Craig Kisses Meg

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Craig grabs Meg and kisses her hard. Lucinda tells Katie she can make her rich. When Dusty arrives at Barbara's suite, Johnny is not in his playpen.

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Vienna Hyatt

Katie informs Simon that he told Vienna about him and Carly, and an unhappy Simon leaves to find Vienna.

Vienna asks Carly if she's sleeping with her man, and she tells Carly no one sleeps with her men. She tries to pry the truth from Carly, and when Carly doesn't reveal what Vienna wants to hear, Vienna begins yelling "Officer Jack." Carly asks Vienna to quiet down, and she tells her she will tell the truth.

Before revealing the truth to Vienna, Carly notices Simon standing in the doorway. Instead of telling Vienna the truth, Carly reports to Vienna that she and Simon broke-up. She goes on to tell Vienna while she was in bed with Simon, Simon called out her name in his sleep. While telling Vienna all of this, Carly acts like she's upset because she and Simon broke-up, but Vienna is happy to hear Simon called her name out in his sleep, and that she's the only woman Simon wants.

Soon after Carly tells Vienna what she wants to hear, Simon walks in, and Carly leaves. Simon tells Vienna to wait for him in the lobby.

After Vienna leaves to wait for Simon in the lobby, Carly approaches Simon, and she asks him how far he's going to go with Vienna. Simon tells her he will go as far as it takes to get his hands on the necklace, and then he kisses Carly.

Simon meets up with Vienna in the lobby, and they leave to go find a room. Carly, out of sight, watches them leave, and she appears to be jealous.

As Carly sits down in the lobby, Prince Adolfo walks up and asks if she has seen Vienna. Carly tells Prince Adolfo she did see her in the lobby, but lies and tells the prince she doesn't know which way Vienna went. Carly, in her attempt to distract the prince in his search for Vienna, offers to make it up to the Prince, and he accepts her offer. Carly leaves with Prince Adolfo.

On the road, Carly doesn't seem to be enjoying her ride with Prince Adolfo. "Don't you think you're going just a little bit fast?" a terrified Carly asks the prince.

"Fast, I'll show you fast," Prince Adolfo snickers as he increases speed.

Back at the Gala, the magician makes Craig disappear, but he fails in his attempts to make Craig re-emerge. Dusty becomes suspicious when Craig doesn't resurface, and he grabs the magician by the collar demanding to know where Craig is. Jack approaches and orders Dusty to put the magician down. As soon as Dusty releases the magician, Jack commands a lock down until Craig is found.

Dusty rushes to check on Johnny, but when he arrives at Barbara's suite, Johnny is not in his playpen. Dusty panics, fearing Craig has taken Johnny during his vanishing act.

Dusty, Barbara and Lucy frantically search for Johnny. After a few minutes of searching, they run into Chaz, and he is holding Johnny.

After Dusty and Chaz leave the room with Johnny, Barbara tells Lucy her plans to move in on Dusty and Johnny is going to stop, tonight! While Barbara continues to yell at Lucy, Chaz steps in and tells Barbara to quiet down. Barbara informs Chaz she won't quiet down, because it's her home. Chaz hands Johnny over to Lucy, throws Barbara over his shoulder and carries her out of the room.

Just seconds after Chaz leaves the room with Barbara, someone knocks on the door. Still holding Johnny, Lucy walks over and opens up the door. After opening the door, a petrified and speechless Lucy stares at her father.

Jade and Adam talk, and Jade is suprised when she learns Adam is Will's brother. Adam invites Jade to go with him to the Gala, but Jade informs Adam she can't go, and she tells him the reason why. Adam tells Jade she can still go without anyone noticing her. He goes on to say how it's a costume party, so he tells her if she wears a mask no one will notice it's her. Jade says they need costumes, but there are no costumes left. Adam asks her if he can get them a costume will she go.

Adam and Jade arrive at the Gala; Jade is wearing a mask. Adam leaves Jade and finds Casey, Will and Gwen. Casey pushes Adam to hear Gwen sing. Adam says he'd love to hear Gwen, but he can't because he's with someone. They ask whom, and Adam just tells them "someone."

Outside of the Gala, Luke bumps into Jade. She asks Luke not to tell Lily. When Luke asks what she's doing there, she tells him she was talked in to it. While Luke and Jade talk, Maddie walks up. "Jade?" Maddie asks. Jade dashes out without saying a word, but Maddie runs after Jade and grabs her.

"It is you. I knew it," Maddie says to Jade.

"What's going on," Will asks.

"Tell him or I will," Maddie advises Jade.

Jade removes her mask, revealing herself to Will, Casey, Gwen and Maddie.

The manager comes up to Meg and asks if she's a nurse. When she confirms, the manager tells her a guest is sick.

As Meg enters a room, she calls out to let her presence be known. To her surprise, the sick patient is Craig. Meg asks Craig what he wants. Craig tells Meg it's his way of getting her alone without Paul. He continues by telling Meg how kind she is, and how she deserves someone better than Paul. Meg tells Craig she's not going to have this conversation with him.

As Meg walks away, Craig grabs her! "Hey" is all she gets out, because Craig takes her head, places it in-between his hands, and kisses her hard. Meg pulls away from Craig and delivers a hard slap across his face. "Don't ever do that again!" A shocked Meg warns as she runs out of the room.

After Meg leaves, Craig hears a knock at the door. Craig answers and is given a piece of paper. With a smile on his face, he opens the paper and says to himself, "Good. It's all falling into place."

Back at the Gala, Lucinda tells Katie she can make her rich. She goes on to tell Katie, because "Oakdale Confidential" was such a bestseller, Worldwide wants to re-issue it. She tells Katie they want more comings and goings, secrets and etc. in Oakdale added to the book. Lucinda also informs Katie that this time her name will be on the cover.

Katie says yes, no, and then she concludes by telling Lucinda she'll have to think about it. Before she leaves, Lucinda tells Mike to talk some sense into his "pretty little wife." Mike takes Lucinda's advice, and encourages Katie to take Lucinda up on her offer. He tells Katie what a good writer she is.

Security approaches Jack and notifies him that the prince left. He proceeds to tell Jack the prince went for a drive with his "ex-wife." With that information, Jack quickly exits the Gala.

Vienna and Simon are alone in a room. Soon after their toast, Simon makes his moves as he tries to seduce Vienna to get to her jewels. He begins kissing Vienna below her neck. Vienna feels Simon touch her necklace, and she pushes him away.

"You touch that necklace again and I'll cut your heart out!" Vienna threatens Simon.

Later, Simon manages to get Vienna drunk. When Vienna falls onto the bed and across Simon's lap, Simon tries to wake her. Vienna doesn't respond to Simon calling her name and shaking her. When Vienna doesn't respond to Simon, once again, he makes an effort to remove the necklace from around her neck, but Vienna comes to and begins covering Simon with kisses.

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Dusty receives word about Craig's arrival at Barbara's suite. Dusty leaves in anger to find Craig.

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