Katie Snyder, This is Your Life.

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Katie's friends and family try convincing her to stay, Dusty comforts Liberty and Carly pushes Jack away.

Katie Snyder, This is Your Life. image

At home, Katie is packing. Simon is surprised to see that she is hardly packing light. He urges her to hurry up so they can get to her party. She's sure it will horrible and wishes she hadn't let Margo talk her into sticking around for this.

At the hospital, Liberty is shocked when her mother tells her that she has leukemia. Liberty breaks down and asks her mother to leave her alone. Dusty leads Janet out. He tells her it's time to call Jack. The oncologist comes over to check in and assures them that they can get her better since they caught this early. The three of them go in to see Liberty and the doctor promises they will do everything they can to help her. Janet tells her to stay positive. The doctor leaves to put a rush on the tests.


Janet and Dusty sit together. She worries what will be next... and how she will pay for it. Dusty assures her that he will look after this. When they return to Liberty's room, she's gone. They split up and search around. Dusty finds her outside, burning her portfolio. He tells her not to give up without a fight. She snaps at him. He tells her she should be angry right now and suggests that she smash some windows. He throws a rock through the window of a building next door and laughs. She throws one next. She laughs until an alarm goes off. They run and hide out around the corner. He tells her to relax – he's the owner of the building. She doesn't think that's funny. Dusty pushes her to hit him. She does and then she breaks into tears. "Anger is good. You need it to fight," he tells her.


Jack and Carly are kissing at her place. She asks him if he's still leaving. He leans in for another kiss but his phone rings and interrupts. It's Margo asking him to the party. He declares that he won't let Katie leave town with Simon. Jack tells Carly how insane this is and assumes Simon is taking advantage of Katie. Carly points out that staying in town would be awfully painful for Katie. He refuses to listen to this from her and tells her that his moving out will have to wait.


Craig arrives at the Lakeview while Henry and Margo get the party together. He doesn't think they are doing enough and already knows Katie will never fall for this. Margo asks him to convince Simon to convince Katie to stay. Simon and Katie arrive and tell them that they're moving to New York. "There's a broken heart for every light on Broadway," Craig says. Henry brings in the bubbly. Jack and Carly show up before they can toast. Jack reminds Katie that Simon is a fugitive. Craig asks him if he is back with Carly already and then brings up Janet. Margo changes the topic and Henry tries to put a positive spin on things for Katie. They open her gifts. Emma gave her the Snyder family Bible. Margo and Henry got her luggage. Since it is so obvious, they all admit that they are there to talk her out of leaving. Henry starts a slideshow presentation on her life and her many marriages. He talks about how talented and funny she is. "You are the heart and soul of the town," he says. Craig whispers to Simon that he will be breaking the whole town's heart. This is too much for Katie. She knows they are all trying to make her feel guilty for wanting to leave and tries to escape. Margo unfurls a map of all the places that Katie's mom took her when she was little. Katie can't remember half of the places. She's still unimpressed.


Jack takes Craig aside and tells him he can't let them serenade Katie out of town. Carly thinks they shouldn't interfere. Jack says they should hit Simon from both sides. He begins laying into the Australian. Katie rushes in and tries to stop them. She tells them that this whole party is just a big set up. She accuses them of being 'clingy, selfish' people and argues that none of them have any right to control her or exploit Brad's memory to do so. They tell her how much they love her. She says that she doesn't need their protection. Simon argues that his love for Katie is what she needs right now and the sooner he gets her away from them, the better. As the party dies, Janet shows up looking for Jack. He's gone. She wishes Katie the best and runs off.


On the street, Carly tells Jack that this is all really about him trying to get back at Simon for taking her away. He admits it. She urges him to go back and say goodbye. They go inside and Jack says he won't let his personal feelings get in the way anymore. He promised his brother that he would look out for Jacob and he intends to do that. Jack promises the baby that he will always come running if he needs him. Katie gives him a hug. As Simon gathers the gifts, Katie leafs through the Snyder Bible. She turns to him and tells him that she can't leave. Katie doesn't want her son to grow up without a stable home. He agrees to stay if she wants. She can't ask him to stay and insists that he doesn't need to be chained to her. "Let me try to do this for you," he begs. She's sure he would end up hating her and tells him neither of them need this.


At home, Margo tells Henry and her brother that they need to let Katie go, whether they like it or not. They toast to Katie and Simon. Katie arrives. Simon stays outside as she goes in and tells them that she can't leave. Henry goes outside to see Simon. "It actually feels good to be noble for once," Simon muses. He's leaving town... it's what's best for Katie. Henry's impressed and hugs him. As he goes inside and embraces Katie, Simon slips away.


Dusty calls Janet and tells her he found Liberty. He asks her if she found Jack. "He had other things to do," she says.


Dusty takes Liberty back to her room. Her mom returns. As Janet walks Dusty out, she thanks him for cheering her daughter up. He suggests that she keep trying with Jack.


Jack and Carly go back to her place. She asks him what he'll do next. He doesn't know. They begin kissing. "You're the most married man I know," she reminds him, urging him to leave before he does something he regrets. He walks out.


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