Luke Finally Sees the Truth

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Sergio is taken into custody. Damian admits to Luke that he only wanted his inheritance. Lucy recovers from inhaling a toxic substance. Margo questions everyone after The Slasher attack. Paul cozies up to Emily.

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Luke listens as Damian reveals the truth

Damian demands Sergio release Luke. Luke breaks free and knocks the gun from Sergio's hand. Sergio runs. Holden gets the gun and holds in on Damian. Luke is angry at Damian, wants the truth; who Sergio is and what's going on. Damian tells him that Sergio works for the syndicate and Damian owes them money. They wanted Luke's inheritance, that's why he was taking Luke to Malta. It dawns on Luke that Damian truly may have been lying about being sick. Damian admits it was a lie.

Jack shows up, He just got a report that there was an explosion at Fair Winds. Luke turns his back on Damian after finding out that he jeopardized Lucy's life. The cops come in with Sergio, dragging him away in handcuffs. Dallas arrives, Jack and Holden want Damian arrested. Damian gets Luke aside, tries to convince him he wouldn't have hurt Lucy and it wasn't just about money, taking him to Malta. They start talking about the fact that Luke is gay and Damian can't accept that. Luke realizes that Damian really was the one who had the deprogrammer hired to try to change him. Luke tells Damian that he is not his father. Luke sees all the truth. He tells Damian because of him his mother might die.


Lucy has inhaled a toxic substance

Lucy is having an attack. Meg says maybe it's something in the cellar she was allergic to. Meg gives Lucy an allergy shot. Dusty holds Lucy, tells her he's got her now, everything is ok. Dusty and Lucy tell Meg what's been going on with Luke and Damian. When Meg leaves the room Dusty and Lucy finally make peace with the past, they talk about baby Johnny and how Dusty takes him to the park, when he looks at him. He sees Jennifer's eyes. Lucy is taken to the hospital. The doctor says she inhaled a toxic substance. Lucinda comes into the hospital room, gets onto Lucy for risking her life.


Paul is feeling tenderness for Emily

Paul and Emily have an intimate moment, he seems to be feeling very protective of her, he's got her books all figured out, did it while she was asleep, saving her a ton of headaches, she's thrilled. They sit together on the couch. He shows her what he's done. He tells her that her newspaper actually turned a little profit. Emily has Paul feel the baby move. He is touched that Emily called him 'the baby's daddy.... They talk about the baby being a boy or a girl. Paul says Father is more than just a word and that he's up for the job. He says he's going to do the opposite of what his instincts tell him to do, since his instincts always get him into trouble. Finally, he feels the baby move and they are laughing. Emily's mother comes in, says, ...Do I even WANT to know what's happening here?... Emily says Paul came to check on her, mom is mean to Paul, he leaves. Emily says ...Please don't make a big deal out of Paul being here tonight.... Her mother says, ...I won't if you won't.... Her mother accuses her of trying to get Paul back. She asks Emily if she would tell her if Paul was getting to her again, she says he's not. Once she's alone, Emily talks to the baby, says your daddy loves you very much.


Maddie at the scene of another Slasher attack

Margo continues to question Will about where he was during the attack on Gwen and Casey. Jade walks in and says that he was with her. Margo questions Jade; she says they were together at Java. To save himself, Will must admit in from of Gwen that he really was with Jade. Jade tells Margo, ...Find Maddie Coleman and you'll find the Oakdale Slasher.... She says she saw Maddie and Gwen together and heard Maddie threaten Gwen. Margo gets the whole story that Will slept with Jade and Maddie telling. Gwen tells Margo what Maddie said, you see what happened to Lia once she got close to Casey.

Outside the house, Dallas found Maddie hunched in the corner, hiding. She took off running. Dallas caught up with her. He asked her what she was doing there. She said she had to stop Casey and Gwen and she had to talk to Casey.

Dallas walks into the house, Maddie accompanying him. Margo wants to get Maddie's shoe prints. Dallas gets called away, a report of shots fired at the airport. Margo asks Jade what her problem is. Jade says she has a problem with the way Margo is running her investigation. Margo asks Casey if Maddie ever said anything that sounded like a threat. He says no. Will talks to Gwen alone in the bedroom after Margo leaves, taking Maddie with her. Will wants to drive Gwen to the hospital, but she says Jade is waiting for him, has he forgotten? She hasn't. On the porch, Jade asks Will if he wants to stay with her. Casey goes into the bedroom. He is convinced that Will is the killer. Gwen doesn't think so, they talk. She thanks him for being there for her. Casey says he doesn't know what's going on with Maddie.

Henry, Eve, and Louis can't find Maddie. Henry and Louis once again start arguing, the two men really hate each other. Margo comes in with Maddie, tells them to watch her 24 hours if they want to keep her out of jail. Eve asks Maddie to tell them why she was at Will and Gwen's; Maddie says she would never hurt Casey. Louis takes Maddie's arm, she starts acting weird again

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