Vienna Hyett Arrives and Meets With Jack

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Vienna enters the police station and introduces herself to Jack. Lily defends Jade in front of Will, Jade, Casey and Maddie.

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At Crash, Will, Gwen and Casey are setting the stage for Gwen to sing for Adam. While getting things set up, Gwen bumps into Adam. Not knowing who Adam is, Gwen tells him they are closed. Soon after, Will walks up and introduces Gwen to Adam.

Before Adam leaves Crash, Will tells him it's Casey who's pushing the issue with Gwen's singing.

Soon after Adam leaves, Maddie shows up, and Will, Gwen, Casey and Maddie leave Crash and head out to go pick out their costumes for the fund-raiser.

Outside the police station, Emily talks on the phone with Dusty. She tells Dusty she's waiting on Craig. While talking with Dusty, Emily notices Vienna Hyett as she walks past her, and immediately she tells Dusy she has to go, because Vienna just showed up, and she wants the story, but before she hangs up the phone Craig and Tom show up.

Craig tells Emily Tom will be working for him. A shocked Emily asks Craig if she can write the interview about Tom working for him, but Craig tells her she can't right now. He goes on to say she will be the first to know when she can, though, and he says he'll make sure of it.

After Craig leaves, Emily returns to her phone conversation with Dusty. She asks Dusty if he heard, and he confirms.

Dusty ends his phone conversation with Emily, and Lucy can tell from the look on his face that the conversation must have been about her father, so she asks Dusty if it was. Dusty confirms, and says nothing else.

Lucy invites Dusty to the Gala, but he tells her he can't at the moment. Then he tells Lucy that Craig hired Tom to work for him. Lucy looks stunned by the news, and seeing how upset Dusty is over the whole thing, she tells Dusty to let her help him. Dusty refuses her help telling her the stakes are too high and the situation is complicated. He continues by telling Lucy to go to the Gala without him, and to have a good time.

Vienna introduces herself to Jack

Vienna enters the police station. She introduces herself to Jack. Jack asks Vienna why she is there, he tells her he wants to know because they don't get a lot of people like her in Oakdale. Vienna, instead of answering, asks Jack if he knows Simon.

Jack seats Vienna, and asks her to tell him more about how she knows Simon. She tells him, and then Jack tells Vienna to let him know if anyone gets close to her jewels, because he wants to be the one to know and handle the situation.

At the apartment, Carly believes Simon knows who's responsible for the distruction, so she asks him about it. Jack tells Carly he believes it was Spero. Carly can't understand why Spero would destroy his own collateral. Carly becomes scared and expresses to Simon that maybe Spero isn't interested in the money as much as he is in being paid back.

Simon warns Carly, telling her the deal with Spero is growing more dangerous. Carly asks Simon how to get out of the situation, and then when she insists on seeing Vienna's picture in the paper again. While looking at the picture, Carly eyes the Jewels Vienna's wearing. Simon reveals to Carly that the jewels are worth twice the amount they need, and he takes the opportunity to bring up stealing the jewels again. Carly is reluctent because she's on probation, but Simon says the only time she'd get caught is if he talks, which he assures her he'll never do.

After Carly agrees to go along, Simon changes his mind. He tells Carly he got them into this mess, so he'll get them out. Then he opens the door for Carly and asks her to leave. Carly refuses to leave, but when Simon threatens to call Jack she does.

Carly leaves, and Simon closes the door, leans up against it, takes a deep breath, and says to himself, "This better work."

As Lily tries on the dress Jade picked out for her, Gwen, Will, Casey and Maddie enter the store giggling. Gwen notices Jade and the giggling stops. Gwen confronts Jade, asking her if she's following her. While Gwen is scolding Jade for following her, Lily returns and defends Jade. Lily then takes Jade and they leave.

A shocked Gwen tells Will how uncomfortable that was, and Will suggests they forget it ever happened. Soon after, Will, Gwen, Casey and Maddie resume shopping for their costumes.

After leaving the store, Jade confesses to Lily that it bothered her to see Will, Gwen, Casey and Maddie having fun and laughing together.

While talking, Luke comes up and informs Jade she can attend the fund-raiser. Lily speaks for Jade, telling Luke she can't go. Luke asks Lily if she thinks she's being a bit harsh. Lily turns to Jade and asks if Jade thinks she's being harsh. Jade says no, and tells Luke since Will is going to be there, Lily's right. She goes on to say there will be other events she can attend.

At Lakeview, Tom catches Emily going through his briefcase. When he asks her why she's searching through his briefcase, she tells him she's worried about him, and then she asks him why he chose to work for Craig. Tom tells Emily to watch herself around Craig, and to keep her eyes on her own paper.

Back at Crash, Gwen finishes singing, but Adam never showed. Casey is angry with Adam for not being there, but Gwen assures Casey it's not a big deal. She says all she really needs is her music, Will and her friends.

Meanwhile, Adam is visiting with Kim. He tells Kim about Gwen singing tonight. He says it takes more than just voice, "it takes drive too," Adam says to Kim. He goes on to tell Kim he knows Casey thinks he's doing something good for Gwen, but he's not sure if Casey has thought about what it could do to Will.

Back at the apartment, Simon is looking at the picture of Vienna again, and he smiles when he hears Carly walk up behind him.

"So, for stealing those jewels, what do we have to do first?" Carly asks as she enters the apartment.

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