I Love To See Him Squirm.

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Reid has his hearing, Molly gets suspicious and Damian lurks around town.

I Love To See Him Squirm. image

Luke and Noah meet up at Java. He tells him that Maddie has gone back to Wesleyan. Luke thinks this means he should return to living with him. "I can't do that," Noah says. He wishes that he could help him through his family problems but he has nothing to offer. He doesn't need a lover, just a friend. Noah insists that he needs to learn to manage on his own before they can move on. Luke agrees to go along with this if it's what he thinks he needs. They hold hands and Luke promises to do all he can to make sure he gets better.


At the courthouse, Katie orders Reid not to act like a bone head at his hearing. They tease each other and he hopes that Luke comes through for him. When she notices Henry, he tells her that he's there to make sure the 'menace to society' gets what he deserves. They bicker and he shows her his sprained finger. She says that the doctor will be leaving soon enough without his interference.


In the corridor, Kim rants at Bob, refusing to lie on the stand for Reid's sake. Reid walks over to them and brings up how he saved their lives. He rants about how horrible the hospital is and thumps away. Bob smiles. "I love to see him squirm," he says. They file in and the hearing begins. Kim says that the accident had no malicious intent. Bob talks about what a fine and caring physician Reid is, even if he's obnoxious. When Luke is sworn in, he admits that he forced Dr. Oliver into coming to town and claims Reid didn't steal his car. The judge decides this was all a waste of time. Henry leaps up and demands to be heard. He says that he was held in quarantine after a false TB diagnosis. Bob explains that Henry is exaggerating so the judge dismisses the case. As Reid leaves, he thanks Luke, who asks him to keep up his side of the bargain. Bob asks Reid what it would take to keep him in town. That's not going to happen without a lot of money. Bob wishes he could offer him what he needs. Katie says she has an idea of where they could get the money to keep Reid there. Henry realizes what she's thinking about and runs.


Katie follows Henry to Al's and tells him that giving away the money for a neurology unit is the kind of thing that would impress Vienna. Henry thinks Reid must be manipulating her. She says he's not the friend she thought he was. He declares that she may be right and walks out in a huff.

Katie walks out, assures Bob and Kim that she will talk Henry around, and then calls Vienna.


At the hospital, Reid thanks Luke again. He makes him promise never to drag him back to town again and assures him that Noah will see again. "He's coming with me," Dr. Oliver explains. Luke walks into the examination room and asks Noah if this is true. Noah confirms he's leaving with the doctor. Luke storms over to Dr. Oliver and tries begging him to keep Noah there. The doctor tells him to step back.


Faith gets into Damian's car. He tells her that his text name is 'Max' and when he sends her a message, she has to come and meet him. She hates all of this. He insists that there is no other way and he needs her to keep his existence a secret.


Faith goes home, much to her mother's surprise. She wonders why there is a security guard outside. Lily explains that Lucinda hired him as a precaution and tells her there is a chance that Damian is still alive. She assures Faith that Damian will stay away and then they leave to see Holden. Once they're out of the house, Damian tries to slip in but the security guard shows up so he hides.


Molly goes to see Holden at the station. He asks her to reach out to Faith. She tries but Faith is staying away. Lily and faith arrive. Molly leaves them alone. "This is messed up!" Faith blurts out. After she leaves, Holden and Lily bicker about Damian.


Faith runs into Molly outside. Molly asks how she is. Faith is edgy and refuses to talk. She walks down the street and gets into Damian's car. She tells him he needs to come forward and help her father. Faith adds that her parents still think he's alive. He decides that he has to talk to Lily himself and asks her to distract the guard so he can slip into the house. Damian swears that he will protect Lily and her family.

Molly returns to Holden and tells him that Faith has been acting weird. They worry. The cops come in and tell Molly her time us up.


Faith goes home and asks the guard for his help finding an earring she lost. As soon as they step away, Damian approaches the door.


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