A Standoff at the Airport

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Sergio takes Luke hostage at the airport. Lucy and Dusty escape the wine cellar before it explodes. Paul comforts Emily. The Slasher strikes again. Will, Jade and Maddie possible suspects.

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Sergio takes Luke hostage

Holden fails in his efforts to stop Damian from taking Luke away, they leave for the airport. Lucy & Dusty discover they are tied to a now leaking gas pipe. They get loose. Dusty finds an ax, busts down the door. They escape as the wine cellar explodes. Lucy is out cold, an ambulance is called, but she finally comes around, freaked out, worried about Luke, can't breath. Jack and Holden are able to meet the plane before it leaves for Malta. They find out that the law is looking for Damian. Sergio walks onto the plane and overhears. He warns Damian that they can't take that flight, tells that he heard the law is ready to detain him when he arrives in Malta. Luke wants to know what's going on. Sergio takes Luke's arm, Holden and Jack show up, demand Sergio let go of Luke. Sergio grabs a travel bag and hits a security guard in the head with it, pulls a gun and takes Luke hostage in the airport terminal.

Simon & Carly are having dinner in NY. He wants to prove how sneaky and clever he is, pretends to be a waiter and has Carly take his picture. He flirts with the female customer, meanwhile lifting her necklace. He shows it to Carly, she thinks he's nuts. The woman comes back screaming that she's been robbed. Simon gives the necklace back, says he found it on the floor after she left, she tries to give him a reward, Carly won't allow him to take it. She tells him he's incorrigible.

Paul arrives at Emily's. He gets onto her for working; she's supposed to be on bed rest. He offers to help her financially since she's been diagnosed with preclampsia, which is brought on by stress. She tells him that he's the stress she needs to avoid. Then she says didn't mean that, she says he's been nothing but supportive. He wants to find their way back to friendship because of the child they share. She agrees to try. He sits down to help her with her bookwork, her taxes. She falls asleep on the couch while he's working, he covers her, she awakes, they share a loving look.

Gwen struggles for her life, gets away from killer, calls 911, killer attacks her again and begins to choke her, she passes out, Will shows up and shakes her to, comforts her, Casey comes to, Casey tries to get Gwen to describe the killer, she says he had on a hood, they both look at Will, he has on a hooded sweatshirt. As the cops arrive, Casey accuses Will of being The Slasher. Margo shows up, Margo questions the three of them, Will can't explain his whereabouts, Margo wants to know how he got in, she finds a splinter on his shoulder, he climbed through the window, the same way The Slasher did. The longer they question him, the deeper in trouble he seems to be getting. Dallas is outside investigating, hears a noise, shines his flashlight on Maddie crouched in a corner.

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Jade burst in and says that Will was with her. Maddie tells Dallas she has to stop Gwen and Casey.

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