Sage Finds A Letter And Runs Away.

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Sage runs away, Craig hires Teri, and Henry reluctantly spends time with Audrey.

Sage Finds A Letter And Runs Away. image

In her suite, Audrey thanks Henry for the lovely flowers but he makes it clear that he's angry and asks his mom when she’s leaving. Audrey asks him why he was dressed up as Geneva and asks if he has any underlying issues. She says she’s come to Oakdale to be there for him. He asks why now. She says she forgives him. He’s astounded that she’s forgiving him! He reminds her that she walked out and left him to raise her other children. He tells her that this room and this town aren’t big enough for the two of them.

At home, Katie invites Brad into the bedroom but he declines because of his concern for the pregnancy. She tells him that the doctor has okayed parental friskiness and they head to their bedroom.

Just as Brad and Katie get cozy, the phone rings and the speaker is on. It’s Henry saying something terrible has happened and to call him back right away.


At Carly's the doorbell rings and it’s a special delivery letter for Sage. Craig was hoping to get a letter from Carly but Rosanna advises him not to hold his breath.

At the farm, Janet asks Sage to stay for dinner and offers her cookies too but she says no. Sage is looking for an email that hasn’t arrived yet. She asks permission to call her mom. Janet explains that Carly can’t take calls at the hospital she’s in. Sage shouts that she’s trying to keep her from her mom. She begs to call her mom just to say goodbye. Sage says that Carly will want to talk to her too. Janet tells her to wait for Jack to return and Sage stomps off. Rosanna is at their door with the letter for Sage but Janet forbids her to give it to Sage right now and to give it to Jack first. They argue and Rosanna reluctantly agrees. She leaves when Janet promises to give Jack the letter. Janet puts the letter down beside the cookie jar and goes to get ready for work. Sage walks into the kitchen, sees the letter, and opens it.


At Carly’s, Rosanna and Craig are in trouble with Jack for allowing his kids to leave the house. Rosanna explains that they were well taken care of and that it was a business emergency. Jack goes over the rules for the kids again and leaves. Rosanna gives Craig heck for Carly’s drinking. Craig blames the marriage of Jack and Janet for her drinking. Rosanna says perhaps that could be true.


Back at Carly’s house, Rosanna returns and she and Craig continue to argue and go into the kitchen for coffee. Sage enters the house, quietly goes upstairs, then leaves the house.

Katie calls Henry back and talks to him while Brad is smooching her neck. Henry begs her for help with his mother and she invites them both over for dinner. He says no but Katie insists he bring her over and hangs up on him.


At the farm, Janet explains to Jack what went on and about the letter. He asks to see it. When she goes for it, it’s gone. She wonders if Sage found it while she was upstairs. Jack goes to look for her. When he can’t find her he calls Rosanna to ask if she’s over there. She tells Craig to go outside while she looks inside the house. He finds the note that Sage has left for them. It says that because no one will let her contact Carly, she’s gone to see her. Jack asks Rosanna to stay there in case she comes home. She blames Craig for this. He says he’ll go to get her at the hospital, but she tries to stop him. Finally he goes.

Jack leaves Janet to find Sage.

Sage runs into Teri at the train station and explains that she’s going to see her mom by herself. She says that her mom's an alcoholic and is in a special clinic. Teri assures here that her mom will be taken care of but stops Sage from buying her ticket. She makes up an excuse for Sage to stay with her. Sage says there is a great ice cream place in Old Town and offers to take her there and they leave.

Henry and Audrey arrive at Brad and Katie’s. Audrey tells Katie that she is beautiful pregnant. Audrey is smiling while Henry constantly throws caustic remarks at her. Katie asks if she likes lamb and that Brad will serve. Audrey offers to do that for them. Henry mentions Vienna and Audrey asks who that is. Katie explains that Vienna is the love of Henry’s life. Audrey says all the more reason to be there for him and Henry smiles a fake smile.

After dinner, Audrey excuses herself to freshen up and Henry asks Katie how he can get rid of her. She tells him to forgive his mother. Audrey returns and suggests she and Henry leave. They invite her to come back anytime. Henry smiles again.

At Old Town, Teri and Sage talk and she convinces Sage to go home.


Jack runs into Craig and is angry. Craig claims he’s not the enemy. Jack tells Craig to stay out of his and his kids' lives.

Rosanna calls Jack on his cell to say that Teri brought Sage home safely.

Jack returns home and tells Sage that no one is trying to keep her from her mom. He promises her that Carly will get better. She makes him promise to tell her the truth always. He asks her to promise him that the next time she gets upset, to come to him to work it out. She does.

Craig runs into Jack and Janet at Al’s. He sarcastically says goodbye to them.


Rosanna asks Teri how she happened to be in Oakdale and see Sage. She says that ‘Mr. Montgomery’ offered her a job if she ever needed it. Sage walks in and decides to let Teri make her something to eat in the kitchen. Craig arrives and Rosanna jokingly suggests they hire Teri to be their cook. Craig thinks that’s a great idea. She’s not impressed with his ideas but agrees to it. He calls Teri out of the kitchen to offer her the job.


Back at their suite, Henry and Audrey agree to share the room. She thanks him for taking her to the Snyder’s for dinner. She asks him to call for a room service breakfast. He says under his breath that perhaps he should also order a knife so he can “slit his wrists."

At the restaurant, Janet and Jack discuss the possibility of Parker and Liberty living under the same roof. She tells Jack that she’ll do whatever he wants to do.

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