staying with Janet but she still wants to have a baby. Carly says he can't agree to that. He doesn't know how to say 'no' when this could save Liberty's life. Jack also doesn't know how long Carly will have to wait until they can be together. She wants to be with him and make love to him. He says that his heart is with her but his head needs to catch up. After he walks away, she gets an idea and makes a call about IVF.


Damian tries sneaking into Lily's but has to hide when Molly shows up to see Faith. They bicker and Lily says she doesn't want her in her kids' lives. They look out the window and see Faith with the guard. She is trying to distract him. Lily opens the door and asks what's going on. She lectures the guard for letting Molly slip in. after she kicks Molly out, she asks her daughter how things are. Faith says she should leave boarding school so she can help out at home. Lily knows things are hard but promises they can get through this.


Lily arrives at the station and finds Holden with Lucinda. She asks him to get his girlfriend off her back. Lily moans about Molly but Holden refuses to keep her out of their lives. Lucinda suggests they should focus on helping each other alone. Lily tells her mother to stop interfering. Once Lucinda's gone, the former couple continue to argue. He tells her that he sent Molly to the house because he thought she might have more luck getting through to Faith. They bicker about Molly's track record. He repeats that Damian is to blame for everything. She decides to smoke Damian out of hiding by using herself as bait. He forbids it.


Molly finds Faith at Java and sits with her. She offers to help her with her problems. Faith's not interested. After Faith stomps off, Molly calls the head mistress of her school to ask about what's been happening. She's told about the drugs and how her father picked her up from school. "That's impossible," Molly blurts out.


Faith meets with Damian is his car. He's frustrated and outraged. "How long is this going to take?" she asks. He needs her to get her mother somewhere private so they can meet and talk. He reminds her about her trouble at school and how he is the only person keeping her from getting arrested.


Dusty arrives at the farm house to check on Janet. She's packing clothes to send to Liberty. He wants to help her. She tells him there is nothing more he can do. She insists that she only wants Jack's baby and she doesn't care what he does beyond that. "What about us?" Dusty asks. Janet says they can't be together. She knows there is something serious between them, but what she needs right now is a baby. He thinks that's a big mistake and urges her to think things through. She asks him to go before she says something she'll regret.


Dusty goes to the station to see Jack and tells him to be a man for once and not give Janet what she claims she wants. Jack doesn't want to listen to him. "I want Janet and you don't," Dusty says. They argue and Jack tells him he's just a guy who sleeps with other guy's wives. Finally, Jack walks out. Dusty follows him. Jack accuses him of just wanting back the family he lost and claims he won't be swayed by anything he has to say.


Carly shows up at the farm house. Janet isn't happy to see her. The blond explains that she supports the baby idea but she thinks she should do it through IVF. "So you think you can tell me how to have a baby?" Janet asks, offended. Carly does if the other option is her sleeping with Jack. They bicker. Janet concedes it could work but she worries about the unused embryos. Carly laughs when she brings up her beliefs. Jack arrives and Carly explains her plan to him. Jack asks Carly to leave. "Just do it," she says, walking out. Jack asks Janet if this is idea is a possibility for her. She's can't have the embryos destroyed but she can give them to another couple.


Jack goes outside and tells Carly he wants to be with her but he can't figure out how to do that and do right by his family.


In his room, Dusty stares at a photo of Jennifer. He tells her this is the first time he's felt this much for anyone since her. He asks for a sign that what he's doing is okay.


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"Get away from me with that!" Janet shouts as Dusty offers her a ring.

Jack tells Carly his marriage is over.

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