I Hate Goodbyes.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Brad can't be saved and Audrey tries to escape.

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Bob finds Katie freaking out in Brad's hospital room. He explains that Brad was shot and the next few hours will be critical. They've repaired all the damage they can and the rest will be up to him. She knows that when a doctor says they've done all they can, there's bad news coming. Crying, she wonders if Brad even knows he has a son. Bob reminds her that she just gave birth in a less than perfect environment and needs some rest herself. She begs him not to let Brad die. Bob reluctantly leaves her alone with her husband. Katie tells him that they have a beautiful baby boy who needs him around so he can learn right from wrong. "He needs you. I need you," she cries. As she weeps on his chest, he touches her face and opens his eyes. "You're alive!" she exclaims. "I guess so," he says. He's eager to see the baby. They tell each other how brave they are and she says that his spirit was with her when she gave birth. When she tells him she lost the necklace, he tells her it's in the drawer. Finding it led him to her. She puts it back on and tells him that their son saved her life. As he's about to suggest a baby name, he flatlines.


Bob and Kim watch them through the glass. "Aren't you supposed to be recuperating yourself?" she asks him. He didn't want to miss anything. She begs him not to overdo it.


Jack tells Janet that he's told Margo everything she needs to know. She's not convinced that he should be leaving out his drinking. She always thought that he was honest and doesn't know why he's throwing that away. They begin arguing and he tells her that it was all instinct and training, he wasn't impaired. "It was a perfect shot only it was the wrong guy!" he shouts. She tells him this wasn't his fault. Bo calls to say that Brad is awake. Jack is thrilled, hugs Janet and they rush off.


At the station, Margo calls her cop and orders him to keep following Audrey. Barbara storms in and demands some answers. Margo explains what's been going on and claims that only Audrey can lead her to the man responsible for all of this. Barbara is insistent that Audrey pay for what she did to her. "Don't get in my way. I will come after you," Margo warns her.


Audrey chases her son down at the hospital. She needs her share of the inheritance so she can run. When she tells him how hard she's worked to get it, he drags her in to see Katie. They're shocked that she's gone. His mother asks him where the money is. He hands her the check and tells her to get out of his life. After he storms off, she kisses the check. Looking up, she can see the cop at the door. He follows her as she goes to the ladies room. As he stands at the door, she goes inside and pretends to cry loudly as she opens the window and jumps out.


Barbara catches Audrey kissing the check on the street. Barbara swipes it away and they wrestle for it on the lawn. When Audrey snatches it back, she says she deserves it more than her because she actually made James Stenbeck happy. "I hate goodbyes," Audrey says, running off. "Too bad there won't be one," Barbara shoots back. Audrey drives off. She has to stop to get gas. When she goes in to pay, Margo and Barbara drive up. Audrey spots them and runs out the back. "Farewell my lovelies," she bids as she runs through the trees.


Henry runs around the hospital looking for Katie. Breathlessly, he tells Bob that Katie's gone. Bob tells him that she's with Brad and he's alive. Henry begins hugging him.


Jack and Janet run to the hospital. They stop on the stairs so she can apologize to him. "The only thing that matters right now is that Brad's going to be okay," he says. They joke that Brad will never let him live this down.


Katie screams for a doctor. Bob and the nurses rush in and send her out. Henry stands with Katie and she refuses to move. Jack and Janet arrive and she tells them that Brad has stopped breathing. They try to reassure her and Janet tells stories of how tough Brad is. "Our son saved my life, he can save Brad's too," Katie decides. She rushes off to get the child. Janet hugs Jack. He tells her that this is every cop's worst nightmare. Tearfully, he tells her that he doesn't know what else he could have done. As they turn and look in the room, Bob declares Brad dead. The doctor walks out and tells Jack and Janet that he's sorry. When they go into the room, Janet cries and remembers telling Liberty that she couldn't come here looking for her father. "You were everything she could have asked for," she cries. Jack tells her to go and talk to her daughter. She promises to be back as soon as she can. Alone, Jack breaks down, "I killed my own brother. God help me!"


A nurse stops Katie from running off with the baby. Kim appears and tells her that she will take full responsibility. Katie runs off in tears with the baby in her arms. When she gets to the room, Jack is standing in the doorway. She realizes what has happened but goes in anyway. "He looks like himself," she says as she steps in. Placing the baby in his arms, she crawls up in bed with them and weeps.


When Janet gets home, Kim arrives to check on her. Janet doesn't know how she can tell Liberty what's happened. Kim tells her that their children often prove to be more resilient than they are. "He was really an original, wasn't he?" Kim ponders. They hug and cry.


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Barbara brings the cash to Paul.

"Jack killed my dad," Liberty tells Parker.

Jack tells Janet that he's going to make Ralph pay.

"I'm here to help you escape," Dusty tells Ralph.

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