Wholesome Environment.

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Mason gets in trouble, Noah gets hurt, Jack races to save Mike and Holden sues for custody.

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"Inappropriate? Mason?" Noah stutters to Dean Brewster in his office. He insists that his only relationship with Mason is academic. The Dean has seen evidence to the contrary and orders Mason to be sent in.

In his room, Damian kisses Meg and tells her she's precious. Her help keeping Grady away means a lot to him and he'd like to repay her. She asks him out for dinner. He already has plans but offers to rearrange after she utters a veiled threat.


At home, Lily is getting ready to tell the kids that she is splitting with Holden. Luke offers to be there to help. Noah calls and asks to meet him. Luke is kind of busy but Lily tells him to go. As he leaves, Holden comes in. He announces that he's hired a lawyer and wants joint custody. He'll be moving back to the farm and thinks the kids should spend half the time there in a 'wholesome environment'. She takes offense at that and insists that Damian is rarely even at her place. Damian walks in. They begin arguing and Lily asks Damian to leave so she can talk to Holden alone. He leaves and Holden tells her that he doesn't want Damian to be a big part of their children's lives. They rehash their breakup and he repeats that she never would have married Damian if she didn't love him. She tells him he's lost any right to tell her how to live her life. Before he leaves, she asks him why he hates Damian so much. "Because he's a lousy father," he explains, insisting that everything he does is only about him.


"You look like the world just caved in," Luke says as he sits down with Noah in the cafe. Noah explains what happened with the Dean and how his entire film could be scrapped. He asks his boyfriend if he is the one who went to the Dean. Luke claims it wasn't him. Noah believes him and promises him that Mason has never been a real issue. After kissing Luke, Noah leaves. Luke stares off and then rushes off to find his father. He asks Damian if he called the Dean. Damian admits he did. This isn't really what Luke wanted, but he got the result he wanted. Damian was glad to help.


Noah goes back to work on the set. Mason arrives. He's drunk. He admits that he's been fired for 'sexual misconduct'. He blames it all on Luke and walks off. Noah orders the crew to set up the next shot. When Luke shows up, Noah accuses him of lying to him. Luke explains that Damian did it. Noah accuses him of just using his father to do his dirty work and wishes that he'd had more faith in him. Noah begins setting up the fireworks for the scene. As he sets them up, he notices something is wrong. They go off, blowing him to the ground.


Holden goes to the farm house and has a beer. Meg comes in and he tells her that he's started a custody suit with Lily to keep Damian away from his kids. She thinks he's scaring Lily into Damian's arms. "That's not my problem and it shouldn't be yours either," he says. Meg tells him to keep the peace in the house for the sake of the kids. He decides that's a good idea and leaves to smooth things over with Lily. Meg rushes off to meet Damian.


Lily arrives at the hotel to see Damian. She's upset so he gives her a tissue and takes her to his room. Meg is waiting there. When she hears them coming, she hides in the closet. Lily tells Damian about Holden's concerns and he tells her she can have whatever life she wants. She thinks they need to prove how normal they are and asks him to move in with her so they can live 'like a real family'.


Mason stumbles onto Holden. He asks him if he's Luke's father and accuses him of ratting him out. Holden tells him he should be looking for Damian.


In South Carolina, Anna and Carly find Mike unconscious in the hospitality suite at the racetrack. Mike wakes up and explains why Jack was there. He confesses to his wife that he was going to race to try and solve their money problems.


Outside, Jack introduces himself to Mike's pit captain and says that he will be driving the car. He claims that he knows enough to drive, 'or die trying'. The captain goes inside and asks Mike if he was going to tell him about the 'Yankee' who came to replace him. Carly freaks and runs out. The guard mistakes her for a groupie and won't let her onto the track.


Mike and Carly run down to the track. They radio in to Jack but he refuses to get out of the car. "I've already widowed one woman. My conscience isn't going to let me sit by and let it happen to someone else," he says. Carly gets on the line. She tells him that this won't make up for what happened to Brad and the rest of his family needs him. He tells her that he has to make things right and then speeds off to join the other cars. Mike sadly watches and fears they are going to lose everything. Suddenly, Jack pulls ahead of everyone and wins the race. Mike runs down to Jack, who tells him to keep all of the money.

Jack slips away and calls Margo, asking her to try and find a lead on Simon. As he drives off, Carly runs after him.


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Meg interrupts Lily and Damian.

Rosanna proposes to Craig.

Jack finds Molly.

Jack and Carly stumble into Simon.

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