A Conspiracy of Idiots.

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Dr. Oliver is arrested, Craig stops Carly from drinking and Jack tries bonding with his family.

A Conspiracy of Idiots. image

When Dr. Oliver tries to drive out of the parking garage, he drives right into Kim's car. Luke and Bob help her out of the car. Reid honks at them until Luke gets him out of the car. Dr. Oliver is ready to leave but Luke points out that he just hit someone. "What are you gonna do? String me up in the town square?" Reid taunts. They bicker. Kim tells Luke to let the doctor go. A cop comes over and demands Reid's license and registration. "Can you just pull out your gun and shoot me?" the doctor jokes. Luke explains that the doctor basically stole his car. When the cop hands over a summons, Reid crumples it up and throws it. The cop arrests him. Luke picks it up and reads the charges to Bob and Kim. They chuckle.


Bob takes Kim inside and has her checked out. She thinks he's worrying too much. They tease each other. Kim thinks this is all ridiculous. They talk about what a talented jerk Dr. Oliver is and then Bob leaves to check on her tests.


Luke returns to Noah's hospital room. When he tries to help Noah button his shirt, Noah slaps him away and orders him to stop hovering. Noah has called a cab. "I need to get away from you," he says. Dr. Oliver was his last chance and now he's gone. Noah rants at him and orders him not to tell him how to feel. Luke refuses to take all of the blame for this. Noah feels stuck. "You can't believe that my feelings have changed just because you can't see," Luke tells him. Noah's feelings have changed, however. Luke admits that things will be different, but Noah is still the guy he wants to spend his life with. "I wish I could believe you half as much as you believe yourself," Luke says.


"I've run into a conspiracy of idiots... with a few jerks thrown in," Dr. Oliver complains to the judge when he's taken to court. He gives him his story and requests his phone back so he can buy a ticket out of town. The judge says he's a flight risk and remands him to custody for a month. Reid starts to blow up. Bob arrives and asks to speak. When he tries to explain what happened, Reid begins interrupting. Bob asks him to shut up and then tells the doctor that he would like to see him locked up if he wasn't such a good surgeon. He offers to let Reid be released into his recognizance until his trial. Reid would rather have the firing squad. The judge sides with Bob. "You can thank me later," he tells Oliver.


Bob returns to the hospital and tells Kim what he just did. She's sure he wants to teach Oliver a lesson. He claims he can use him on the staff. "He is going to drive you so crazy," Kim says. Bob claims bedside manner is teachable but genius isn't. He flirts with her and they kiss.


Carly sits by the water and thinks of kissing Jack. She tells herself that it's time to move on. "To the past... to the future that will never be," she toasts, taking a swig of beer. Craig approaches her after finding her car by the side of the road. He confronts her for drinking. She doesn't want his advice or his judgments. He announces that he's done with her. She finds that hard to believe. He reminds her that they used to be in love and he still worries about her. "You need something else to put your energy into," he suggests. Carly knows she needs to get back to work and decides to take him up on his offer to restart Monte Carlo. Craig puts a condition on it: If she drinks again, it's all over. She pours the beer out and gives him her word. "Don't let this go to your head, but thank you," she says.


At the farm house, Janet thanks Dusty for sending Liberty's records to New York and arranging for them to fly off for an appointment. As she gives him a hug, Jack walks in and Janet explains everything that Dusty has done for them. Jack's impressed by the gesture and shakes his hand. Dusty asks Jack to walk him out. "We need to get a few things straight," he says as they walk outside. He knows that Jack nearly left Janet today and he knows why he's staying. Jack tells him to stay out of it. Dusty tells him to be there for Janet and not betray her trust. "You've gotta deliver," he says.


Back inside, Janet tells her daughter that they are going to New York. Liberty thinks this is about school but her mother explains it's to see specialists. Liberty isn't interested. They argue until Jack comes in, just as Liberty is suggesting that Jack only came back because she is sick. He knows he can't make up for running off on them and he just wants to take care of them. Jack challenges her to sit through a meal with him. She agrees as long as they don't talk about leukemia.


Craig runs into Dusty at Metro. He gets a drink and announces that he is celebrating. Dusty doesn't care. Craig babbles anyway and tells him that Carly and Jack aren't getting back together. Dusty fills him in about Liberty.


At Al's, Liberty isn't eating because she doesn't like the food. She tells jack and Janet that she's been thinking a lot about her father. Jack tells a Brad story and they all laugh until they spot Carly through the window. She comes in and tells Liberty she's still willing to help with her portfolio. After some awkward moments, she walks away. When Janet steps away, Jack tries assuring her that his being with her mother will do them all some good. He gives her a pep talk and says that this is just another test. "Your father would be very proud of you," he says.


Janet corners Carly outside. She asks her to stay out of Jack's life while she needs him. Janet explains that her daughter has cancer and she needs Jack's help. Carly understands; she hugs her and tells her that Jack won't let them down. She assures her that she won't have to fight her for Jack again. As Janet goes back inside and sits with Jack and her daughter, Carly walks by the window and stares at Jack.


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