Is Love Worth Dying For?

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Lucy and Dusty get into trouble. Maddie is acting crazy. Casey and Gwen are in grave danger.

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Will is on the phone, still trying to find Gwen. Barbara shows up and tells Will that it's going to take talking to Gwen more than once to work this out, she just ran into Gwen at Crash and she was with Casey. Barbara says Gwen needs to feel her feelings while Barbara and Will concentrate on putting their marriage back together, that they need to do damage control. She planted a seed, the germ of an idea that might prompt Gwen to forgive Will. If she can blame Jade it will make it easier to not blame Will. Will says no way, he doesn't want to play Gwen, shows his mother to the door.

He leaves yet one more message for Gwen, but she shows up, says she's not there to talk, she came to pack. She asks him to leave her alone; he keeps trying to talk, following her around while she gets her stuff. He says he can't lose her, she says she doesn't want to lose him either, but she thinks it's already happened. Casey comes in the door, tells Will that Gwen is staying with him. Casey and Will argue, Will says Casey always shows up when there's a damsel in distress. He becomes angry, tells Gwen and Casey they can stay there, play house, he'll leave. His eyes are open now-he sees how they really are.

Maddie gets in Gwen's face, acting weird--evil crazy ...What were you doing with Casey?... She demands to know. She tells Gwen she saw them hugging, making plans for her to move in with him, she starts yelling, Gwen yells back. Maddie says Gwen is using Casey, and that she can't believe Casey talked to Gwen about his and Maddie's relationship. She warns Gwen to stay away from Casey for her own sake, repeating what she said yesterday, that Lia got close to Casey and look what happened to her.

Jade comes in and starts dogging Maddie, saying how everyone hates her, that she has ruined Gwen and Will's Marriage. Maddie says Jade needs to be punished. She says because of Jade, now Gwen and Casey are a couple. Maddie gets up in Jade's face. Jade says she doesn't take orders from homicidal Smurfs. Maddie has a flashback and runs out.

Luke asks what Jade what she meant when she said that Gwen wouldn't be around long. Luke tells Jade maybe while he's gone to Malta she should butt out of Gwen and Will's business.
Holden shows up and Jade leaves, Luke tells Holden that he's leaving tonight for Malta. They talk about Lily and how she always wanted Luke to be himself, but this time he's making a mistake. Holden accepts the fact that Luke is leaving, tells him just to call when you get there. Luke gets really emotional. They hug and Luke leaves. Holden calls Jack on his cell phone and tells him he needs to talk. Jack arrives. Holden asks him to stop Damian, he's a cop--can't he do something? Jack says they are going to take the high road. Holden wants Jack to buy him some time.

Henry, Eve, and Louis argue. Louis says he can help Maddie, that she is not some endearing little kook. He says he's the only one who can face the truth, this is about Maddie's whole life, she has never been normal. Henry tells Louis he doesn't know anything about Maddie. Louis balks, tells Henry that he's the one who took off, he can't handle real life, it cramps his style. Louis says he was like a father to Maddie, and that he is prepared to understand. Henry says Louis doesn't want Maddie to be normal. Eve insists they stop arguing. She tries to reason with Henry, and he apologizes. She tells them that they need to make sure Maddie doesn't hurt herself or anyone else.


Damian pins Lucy against the wall. She tells him she knows he's lying about his imminent death. He says he needs to make sure she doesn't share his diagnosis with anyone; anyone at all. Lucy starts telling Damian how she really feels about him taking Luke to Malta. Suddenly, she is getting dizzy, Damian had switched the tea. She passes out and Damian carries her over his shoulder, locking her in the wine cellar. Dusty walks in and finds the needle Lucy was going to use to take Damian's blood lying next to the overturned tea cup. Lucy comes to in the wine cellar.

Damian runs into Dusty who says I know she's here. Damian says she's not here and that he can't believe Dusty broke into his house, he should call the police. Damian thinks Dusty left but he didn't. Lucy gets up, finds out she's locked in the room, calls for help. She hears footsteps, grabs a bottle of wine to use as a weapon, but discovers it is Dusty. Sergio appears with a gun, asks what's going on. Lucy tells him she found Damian's records and faxed them to the police, it's all over. Sergio doesn't believe her. He ties Lucy's and Dusty's hands to a pipe. Lucy shouts Luke's name.

Luke arrives back at Fair Winds, he's down after talking to Holden, but he's ready to go, "Let's get out of here," He says. Then he ask Damian where Lucy is. Damian says, "You know doctors, something came up." Luke tries to call Lucy, he wants to say goodbye. Damian gets frustrated, tells him they need to go! Luke says it's really just hitting him that he's actually leaving the country.

Gwen breaks down after Will leaves. She tells Casey she feels like such a loser, worried about Will being upset. Casey says Will's biggest problem is never thinking anything is his fault. Casey leaves the room as a gloved, masked person with a huge butcher knife opens a window and comes in the house. It's the killer. He comes up behind Casey and knocks him out. Gwen, still in the living room, calls for Casey, she turns and the masked killer hits her in the face, sits on top of her and raises the knife.

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