Sexual Torture.

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Meg manipulates Damian, Luke and Noah fight, Carly manipulates Craig and Jack tries to save Mike.

Sexual Torture. image

Damian drops by to see Lily at home. She invites him in for coffee. As she gets it, Meg calls and begins taunting Damian, telling him that officer Grady has been calling her. He hangs up when Lily returns. Meg arrives outside and watches through the window. Damian slips away and calls her. He asks her to try and get Grady off his back. Getting off the phone, he tells Lily that he has to go and asks her out for dinner. After he leaves, Lily finds Meg standing outside and asks her what she is there for. Meg claims she's tired of all the fighting between them. So is Lily. They begin arguing about Damian and Meg warns her not to let him trick her into doing things she doesn't want to do.


Luke arrives at the cafe to see Noah. His boyfriend has to run off to get some books. Luke sits down and looks at video footage on his computer. Mason comes in to talk but Luke isn't in the mood. Mason says that if he cares about Noah he will listen to him. He explains that Noah is distracted by Luke when he comes to the set and he doesn't need that. Luke gets angry and they nearly come to blows as Noah returns. Noah breaks them up and Luke rants about what a jerk Mason is. Noah tells him that he needs Mason right now and he's right, Luke is a distraction and he doesn't need him right now. After Noah walks out, Luke notices that he left his DVD behind.


Damian meets with Luke, who is still upset about Noah and Mason. He shows him the DVD of Noah and Mason on the set yesterday. "Does that look innocent to you?" he asks his father.


The Dean shows up on Noah's set and pulls Noah and Mason away to talk. He talks to Noah alone and asks him if Mason has ever acted 'inappropriately'.


Lily finds Luke napping on the couch. She tells him she's been having problems with both of his fathers. She doesn't know how to reassure the other children. He tells her that Damian wants to fight for this marriage. If she thinks Damian can make her happy, Luke won't stand in her way.


Meg goes to see Damian at his place and tells him how freaked out she is over everything. She's not sure that she should be hiding what he knew about Holden from the people that she loves... but she's his 'friend' and she cares about him. When her phone rings, she claims it's Grady. He stops her from answering and begins kissing her.


In South Carolina, Jack takes Mike and his family out for breakfast. After Mike's wife leaves with their daughter, Jack asks him why he's lying to her. Mike says his wife isn't a fan of his racing and this is none of his business. He asks Jack to tell Katie he is thinking about her, but, even if he wasn't married, he wouldn't be the right guy to help her. He suggests that Jack go looking for Simon. Jack doesn't like that idea at all.


Jack approaches Mike as he's being threatened on the racetrack. After Jack stops the confrontation, Mike tries pulling on his racing gloves. Seeing how his hands are shaking, Jack tells him that he can't drive. Mike needs the prize money to pay his mortgage. Jack points out he's more likely to kill himself than win this race. Mike tells him to go home and put his own life together instead of trying to fix everyone else's. Jack punches him out. He drags him inside.


At home, Carly calls Ben to get Mike's address. Rosanna arrives. She brought muffins as a peace offering. "Wouldn't a basket of tarts be more appropriate?" Carly jokes, bitterly. Rosanna says that Craig explained they made some progress yesterday. "Is that what he called it?" Carly asks. Rosanna tries to explain herself, how she had no choice and all of this has taken her by surprise. "Why is it so predictable somehow?" Carly asks. Craig arrives and tells Rosanna that she doesn't need to beg anyone for forgiveness. Carly taunts him and baits him. Craig refuses to apologize for being in love and won't leave Rosanna alone with her sister. He says that they all need to finish with the 'sexual torture' and move on with their lives. Once Craig and Rosanna leave, Carly calls Parker and tells him that she is going to bring his father home. She takes out her compass and stares.


Craig and Rosanna go back to his place. He's sorry but doesn't want to apologize anymore. He points out that her sister isn't doing anything to make the situation better. "Is it all the 'sexual torture' that's making the situation so intolerable?" she asks. He tells her that Carly is manipulating her. "I love you and I'm proud of us and humbled by the idea that you can love me back," he explains. He's sure her sister will be fine and tells her that he is only worried about her. They kiss. As they make out on the sofa, he suddenly gets a flash of Carly.


Carly shows up at Mike's place and finds his wife. Anna assumes, based on what Mike's told her, that she must be Carly and tells her that Jack needs her help. Anna tries calling Mike to find out where Jack went. Jack answers the phone and tells her that she can find Mike in the hospitality suite of the racetrack. When they rush over, Mike is unconscious on a couch. Jack has taken Mike's clothes and gone down to the car to race in his place.


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