I'm Free! What's Stopping Me?

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Holden catches Lily with Damian, Maeve makes a move on Holden and Ralph tries to run.

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After seeing Lily kissing Damian through the cabin window. Holden sneers and runs off. Lily breaks away and tells Damian to stop doing this to her. He insists that they love each other; the way that she kisses him proves it. "There is more to love than passion. There is history and comfort and need. I need Holden," she says, claiming that she only turned to him because she was missing her husband. She asks for the annulment again.


Lily walks out and tries to start her car. It won't start. Damian comes out and she tells him she can't stay there with him. He offers to drive her to Holden.


Kids come to Maeve's door trick or treating. She's in costume and gives them candy. Lucinda comes next. Maeve offers her a candy. "And I'm not even wearing my wicked witch costume," Lucinda quips, barging in and asking her to leave town. Maeve guesses who she is and Lucinda accuses her of stealing her daughter's husband. Lucinda claims that Holden and Lily are getting back together as they speak and she should get out of town.


After Maeve gets out of her costume and packs, she runs into Holden in the hall. She brings up what Lucinda said and he says she was wrong. Seeing that he's upset, Maeve offers him her company and he lets her into his room. He tells her that Lily and her mother tried to set him up and he ended up catching Lily with Damian. "There's nothing left there. She's married to Damian," he says. Maeve offers to help him out and kisses him. He stops her and explains that she is trying to make memories but he's trying to forget. She wishes he wasn't trying to be such a nice guy. When he leaves to get them some sandwiches, Lily comes to the door. She assumes that Maeve and Holden have slept together. "If we knew you were coming, we would have straightened up a bit. Now you don't have to feel guilty because Holden's moved on," Maeve says.


In the hall, Holden bumps into Lucinda and tells her that things are officially over with Lily. When he goes up to his room, she reminds him that he told her she deserved a better man than Ebb. She admits that Lily came by and she let her think they slept together. Holden says it's okay. "She's got her life. I've got mine," he says. She tells him he needs a woman who will put him first. "I can't live this close to you and not be with you," she decides. In tears, she tells him to be happy and leaves.


When Lily goes home, Damian is waiting. She admits things aren't going to work out with Holden. He tells her he's sorry. She doesn't know what to do. He says that Holden didn't even show up at the cabin and he is blind to all of the beautiful things that she does. She's free to say goodbye to Holden once and for all, he adds. "I'm free! What's stopping me?" she wonders. She doesn't know what's wrong with her anymore. She feels like a woman who needs a man to live, but she's not that woman. She thinks she should be alone for awhile. "I want my life back. I want to wake up and make choices," she says. Damian wonders what that means for them. She still thinks they should end their marriage. He refuses to give up and begs her to hold off on the annulment. She agrees. "I'll be waiting," he says.


As Henry walks into Metro and pours himself a drink, he notices Teri is bound and gagged on the floor. She tells him that Dusty did this to her. Henry doesn't understand. She tells him to tell the cops.


Dusty is with Ralph. He explains what the getaway plan is. As Ralph cleans his face, Dusty makes a call to Margo to tip her off. Ralph catches him with his phone and threatens him but Dusty talks his way out of it. As they go out, trick or treaters come to the door. Dusty offers to write them a check.


Katie is in bed with a picture of Brad. The doorbell rings. Katie answers. It's Margo. Katie asks her not to touch anything and tells her she wants to be alone. Margo asks her why she's been avoiding her baby. Kim arrives with food. Katie lets her in and thanks her. Kim tells her they are doing a retrospective on Brad for Oakdale now. They hug and Kim leaves. Katie cries to her sister about how she can be a mother without Brad. Margo tells her that she has to be there for her son. As Katie freshens up, Henry calls Margo and explains that Dusty is helping Ralph. When Katie comes back, Margo says she has to run. When she leaves, Katie turns on the TV to watch the Brad tribute. She turns it off and walks out.


At the end of the Brad tribute, Kim tells the audience that everyone has been in tears, but they just wanted to celebrate Brad, the 'boyish man'. Katie watches in the wings of the studio. When the commercial break comes, Kim spots her and Katie asks if she can go on the air. Katie sits down and talks to the audience about how she hated Brad at first, but he eventually gave her everything she wanted. "He never left me... until now," she says. She starts to cry and then talks about her baby boy. "It's wrong that he left me alone with a baby that has no name and no father," she breaks down and Kim helps her off. Katie tells her that she stopped living her life when Brad did. She thought that if she stopped everything, time would go back. She decides to go to the hospital and hold her baby.

Katie goes home and begins tearing down the decorations.


Teri runs to Margo and tells her about what happened with Ralph. Margo tells her to stay out of this. Ralph and Dusty come out of the elevator. Margo whips out her gun. Dusty runs at Teri and tackles her to the floor. Ralph grabs someone as they walk by and uses them as a shield. As he runs off, Margo runs after him. Teri pushes Dusty off of her and asks him what he's doing. She just wanted to help make amends. She hyperventilates into a paper bag and then argues with Dusty.


Ralph walks into a bar. Henry spots him and jumps him. Ralph pistol whips him. When he turns around, Margo appears and levels a gun at him. He's arrested and taken away. An EMT checks Henry's vision. He imagines seeing Brad.


Next on As The World Turns:

Brad argues with Henry.

Meg confronts Damian about the DNA tests that were never done.

Rosanna admits she might love Craig.

Carly returns.

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