Craig gives Meg Another Gift

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Simon suggests him and Carly do a jewelry heist together, but she disagrees. Craig gives Meg a costume for the Halloween ball.

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An anonymous person donates costumes for the hospital fund-raiser. While Meg is looking through the costumes, she's handed a costume and finds out it is a gift. While admiring her gift, Craig enters and asks if she likes it. She then realizes the costume is from him, and she declines it. Craig tells Meg there's a reason he gave her the gown. "You and me," he told her. Meg laughs, then tells him, "There is no such thing."

Craig goes on to explain to Meg how grateful he is that she sees past his mistakes, and he says that's the reason behind his gift. He tells her it's his way of thanking her.

When Craig leaves the room, Meg removes the gown from the rack and begins to admire it again. While she marvels over the gown, Paul enters the room. He tells her she won't be needing the gown, because she's not going. Meg refuses to follow Paul's orders. She tells him she will attend the event because it for a good cause, and also because she's a part of the hospital staff. Paul isn't thrilled with her response, but he says no more.

Later, Paul realizes the gown Meg is holding is a gift from Craig, and he tells Meg he doesn't want Craig "clothing" her.

Paul wasn't going to attend the fund-raiser, but since he knows Craig gave Meg the gown, he decides to attend after all. He wants to keep an eye on Meg to keep her safe from Craig.

At Yo's, Tom visits with Adam, but his phone keeps disrupting their conversation, so Tom shuts his phone off. Adam tells Tom if Craig is offering a way to be around their family more then he should take him up on his offer. Tom agrees with Adam, but tells Adam Margo disapproves.

At the police station, Katie approaches Margo and finds her crying. When she asks Margo what's wrong, Margo tells her how much she misses Hal.

After Margo expresses her grief over Hal, Katie tells Margo Simon has feelings for Carly. She goes on to say that she believes she should be protecting Carly from "big bad Simon." Soon after, Katie asks Margo if it's possible she's still "in love" with Simon.

"I should have been over Simon a long time ago," Katie admits to Margo."

Margo reminds Katie that Simon didn't fight for her, and as a result she shouldn't risk things with Mike. Margo suggests to Katie that she go be with Mike. Katie hugs Margo and thanks her for the advice. Katie leaves the station to take Margo's advice and go find Mike.

As soon as Katie leaves, Tom and Adam come into the station. Margo knows Tom's there to try and convince her the job offer from Craig is going to solve their problems, but she tells Tom it won't, and he's crazy for thinking it will.

"Margo, just give me a chance to prove you wrong," Craig says as he enters the station and overhears Margo talking with Tom and Adam.

Tom and Margo walk away, and Craig asks Adam how he's doing. Instead of answering Craig, Adam warns him. He tells Craig if Tom takes him up on his job offer, and he does anything to mess with Tom or Margo, he will answer to him.

Tom and Margo return. Tom tells Craig he will accept his job offer, but it will be on a "short-term" basis, and he also goes on to say he won't take orders, nor will he be his "errand boy." Craig smiles and tells Tom he's certain Tom won't want to go back after he's had a taste of the "finer things."

At Carly's place, Carly insists on seeing what's in the paper Simon is reading. As she snatches the paper from Simon, she reads outloud,"Vienna Hyett." She then asks Simon if he knows this woman, and Simon tells her they "travel in circles." When she asks what their connection is, Simon says, "Someone like Vienna coming in to town would offer me a very... good... chance..."

"A chance to relieve her of her jewelry?" Carly finishes.

Simon confirms, but Carly thinks he's delusional and disagrees with the idea. She tells Simon they will just have to "play it out" with the apartment, and they will do it without a "jewelry heist."

Carly and Simon head for the apartment, and when they arrive, Carly wants to go over their sales pitch together, but Simon tells her he needs a shower first. Carly says she'll wait for him there, and when he returns they can go over the pitch then. Simon, on the other hand, thinks it's unsafe for Carly to stay there alone, so he tells her he'll get his shower and meet her back at her place.

Before Simon and Carly leave the apartment, Carly pulls a decor item from her bag and places it on the table. Carly calls it "MeMe."

As they exit the apartment, Simon checks to make sure Carly is gone. When he sees she's no longer in sight, he goes back into the apartment. While in the apartment, Simon intentionally picks up the MeMe and throws it onto the floor where it breaks into several tiny pieces.

A little while later, Simon shows up at Carly's place to go over the sales pitch. When he arrives, Carly greets him at the door in a sexy, black dress. With his attention focused on her, Simon compliments her on how she looks. She returns the favor telling him he cleans up well too.

Carly invites Simon in, and he glances at the coffee table where he sees two drinks and candles. Carly tells him it's a celebration.

After Simon and Carly toast, she confesses to Simon that she's glad he chose to be with her instead of leaving, and she goes on to say she won't make him sorry that he chose to say with her.

Carly leans toward Simon and kisses him softly, but Simon stops and tells Carly he can't do that. With a look of confusion, Carly asks Simon if something's wrong. Simon tells her he remembers they have to show the apartment tomorrow, and he suggests they return to the apartment to hang the artwork. Carly tells him she already hung the artwork, but he says they forgot a piece in the storage room. Carly says it will wait until tomorrow morning, and Simon starts to kiss Carly again, but jumps up and insists they go to the apartment and hang the artwork they forgot.

Simon and Carly arrive back at the apartment, but when they enter Carly looks down and sees her MeMe has been broken. With a look of terror, she looks at Simon and asks him who could have done that.

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