Oakdale Mourns Holden...But He Is Alive!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Holden's funeral service is held, Seth and Aaron return home for the service, Faith lashes out at Lily, and Holden awakes to dangerous surroundings!

Oakdale Mourns Holden...But He Is Alive! image

Emma holds Eliza and tells Meg she remembers Holden as such a happy baby. Emma is happy Meg and Holden were so close, as he loved family. Seth arrives for the funeral and Jack introduces him to Janet. Emma embraces him, and he asks about Lily. Emma admits Lily is having a hard time and doesn't know how they will make it without Holden. Meg tells everyone Damian is taking her to the funeral. Seth is shocked that she is involved with him.


Damian arrives at Lily's and informs Lucinda he is there to take Lily and the family to the funeral. Lucinda politely tells him she thinks they should go to the church by themselves. She reminds him that Meg needs him more than they do. Lucinda goes to check on the children and tells Damian to see himself out, but he goes to see Lily instead.


Lily stares at her wedding ring and hears Holden's voice saying, "Lily, don't worry, I'm with you." Damian enters her room and tells her it is time to go to the funeral. Lily tells him she can't move and he tells her she can lean on him and he'll never let go. Lily wants him to take her to the funeral. Lucinda thinks it might be inappropriate for Damian to take them, but Lily thinks Holden would want them to do whatever they could to get through the day. Damian calls Meg and asks her to find a ride on her own because Lily needs him.


Holden wakes up in a bed and says Lily's name. A woman next to his bed says, "Honey, you just got yourself a big break." She introduces herself as May Stone and tells him she found him passed out when he was thrown from his truck. Holden wants to see a doctor, but May tells him the nearest one is forty miles away and she can care for him. Holden asks about his phone and wallet, but May says he didn't have any and she has no phone herself. May's husband returns and is angry to see that Holden is still there. The man asks how Holden ended up in the ravine. Holden remembers a man named Scaggs being in the car with him. May asks what he wanted, and Holden tells them he wanted medical supplies and he tried to escape by running his car into a tree. As Holden drifts off to sleep, the man pulls out a gun and says they have to get rid of him! The man thinks Holden was in cahoots with Scaggs, but May wants him to calm down because Holden might be able to lead them to Scagg's money.


Aaron arrives at the church to see Faith and Luke setting up pictures of Holden. They are all in a daze over Holden's death. Emma embraces Aaron and tells him Holden was so proud of him. Parker tells Faith he likes the picture collage and comments that Lily and Holden were so happy. She tells him their marriage was a lie. Luke tells her to get over herself and come sit with the family. When she sees Damian sitting with Lily, she refuses to sit next to her.


An officer arrives and hands Jack Holden's wedding ring. Jack puts it in Lily's hand and the service gets underway. Jack, Aaron, and Emma deliver touching eulogies for Holden. They talk about how he was a best friend, a great father, a wonderful son. Emma talks about Holden's beautiful wife, Lily, who was the love of his life and capable of giving him the love he deserved. Faith runs away during Emma's tribute and rips up the collage.


Lily chases after Faith and asks why she is so angry at her, but Faith cries that she doesn't want to talk to her and runs away. Parker offers to go find her, and Lily returns inside. As Damian helps Lily to her seat, Meg winces in jealousy.

After the service, Damian asks Meg how she is holding up. She wants him to come to the farm with her. He agrees to go to the farm, but wants to ride with Lily and her family. As she watches him escort them, she sees a torn picture of Holden and Lily lying in the bushes.


Parker finds Faith at home and asks why she is so upset. Faith tells Parker she saw Lily cheat on Holden! She tells him about the kiss she witnessed between Damian and Lily, and doesn't understand why Lily would do that to Holden. Parker thinks Faith should talk to Lily, but she refuses. Parker persuades her to come to the farm and act like everything is cool.


At the farm, Damian makes Lily a glass of wine, but Meg intercepts it for herself. Faith arrives and tells Lily that she is tired and wants to be alone. Meg chases after Faith and asks why she is so tense towards Lily. Meg asks about the torn picture, but Faith retorts for her to figure it out herself!

Liberty wants to leave the farm and Parker offers to keep her company, but she declines. She calls Tony and Parker overhears her talking. He begs her to confide in him, but she clams up. Faith interrupts and asks Parker to take her home.


The Snyder clan makes a toast to Holden and remembers him as one in a million. Meg steps aside and tells Damian that something is going on between Faith and Lily and she wishes she knew what it was.

Lily tells Lucinda that she will never get over losing Holden. After Lily leaves, Damian wants to chase after her, but Lucinda tells him that Lily wants to be alone and to say good-bye to her husband in her own way.


Lily goes to the pond and talks to Holden. She tells him she needs his help with their children. She tells him she knows he was not in the coffin and is not resting in peace because he is coming back to her. She kisses her wedding ring.


A sleeping Holden hears Lily's voice saying, "Tell me you are coming back." He awakes and tells Lily he will be there as soon as he can, but discovers that he is chained to his bed!


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Damian embraces a tearful Lily.

Damian asks Meg how she knew he was working with Lily. Meg laughs, "Is that what you're calling it?"

Holden tells May he doesn't know where the money is, and she tells him it is the only way they can let him go!

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