My Dad Is Alive!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Holden returns as the wedding ends, Mason annoys Noah and Meg plans her next move.

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Holden arrives at the end of the wedding and collapses. His kids help him up. He tells Lily he's been waiting to kiss her for months. They kiss. Damian paces and sends the judge away. "It's a pity you couldn't have materialized an hour ago," Lucinda says. Holden wonders what he just walked in on. Lily asks him why he never called. He explains that he was being held prisoner and then asks what's going on. Lily fumbles through an explanation. Holden assumes that this is a wedding between Meg and Damian. "It's not her," Lily says. He notices the ring on her finger. Lily says that the cops told her no one could have survived the crash. He refuses to go to a doctor until they've talked this over. Luke leaves to tell the family as the kids help Holden to his room. Lucinda tells Damian it's time for him to leave. "Damian is staying," Lily insists. Her mother tells her that the love of her life has come back to her and she should make him glad he did. Lucinda takes the kids away. Lily tells Damian she needs to be with Holden now. He understands, but he still feels like she belongs to him. After kissing her hand, he leaves.


At home, Meg is cleaning up the plate she smashed. Jack comes in and guesses Damian upset her. She tells him about the wedding and complains about how wrong it is. "What's done is done. They're married and nothing is going to change that," he says. Meg claims that Damian loses his mind when it comes to Lily. Jack says there is no evidence against them getting rid of Holden deliberately. Luke runs in and says that everything is finally alright. "My dad is alive!" he says. He explains and Meg asks how Damian is taking it. They want to rush over but Luke tells them to wait until tomorrow. Jack's eager to find out who did this to his brother and why.


Back at home, Holden is disturbed to see the rose petals strewn over the bed. Lily begins to stutter. He grabs her hand. "How could you?" he asks. He's shocked that it only took her a few months to move on. She weeps and tells him how hard it was and how self-destructive she was. Without him, she didn't know how to be. He demands to know if this was Damian's doing or hers. She bustles around but he demands answers. She explains that she could only open up to Damian because everyone else was feeling the same loss she was. He assumes that Damian must have exploited her vulnerability. She insists that isn't true and she couldn't have survived without his help. "Do you love Damian?" he asks. "I don't love Damian the way I love you," she says. He points out that she doesn't normally jump into things and asks her if she had feelings for Damian before he left for Kentucky. She doesn't answer. He goes to take a shower.

Lily spots Jack outside and invites him in. He tells her that he has lots of questions. She still doesn't know and suggests he try talking to his cousin. When Jack goes to see Holden, she leaves. Holden tells Jack about being kidnapped and that Ebb needs to be found. "Damian killed him," Jack explains. They hug and he tells his cousin he can fill him in later. After Jack leaves, Holden angrily tears the sheets off the bed.


Noah and Mason are still stuck on the road, miles from Oakdale, in a storm. Noah wants to walk out and get help. Mason thinks he's afraid to stay with him in case he makes another pass. Noah insists he's only worried about disappointing Luke and plods off.


Noah gets to Luke's. He's confused that there is no one around. Luke explains that his dad is alive. They're excited, but Luke wonders how his father is taking losing Lily.

They go out for a drink and Luke jokingly tells Noah that he has to mourn him for at least thirty years after he dies. Mason comes in and tells them that he got the car fixed and managed to confirm the location. After Mason excuses himself, Luke asks Noah why he didn't tell him that he was with his professor. Luke says he'll need to give him some 'good loving' to earn his forgiveness. When Luke steps away, Mason returns and apologizes again. He suggests that Luke wants things both ways and doesn't really trust Noah. He says it's pretty clear that he doesn't trust Luke either. "From now on, if you have any advice for me, it better be about my film," Noah says defensively.


Damian is drinking at the bar when Meg comes in and happily tells him how amazing the news is. She tells him she's sorry this has happened to him. He asks her what she wants. She says he'll bounce back because his feelings are always 'fleeting'. She advises him to let this go and offers to help him do that. He coldly tells her that he's happy for her and her family and walks away. Lucinda comes in and tells her about Holden's return. She's surprised that Meg isn't busy consoling Damian. She assures her that Holden and Lily will work this out and Damian will need a shoulder to cry on. Meg's ready for that.


Damian goes to his room. Lily arrives. He throws his arms around her. She tells him that Holden's return changes everything forever. "I can't have you waiting and hoping for something that's not going to happen," she says. It was a mistake for her to move on so quickly. He tells her that what's between them can't just disappear. "You and I belong together no matter what," he says, kissing her. She can't deny that she loves him, but she's staying with her husband. She rushes out. Damian mopes until Luke arrives and Damian tells him how sorry he is that he won't be part of the family after all.


When Holden goes downstairs, Faith has just returned. He tells her that he will work things out with her mom. They say how much they love each other and he sends her to bed. Renee the nurse calls. She tells him that Maeve is in trouble and needs him.


Jack goes to the farm house and talks to Meg about their brother. He can't believe how bad the police work around this has been and he wants to find out who is responsible.


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