A Truce?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Carly gives Craig an ultimatum, Parker takes desperate action, Lucy makes a mysterious phone call and Alison has it out with Jade!

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Emily comes to the hospital to help Alison check out after the near-overdose. She hugs Alison, telling her how strong she is. She asks about Matt and the subject quickly turns to Casey; Emily tries to influence Alison to focus on Matt instead of Casey but she says she has to see where the relationship with Casey is going. Emily can't believe it and tries to hide her feelings from Alison by saying she doesn't want Casey taking advantage of Allie. Emily leaves for the office while Alison finishes up a few things. As soon as she is alone Em calls Jade and demands a meeting!

Casey goes to Yo's to see Matt. He tries to apologize again but Matt doesn't believe him. Casey keeps pushing, though, until Matt says Casey just wanted him out of the way so he could get Alison. Casey swears he won't hurt Allie and Matt throws Jade in his face. He tells Casey that Alison told him she was done with Casey! Casey bumps into Alison but won't talk to her. She asks Matt what is going on but he won't say. Instead he insinuates that Casey is crazy – and then convinces Alison to go away with him for a few days!

At Carly's Parker goes through the desk and takes the papers about his trust fund. When Carly questions him he refuses to talk and walks out. Craig arrives and Carly asks how he found the kids. She pushes and he stonewalls but finally admits that Lucy gave him the information. She is shocked that Craig took credit for Lucy's good work and lashes out at him. Craig sarcastically says his little white lie is no big deal. She tells him to get out!

Carly goes to the hospital to talk to Lucy. She says she was just trying to help Craig and then asks Carly to go to Craig on her behalf again.

Parker meets Liberty at Java and shows her the trust fund papers, trying to find a way to stop Jack and Carly from sending him away. He calls a lawyer and when the lawyer arrives asks him to keep Jack and Carly from sending him to boarding school. The lawyer warns him that this won't be easy but Parker doesn't care. The lawyer says Parker could be removed from the home entirely and is convinced he can convince a judge that boarding school is a bad idea. He is only worried about getting to court in time. The lawyer contacts a judge about a quickie hearing and leaves. Liberty says this isn't a good idea but Parker insists it is the only way they can be together. He kisses her.


Carly runs into Craig in Old Town. He convinces her to meet him for lunch. When Craig leaves she calls Lucy and says their deal has begun! She walks over to The Lakeview and surprises Craig with Lucy! He is upset, especially when she says he has to make things right with Lucy! Craig throws the boarding school issue in her face when Carly says they can still be a family. Lucy gets upset and wants to leave but Carly orders her to stick around and talk to her father but Lucy is too upset. She storms out trying to hold back the tears. Carly stares at Craig and then says their business relationship is over, too! Craig can't believe his ears but Carly sticks to her guns.

Emily meets Jade in her office. She orders Jade to get back on the job and keep Casey away from Jade! Alison arrives and eavesdrops while Emily writes Jade another huge check. She leaves and Alison confronts Emily! She says Emily has no heart because she doesn't want Casey but she doesn't want Casey to be with anyone else. Emily insists she was protecting Alison but Alison doesn't believe her and storms out.


Jade arrives at Casey's and won't listen when he says he wants to be alone. She sits down on the sofa until Casey starts to talk to her. She brings up Alison and he wonders why Alison keeps blowing him off. She suggests more sex to get his mind off of Alison and begins to seduce him. They are kissing when Alison walks in, grabs Jade and slaps her! Casey tries to keep the peace until Alison tells him exactly what Jade is up to. Jade defends her actions, saying she wants Casey whether she is being paid or not! Casey throws her out! Alison apologizes to Casey but he is thankful that she told him. Casey brings up Matt and Alison finally realizes that Matt has also been playing them against each other. She tells him to stop jumping at other women when things go wrong between them; he promises and they agree to try to start over one more time. They decide to meet in the park later on.


Craig goes to the hospital to talk to Lucy. He says he is ready to leave the past in the past; she is thrilled, especially when he says he will always love her. She apologizes for taking Johnny but stands by her guns, saying she was only trying to protect him from the feud. They agree to take things slowly and try to rebuild their relationship. "But you have to cut Dusty out of your life," Craig says! Lucy can't believe him but gives in when Craig won't back down and keeps insisting that Dusty will never stop trying to steal Johnny back. Lucy asks for her own favor – that Craig keep an open mind about Dusty for Johnny's sake. He agrees to her terms and she hugs him. When she is alone Lucy makes a mysterious call and says, "We're in business."

Alison returns to Yo's and tells Matt their trip is off because of Casey. She asks why he lied to Casey and Matt says he was trying to protect her. She thanks him for caring but says she has to see where a relationship with Casey leads. She says he'll find someone new and kisses his cheek.

Casey storms into Emily's office. She tries convincing Casey that Alison misunderstood but he won't listen. He asks what she wants from him; she says he can move on with anyone except Alison. "Why can't you understand that I might love her?" he asks. She can't answer him; he asks for her blessing to move forward with Alison!

Craig goes to Carly's, admits he was wrong about Lucy and asks for another lunch date. He tells her about the meeting with Lucy, shocking Carly because of his ultimatum. He sticks to his guns.

Emily goes to Lily's and tells Jade to back off because the more time they give Casey and Alison the quicker the two of them will grow tired of them. Jade refuses and Emily warns her that she'll wind up cold and alone – just like Emily! – if she doesn't leave this alone. She asks for her money back but Jade won't give it to her.

Casey and Alison meet in the park. He has skateboards and suggests a fun date, just like the times they used to have. She kisses him.

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