Second Chances.

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Clarissa's scam collapses, Mick tries to weasel into Paul's good graces and Katie makes a choice.

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Simon is at a job interview with a diamond store. The interviewer questions the holes in his job history and brings up his criminal record. He can't talk himself into the job.


At the Lakeview, Mick bumps into Barbara as she comes out of the elevator. She asks him if he has anything to do with what's happened to Emily. He assures her that Emily will be fine. "The truth is, she did it to herself," he says. She points out that she is getting the same treatments as Emily. He promises her that what he did has nothing to do with the serum. Emily just got too nosy so he had to take care of her. Barbara doubts putting Emily in a coma will make Paul trust him more. It doesn't seem like he's a changed person looking for a second chance to her. "Old habits die hard," he says.


In the dining room, Henry tries to impress Clarissa with his Australian accent. "You sound like you're from Alabama," she says. She doesn't have much choice though so she tells him to stay quiet as much as possible. Mr. Lee arrives. Clarissa lays things out for him and tries to keep Henry quiet. Henry starts acting up and suggests they visit the construction site. As he leads them out, Barbara spots him and calls over. Mr. Lee notices and asks why she's calling him Henry. "Who are you people?" Lee probes, noticing Henry's incoherent accent.


Katie shows up at WSPR to talk to Kim. Her boss is thrilled about her new show idea but worries that this might be too much for Katie. "I really need to work," Katie assures her. As they prepare to start taping, a prop lady walks by with a giant photo of Brad. They begin taping the episode. Katie talks about how she never thought she would be a single mom but she's doing the best she can. She begins to cry as she talks about being lonely. Kim gives her a breather and they start again. Katie can't do it. She walks off the set and into Simon's waiting arms. She complains to him about how hard it is and how you never get second chances on TV. Katie thinks her self-confidence was buried with Brad. He tries giving her a pep talk and urges her to try again. They talk about his job interview and he admits his prospects aren't great. Hugging him, she thanks him for helping her through this. He suddenly gets a call from Henry, who has left his phone on so they can hear him fighting with Lee. Simon explains what's happening to Katie and offers to get Henry out of this jam. Katie already has a plan.


Back at the Lakeview, Mr. Lee demands some proof of who they are. Katie and Simon arrive, pretending to be FBI agents. They grab Henry and Clarissa and lead them away.


Katie, Henry, Clarissa and Simon go to Katie's. Everyone is laughing except for Clarissa. She takes a swipe at Simon for costing her a fortune just so he can settle down in a 'boring little town with a boring little girl'. She storms out and Katie rails at the two men. "The two of you will never change," she says. After Henry leaves, Katie points out how much Simon seems to have enjoyed this. She thinks that a buzz like this won't come along often if he sticks around. "You don't belong here," she says, claiming he's addicted to excitement. "The only drug I can't kick is you," he says. She's glad to hear that and suggests that they leave town together.


Henry meets with Kim at WSPR. They talk about what a hard time Katie has been having. He begs her not to take the show away from Katie.


At the hospital, Paul talks to Emily and asks her to come back to him. She's still comatose. Susan and Ali come in. They've run tests but they still don't know what's going on. She doesn't know how Paul let Mick experiment on Emily either. She orders him to get a sample of the drug Mick has been injecting her with. Susan thinks they should compare Barbara's profile to Emily's. As Paul runs off to look for samples, Susan and Ali argue. "I don't understand why you didn't come to me," Susan says. She wonders why Ali didn't tell her about getting engaged either. Ali says she's been busy and she's nervous. Susan isn't happy her children are keeping her in the dark. She admits that she generally hates the Hughes family, but maybe it's time for the family feud to stop.


Mick and Barbara go to the hospital. He's brought food for Paul. They argue and he warns her to be careful and do what he says. "What the hell did you do to my wife?" Paul demands as he walks over. Mick insists that this has nothing to do with him and refuses to give over a sample. Barbara backs him up. Paul threatens to go to the cops so Mick backs down. When he walks off, Paul wonders what's going on between his mother and Mick.


Down the corridor, Mick corners Ali and assures her that his treatments have nothing to do with what is happening to Emily. When he asks her if she is okay, she tells him how hard it is to watch her sister like this and not be able to do anything. As she cries, he tries comforting her. When he touches her, he gets a headache and walks out. She has a nap and dreams about her wedding day. Kim welcomes her to the family, but as Ali heads down the aisle, she finds herself in the old church. Mick is waiting for her. She wakes up.


Paul returns to his wife's side. He tells her how sorry he is that he let Meg get between them. Mick comes in and tries to be reassuring. He gives Paul some scotch. Barbara watches them though the window.


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Katie is ready to leave immediately.

Liberty wonders why Dusty is so involved.

Jack tells Janet he wants to pick up where they left off.

Carly tells Jack she doesn't want him to move out.

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