Disappearing act!

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Simon and Carly prepare for their escapades, guests attend the gala, and Craig has something up his sleeve!

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Lucinda and Lucy show up to Lily and Holden's house. Lily tells them that Jade decided not to go to the Gala, as she thought it would be awkward. Jade overhears Lucinda tell the family that she feels blessed to have a Jade free night! She's uncomfortable when Jade comes into the room, telling Lucinda that she'll stay home and give out candy.

Dr. Steve Conner shows up as Lucy's date, and they make a hasty exit, leaving the others puzzled! Luke wants to stay home with Jade, but Jade tells him not to disappoint his grandmother. The two leave and Holden tells Jade not to take what Lucy says to heart. He jokes that it was five years of marriage to Lily before Lucinda stopped calling him "That Snyder boy!"


Lily and Holden take the baby out trick or treating, while Jade stays behind. A bored Jade grabs her bag heads out to a bar, where she's hit on by some random man. She tries to be kind while letting him know she's not interested and is saved by Adam, who interrupts them, asking the guy to leave. After he is gone, she asks Adam to stay. He inquires as to why she's not out with friends tonight, and she's honest, telling him she doesn't have friends. She wonders aloud if he'll still want to sit with her, and as he takes a seat, she realizes that he's not deterred.


At the Gala, Casey moons over Maddie, who looks fantastic. He's upset that he asked Adam for one favor and he doesn't show up!


Will and Gwen see Barbara finally arrive at the Gala. They know it's difficult for her to be there, and let her know that they're happy to see her out, looking stunning.


Katie and Mike arrive at the Gala. Katie heads into the party while Mike stops by to speak to Jack, who is working the door.

Later, Mike finds Katie, Margo and Craig. Craig cracks jokes about her trying to hide from him, but she tells him she's not trying at all, and is sensitive to him, telling him it must be difficult for him not to see Johnny. She goes on to say that she's thankful that he told her about Hal. He boasts that she can see that he is a changed man!

Emily talks to Craig about an exclusive. He's tense, so she asks him to relax about tonight. He goes over to where Meg and Paul are, and flirts shamelessly with Meg while an angered Paul looks on. He lets the cat out of the bag, that he has chosen her costume for the Gala. Paul's less than thrilled with the news, and when Craig tells her that the costume looks good on her, Paul pitches in, telling him that everything looks good on Meg! Craig smirks, "Even you?" and leaves them.

Paul is visibly upset that Meg didn't tell him who picked out her costume, but is apeased by Meg later, when he accepts a drink from her and an apology. He doesn't get why she wore, it but she explains it was to get back at Craig, and besides it looks incredible on her! Just then, Tim Brody (private investigator) stops by with information about Craig Montgomery!


Carly and Simon dress for the Gala,in the hotel room. Carly's not happy with her task this evening, but tells Simon that she knows a way for Prince Adolfo to stay away from Vienna. She comes out of the bathroom. Simon is in awe as he sees her dressed as Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco! She looks around the room, seeing that its set up for romance, knowing he has everything covered. Before they leave, Simon reminds her, "No mistakes, and keep your eyes open!"


Chaz and Dustin sit at a table, at the Gala. They're soon interrupted by Emily, who relays to Dustin that she overheard a guy talking to Craig at Yo's. She overheard that "He wanted to make someone disappear, tonight!!" They wonder what this could mean but before they can make heads or tails of it, Craig interrupts the three, to notify Emily that it's time for the Prince's appearance.

Elsewhere, Kim, Katie and Mike talk. Kim hopes all will go well this evening, know that Craig being there could cause issues! She apologizes to an understanding Katie, and is taken aback when she sees Carly, thinking how beautiful she looks! She hopes Carly and Jack will get back together.


Lucinda and Luke meet up with Dr. Connor and Lucy, at the Gala. Lucinda coyly asks the men to get them some drinks so she can pose a question to Lucy about what is going on between she and Dusty. Lucy explains that Dusty got busy, so she needed to find another date, but squelches Lucinda's thoughts that she's playing games with Dusty.

Later, Dusty asks Lucy for a dance before he realizes she has a date. Dr. Conner comes back and dances with LUcy, while Dusty watches.

Barbara comes up behind Dusty, telling him maybe it's for the best that Lucy is with Dr. Conner instead. Dustin has to leave the room as he gets a call from Emily.


Dr. Bob gets up to say a speech, thanking them all for coming. He thanks Craig for his help in setting things up and Craig asks everyone to bid generously on the auction. He then presents Prince Adolfo and his companion, Vienna. The prince shares with the folks that it's an honor to be there and asks that they start the festivities right away! They dance, and mingle as the music begins.


When Margo asks Will and Casey to pressure Adam into coming to the Gala, they give him a call. Adam agrees to show, and asks Jade to come along!

Craig watches Meg dance with Paul and stops the staff, telling them he's waiting for a package.

Emily finds Dusty, and anxiously notifies him that Craig has hired a jet, staffed and fueled up, "It's ready to take off tonight," she exclaims. He thinks that with everyone watching, Craig won't be able to get away.


Vienna and the Prince are greeted by Kim and Bob briefly before Vienna dashes off once she sees a handsome Simon. Simon goes to work on the woman, telling her he thinks about her a lot. "I can't help myself," he tells her. He moves in close, whispering how much he wants her, and asks that she return to his room later. Katie watches the exchange, and once Vienna is alone, she goes in for the kill, spilling the beans that there is something she needs her to know. She blurts out that Simon is in love with someone else, staring at Carly!


Meanwhile, Carly demands that Simon call the whole thing off because Jack is working security! Just then, the Prince introduces himself to Carly, who lies, introducing herself as 'Grace'!

Simon leaves quietly to give them time to talk but their time is cut short by Lisa, requests a dance with the Prince! Vienna storms over to Carly's side, after Katie's admission. She takes in no uncertain terms "What's going on between you and my Simon?"


Craig presents "Magnifico the magician", to all the guests. Magnifico does some tricks for the crowd, making a rose appear for both Lisa and Kim! He moves on to other guests, doing more tricks, and then asks for a volunteer for his next trick. Craig offers his assistance, and he tells the guests that he's going to make Craig disappear! He gets into a box as Emily finds Dusty, telling him, "That's the guy who Craig was talking to about making someone disappear!"

Dusty goes to speak with Lucy, asking if she knew that her father was leaving. With a surprised look, she tells him she had no idea.

Simon is astounded to hear from Katie that she told Vienna that Simon and Carly were an item!

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