That Was Fun.

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Noah has an accident, Meg pressures Damian, Dusty helps Liberty and Teri apologizes to Dusty.

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On the set, Noah and Luke bicker as Noah tries to set up the fireworks. They blow up in his face and he falls to the ground. Luke calls an ambulance. The EMT arrives and so does Holden.

They rush Noah to the hospital. A nurse asks them for Noah's insurance. Luke admits to his father that he doesn't even know if he has insurance.

Teri drops by Janet's with sausage for Liberty. Janet snaps and tells her that her daughter doesn't eat sausage. Teri tells her that she wanted to turn Ralph in but Dusty screwed it up. Janet explains that Dusty was handing Ralph over to the cops when Teri got in the way by trying to defend herself. Teri wishes someone had told her what was going on.


Liberty goes into Yo's with her fake ID and tries to order a drink. The bartender tells 'jailbait' to get lost. He threatens to call the police when Dusty walks in and says that she's with him. He offers to take her home. She complains about the essay she's supposed to write and how she has nothing to write about. He suggests she write about losing Brad and how it has changed her.


In Damian's room, Meg hangs out in the closet and listens to Lily invite Damian to move in with her. She explains that she loves him and wants him to live with her. Lily wants them to have a proper start to their marriage. He's thrilled and promises to protect her. As they hug, he notices Meg standing there. She steps back into hiding and Damian tells Lily that she needs to talk to her family first to make sure they do this right. When Lily leaves, Holden calls her to the hospital. Back in the room, Damian grudgingly thanks Meg for being discrete. She tells him Officer Grady won't let the DNA thing go. Lily comes back and Meg ducks into hiding again. Lily tells Damian about the accident and they run off.


Mason arrives at the hospital and begins taunting Luke. When he suggests that Noah might die because of him, Luke punches him. Damian runs in and pulls his son off of Mason. After the former professor stumbles off, Luke explains to his father what happened. Damian's sorry Noah got hurt but he's not sorry Mason was fired. Luke admits he gave him the tape knowing this would happen. Part of him was really happy when he was fired. A doctor comes out and explains that they need to perform an operation on Noah. "But if you cut open his head, so many things could go wrong!" Luke yells. Damian calms him down. The doctor explains that they need someone from the family to consent. There's no one but a distant aunt and a partner doesn't count. Luke is frustrated. Damian promises to make sure that the hospital won't be liable for anything. Meg arrives and drags Damian away. "I don't have time for this right now," he tells her. She says she's only there to help. He apologizes. "Moving back in with Lily would be a very big mistake," she threatens.


Down the corridor, Lily thanks Holden for calling her. He tells her that Damian is responsible for all of this. He explains what happened and she insists that Damian was only trying to help. Holden says this is just another reason why he doesn't want 'that man' around his kids. When Damian walks over to them, the two men begin lashing out at each other and Holden throws the blame for everything at Damian.


Dusty brings Liberty home and she confesses what just happened at the bar to her mother. Janet doesn't even know what to say. Liberty goes up to her room and Janet tells Dusty that her life is 'broken'. Brad is gone, Liberty's baby is dead and Jack is missing. He gives her a hug and offers to help. She tells him that she's used to taking care of herself and thanks him for helping Liberty. When he leaves, she goes inside and finds Liberty at work on her essay. When she's done, she reads it to her mother. It's all about everything she lost over the summer and how college gives her hope. Janet weeps and hugs her. Janet is proud.


Luke goes back to the site of the accident to get Noah's stuff. He finds his phone and tries calling Noah's aunt.


Luke returns to the hospital and tells his family how frustrated he is. Holden offers to call Bob. Meg sneaks Luke in to see his boyfriend. He apologizes for not trusting him and thanks him for always being there for him. "When someone comes in and tries to take away the one person you love more than anything, what are you supposed to do?" he says. Meg tells him he did the right thing and then leaves them alone. Luke tells Noah how much he loves him and then walks out to talk to Mason in the hall. "You broke my nose," Mason says. He threatens to sue him. Luke threatens him back and tells him to go far away. Mason points out that this is all Luke's fault and he'll have to live with it.

Meg and Holden talk in the corridor. He complains about Damian and how Lily always sees the best in him. "Even Lily has her limits," she says.

Lily and Damian worry that Noah's aunt may not come in time. Suddenly he suggests that they give Noah some more family by adopting him.


Teri runs into Dusty at the hotel. They've both received subpoenas to testify against Ralph. She hands him a casserole as a peace offering and apologizes for being awful. He thanks her and offers to let her watch him eat. She thinks he's going to make himself sick eating a meal for six people in one sitting. When she tells him there is fennel in it, he breaks the news that he's allergic to it. They rush to his room and she grabs his needle and stabs him in the thigh. "That was fun," he gasps.


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