False Hope Is Better Than No Hope.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Emily and Paul make wedding plans, Meg plans a romantic trip with Damian, and Damian and Lily sleep together!

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Damian tells a jittery Lily that there is no way Holden could have survived his car accident. Lily thinks false hope is better than no hope. After she collapses from getting too dizzy, he wants to take her to the doctor. Damian is interrupted with a call from Meg, who orders him to get to her as soon as possible. Lily insists that Damian goes to see Meg.


Paul tells Emily he wants a short engagement. She suggests a justice of the peace, but he tells her it isn't happening! Emily goes on a tirade, but Paul tells her he wants to get married in a church in front of the whole world. Emily thinks it is foolish, considering their history, but Paul thinks it is a good way to prove to everyone they are forever. Emily laughs she isn't wearing white.


Damian goes to see an excited Meg, who informs him she booked a surprise trip for them to go to Aruba. Damian is surprised, but tells her he can't leave that night because the timing is too insensitive. Damian offers to pay for the expenses and go another time. Meg is disappointed, but says she will get over it. Damian doesn't want Meg to misunderstand. Meg wishes he had more time for her and cries she feels lonely. He pulls her into a passionate kiss and agrees to go away with her and leave that night.


At the doctor's, Lily tells Susan she feels like she is going crazy. Susan thinks she needs something stronger to sleep. Lily is concerned because of a previous addiction, but Susan assures her the prescription will only be a few days to get her back to a normal sleep pattern. She then tells Lily to think of happy memories with Holden before she goes to sleep so she will have better dreams.


Lily looks at a picture of Holden and says, "Good times, that is what I'll dream about." She takes a sedative and goes to sleep. She hears Holden's voice and thinks she sees Holden sitting on the edge of the bed. He asks her to come to him. She groggily follows him. Lily sleepwalks all the way to the pond and thinks she sees Holden swimming. He tells her to come in and he will keep her warm. She swims over to her vision of him and kisses him. He tells her he would never leave her. He then begins to drown and begs Lily to save him. She frantically begins to call for help. Damian passes by the pond and jumps in to save Lily!


Henry tells Vienna he is going to see the attorney about James's will. Vienna tells Henry she is leaving him! Henry begs her to stay, but she tells him she will be on a plane the next day if the money isn't gone. Audrey arrives at their suite. When Vienna realizes Henry can't give up the money, she leaves. Henry tells Audrey he is giving all the money to charity! Audrey thinks there is a charitable way to keep Vienna and the money. She offers to help him for half of the estate if she pulls it off. Audrey thinks that her friend Ralph can help. She explains that Ralph knows how to funnel money through a charitable foundation and it can be channeled through Metro. Henry thinks hooking up with a gangster and laundering money is out of the question!


Emily tells Susan she is marrying Paul. Susan retorts that Paul is flakier than a croissant and was just in love with Meg. She then remarks that she wishes Emily was marrying someone she hadn't previously shot in the back. Emily insists that Paul has changed, but Susan wonders what she will do when Paul wakes up to his old ways. Emily begs Susan to celebrate with them. Susan agrees to because she is her daughter and loves her.


Meg arrives at Fairwinds with Eliza. She asks if Paul will keep Eliza for two weeks. He happily agrees, but wonders why she would ask him to keep Eliza given their history. Meg explains that she is going to Aruba with Damian. When Paul doesn't freak out, she thinks it is proof that he has changed. He tells her all he's ever wanted is for her to be happy. He then tells Meg he is marrying Emily because they are kindred spirits. Meg reminds him they were married and had a child and she is nothing like Emily. Paul remarks with Emily he can be himself, but is happy they have Eliza. As they hug, Emily walks in to see the embrace. Meg explains that Eliza is staying with them for a few weeks. Emily asks if Meg is going to always pop in, but Paul tells her Meg is going away with Damian. Meg thinks they are all getting what they want and leaves.


Damian carries a confused Lily back home. She tells him Susan gave her some sleeping pills. Lily thinks Holden was there, but he points out she was sleepwalking. Lily cries it was heaven seeing Holden. Damian changes into a robe while his clothes dry. He notices Lily is shivering and gets into bed with her to keep her warm. He then begins to kiss her. The two begin to make love!


Henry goes back to his suite with flowers for Vienna. He informs her he realized he couldn't enjoy being rich without her. He promises to sign the papers and give his money away to charity. An ecstatic Vienna embraces Henry and thanks him for giving up millions for her! She tells him she will never love anyone the way she loves him and kisses him passionately.


Meg calls Damian and tells him she has a surprise for him and is ready to leave. She pulls out a skimpy bikini and smiles. She then leaves and goes to his suite, but gets no answer!


Audrey greets her friend Ralph, who is happy they are working together. She tells him that Henry agreed to their deal. He hopes Henry won't cause them any trouble.


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Maeve holds a gun to Ebb's head and says, "This is to make sure he doesn't follow us."

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