Let's Make A Deal!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Alison sets up Jade, Emily tells Hunter a secret, Dusty and Craig argue and Lucy plays peacemaker.

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At the hospital Casey and Alison finish up their jobs and decide to have a barbecue. Alison spots Jade and asks her to come along. Casey is surprised but Alison mentions Hunter and hurries off to find the new guy. Casey tells Jade about Alison's plans and asks her to take another chance on Hunter.

After arguing with Hunter about the online Intruder, Emily orders him to leave. Alison arrives a while later and mentions the barbecue. Emily wonders if she is trying to distract Jade from Casey. Alison insists this is just a friendly invitation for Hunter. She walks to Al's, finds Hunter, and invites him to the cookout. He turns her down, insisting that Emily needs him back at work. Hunter walks back to Emily's office, makes a few 'old dog, new tricks' comments, then she orders him to go to the barbecue! "Get a burger, get a life," she urges.

At the Hughes home Alison tells Casey that Hunter isn't coming; Casey reports that Jade is skipping out, too. They kiss. Hunter calls to accept Alison's invitation. She tells Casey to get Jade there, fast! Casey hurries off.

Casey finds Jade at Fashions and begs her to come to the barbecue. After he offers to take all of the difficult senior citizens from her quota, she agrees.


Hunter arrives at the barbecue with gummy worms as a hostess gift for Alison. She likes the gift and snacks on a few worms. Alison gets the salad ready and asks Hunter to start on the meat but Hunter starts rambling about the cooked meat being bad for a person's health. She finishes setting the table and mentions her past. Hunter questions her but Alison clams up. Casey and Jade arrive – and Hunter spills the gummy worms. Casey and Alison mention the changes at The Intruder to Jade but she isn't interested. Casey brings in the food but Hunter mentions those pesky barbecue health problems again. He gives in and takes a burger but then spills Jade's burger all over her! Nervous, Hunter leaves. Jade turns on Alison, asking how she could do this! Alison insists Hunter is just shy but Jade storms out. "We should do this more often," Casey jokes. They kiss and things get heated but Alison asks Casey to slow down again. He backs off and tells her that sleeping together is off the table until she says she is ready. Relieved, she puts her arms around him and they kiss.

Hunter returns to Emily's office. She has finished the online edition. Hunter tells her the barbecue was a bust but that he likes Alison. Em mentions that Alison likes him, too. He questions her about the difference in their ages. Emily reluctantly tells him the details of Alison's birth. "That is cool," Hunter says. She gives him some work to do and leaves.

At The Lakeview, Dusty realizes Johnny is missing. He searches the suite and finally finds him but the kiddo can't talk!


In the lounge Craig wonders if he can ever have a solid relationship with Johnny. Carly cautions him to take things slowly and not cut Dusty out completely because of Johnny's attachment to him. She reminds him that he has two children who need him. Craig rants about Lucy turning on him because of Dusty. She urges him to forgive Lucy and points out that Lucy did come clean about everything. A delivery arrives – it holds court papers returning custody of Johnny to him! Craig and Carly go upstairs but Dusty isn't there. A maid comes along and says Dusty left for the hospital a while ago.


Dusty rushes Johnny to Oakdale Memorial but refuses Lucy's help when she asks what is wrong! Lucy insists, calls a nurse and then argues in the hall when Johnny is taken into an examining room. Dusty finally explains that things seemed fine but Johnny won't talk at all. Lucy examines Johnny and pronounces him perfectly healthy. She sends Dusty to the hall and asks Johnny what is wrong. He admits he is afraid; she comforts him and goes to the hall. Once there, Lucy tells Dusty that the fighting and the constant custody issues are hurting Johnny. Craig and Carly arrive. Lucy tells them all that they have to stop fighting over Johnny. "You're going to do the kind of damage that can't be undone," she exclaims! Carly sides with Lucy but Craig insists on another opinion. Dusty sides with Lucy, too. Craig gives him the court order. Lucy asks Craig to allow Dusty to take Johnny back to the hotel – and Craig's suite! Craig gives in and leaves with Carly. Lucy tells him that Jennifer is gone and if he doesn't make peace with Craig, Johnny will be permanently scarred.

Back at The Lakeview Craig pours drinks and offers a toast to the new custody agreement. Carly refuses to drink, even though Craig ordered ginger ale, telling him that Johnny isn't a prize to be won! Dusty walks in and says they have to talk! Carly leaves. Dusty tells Craig that they have to come to an agreement about how Johnny will be raised or the kiddo will be hurt. "This is too stressful for him," Dusty says and asks Craig to leave a small place in Johnny's life for him – and Jennifer! Craig won't give in. Lucy arrives and Dusty wonders what he can do. He changes the subject to the smuggling ring and Lucy tells him about Damian's involvement. Emotionally, she tells Dusty that she can't hurt her father again. Dusty gets quiet, thinking about Jennifer.


In the suite Carly questions Craig about Dusty. Craig tells her what Dusty wanted and Carly says he should consider it! Craig won't listen. Carly won't stop. She insists that Johnny needs Dusty as much as he needs Craig. She tells him about the fights she had with Hal and the realization that more love means everything to a child. "He will resent you for making Dusty stay away," she warns. Craig asks if she could fall for the kind of guy who would give Dusty another chance! Carly won't answer but Craig keeps pushing. He asks if he is too good for her. Carly finally says that kind of generosity is a turn on for bad girls like her! Craig calls a sitter and drags Carly from the suite.

Back in the lounge, Lucy worries that Craig will keep her from Johnny, too. Craig and Carly walk in. Lucy leaves. Craig tells Dusty that they can work out a new custody arrangement. Dusty is relieved. Craig walks back upstairs with Carly, who tells him she is proud of him. He starts to kiss her but she backs away, telling him that things aren't settled with Lucy yet!

Next on As The World Turns:

Carly asks Craig to forgive Lucy.

Lucy asks Dusty if they have a chance together.

Paul makes a move on Meg!

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