I Cannot Be Second Choice.

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Rosanna makes a choice at her wedding that will change her life and Henry tells Jack about the ghost.

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At the courthouse, Craig and Carly's eyes lock as she puts on his boutineer. Rosanna watches them for a moment before interrupting. Carly slips away with her to fix her dress. Johnny comes in and asks when the wedding is going to start. Craig tells him they will be a family in a few minutes. Carly fixes Rosanna's dress. Rosanna wonders why she is so nervous. As Carly leaves to get a band aid for her finger, Craig checks on her. She wonders if he is really ready.


In the courtroom, Jack is startled to see that Janet has come to the wedding with Dusty. Jack tries to be polite and leaves to find the judge. He stands at the front of the courtroom as Craig and Carly enter. Johnny leads Rosanna in. Craig recites his own vow, promising to give her all the love and family she deserves. He promises never to fail her. Rosanna has problems speaking. He asks her to say what's in her heart. She loves what they've shared and will always treasure the idea that he's meant everything he's said. "I also know that you have never looked at me once the way you were looking at Carly a few minutes ago," she says. He insists that he wants to be with her. She thinks he has undeniable chemistry with her sister and might never get over her. Carly tries to urge her into the marriage anyway. Craig asks Rosanna to speak in private. After they leave, Janet asks Jack if he wants to leave with her. He's still on best man duty, he claims. She leaves. The judge follows. Carly wants to talk some sense into her sister but Jack tells her that's the last thing she should do. She explains that she tested Craig and he passed. Carly admits that she was drawn to Craig because they are so much alike but he's even worse than her.


In the back room, Craig admits to Rosanna that he still has feelings for Carly but they can't let that get in the way. She's not angry with him but she needs a man who will put her first in her heart. "I cannot be second choice," she says. "Once I realized my feelings for you, there was no other choice," he tells her. She thinks she just wanted to go back to the time when they were a family with Johnny. Craig thinks they can have all that. "Those are not good enough reasons to get married," she says. As she sits down, she takes off her something borrowed, something blue, something old and new. She thinks they owe honesty to each other. "You're right," he says. He knows they can't erase their pasts and swears he never meant to hurt her, he just couldn't let her take Johnny from him. The night he followed her, he was only trying to talk to her. When she drove off, he panicked and felt like his world was about to end. When he realized what he was doing, it was too late. "I took all those chances from you. I'm so sorry. I won't ask you to forgive me. I don't deserve it," he says. She hugs him and tells him she's been waiting years to hear this. "Now we can move on," she says. He's set her free. She can leave and start her life again somewhere else.


Craig and Rosanna go out to see Carly in the courtroom. They tell her that Rosanna is moving to Germany to become CEO of an automobile company. Carly's flummoxed. Craig explains that he told her what she needed to know and they realized they were getting married for the wrong reasons. Rosanna says this is the right thing to do. Craig gives her the locket and tells her that she will always be part of his family. After he leaves, Rosanna assures her sister that this is not her fault. "It's about me and it feels good," she says. Carly feels like she's losing her again. Rosanna reassures her and hands her the bouquet. Carly tells her not to get any ideas. "Promise me you are not going to settle. You go after what you want," Rosanna says. They hug and cry.


In his room, Henry is congratulating himself on winning a poker game. Brad reminds him that he wouldn't have won without his help. Henry says they are even now. The ghost wants to use his body again so that he can touch Katie once more. "I want us to be a family," he says. Henry tells him it's too late. Brad isn't ready to go yet. Henry refuses him access to his body again so Brad vows to find another way.


At home, Katie explains to Simon that she is eager to get rid of the apartment. It's haunted by memories and Brad's things. The real estate agent arrives. As she looks things over, Brad arrives and begins throwing a tantrum, and furniture. Henry rushes in and begins shouting at him to stop. The agent runs out. Henry admits to Katie that Brad scared her away. Katie's sick of this and leaves. Simon urges Henry to fix this fast. He shouts at Brad not to force Katie to live in a place that makes her miserable. After Simon leaves to accompany Katie to the wedding, Brad tells Henry that he won't sit by and watch Simon hit on his wife.


Jack goes to the Metro. Dusty and Janet are drinking. Jack pulls Janet away for a dance. Katie and Simon drift in. Teri explains that the wedding was a bust. She's not that surprised, she admits to Simon. She feels bad for Johnny. Before she can leave, Simon asks her to stay for one dance. As they start, Brad arrives. Henry rushes in and tries to stop him from making a scene. Brad can't stand this anymore and begs Henry to let him use his body one last time just so he can dance with Katie. Everyone stares at Henry as he begins fighting and arguing with the invisible Brad. Jack asks him why he's yelling about his brother. Henry tries to explain but Jack doesn't buy it and accuses him of playing a cruel trick. After Henry hobbles away, Jack admits to Janet that he may actually believe him. He walks off as Carly arrives. She trails after him.


Rosanna goes to Craig's. Johnny runs into her arms. She sobs and tells him that she won't be his mom but she will always be his friend. "I need you to look after your daddy," she tells him. After she ushers Johnny into his room, Craig tells her he doesn't regret a minute of what they had. Neither does she. They kiss and she walks out.


Back at the Metro, Dusty asks Janet to dance. As they do, Teri walks in and flinches.

Henry goes home. He rants at Brad until Katie comes in. She tells Henry that she wants to talk to Brad.


Jack goes to his brother's grave. He can't understand why he is haunting Katie when he hasn't come near him since he killed him. "Torment me! Forgive me! Give me something! I can't stand this silence," Jack says. As he sits on the ground and weeps, Carly approaches him and asks him to come home.


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