I Told You So!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Vienna and Katie try to get Henry and Brad onboard with their baby plans, Alison and Casey argue about Matt's innocence, Noah tries to keep Luke out of trouble, and Ellwood goes down.

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Katie enters a boutique looking for Vienna. Vienna wants to show her a maternity blouse. Vienna informs her she is going to carry Katie's baby for her. Katie says she hasn't agreed yet, but Vienna knows she will because of how much Katie wants a baby. Katie says she still has to talk to Brad and it will be difficult. Vienna thinks that love will conquer all. Katie asks if Henry knows. Vienna says she has her own way of handling her man.

Henry arrives at Brad and Katie's house. Brad wants his help filling out paperwork. As Henry glances over the papers, he notices it is for adoption. Henry thinks Brad should be talking to Katie about the papers. Brad wants to cover all bases so Katie can have a baby.


At the diner, Ellwood asks Luke where he gets off breaking into his dorm room. Luke boasts he knows Ellwood is dealing drugs. Ellwood wonders why they locked up Casey instead of him if that is true. Luke says it is all a cover and the police are after him. As Ellwood runs away, Noah wonders why Luke told him all that, but Luke thinks they now get a confession. Noah is scared that Luke is going to get himself into trouble again.

Kevin arrives at the diner and asks Luke what is going on with Casey. Luke informs him that Casey is innocent, and boasts that the police will figure out Ellwood and Matt are guilty. In the middle of their conversation, Luke answers a call from Ellwood. Ellwood tells him he knows why everything is happening to Casey. Luke coaxes Ellwood into meeting him at the bridge on Mill Road.


At the station, Alison arrives to see Casey. She insists Matt is innocent. Casey hopes he doesn't hurt her while he is in jail. Casey thinks she is naive, but Alison reminds him she got clean and Matt can, too. Alison thinks Casey is jealous and instead of dealing with personal feelings, they should be concentrating on finding the real culprit. Casey yells that Matt is a con who almost had her killed twice.

Noah thinks Ellwood's sudden confession is strange and wants Luke to stay out of it, but Luke wants to make things right after the election mess. After Luke calls Alison to tell her about Ellwood, Noah insists he is going with him because he is not taking any chances that something could hurt him again. Luke kisses Noah as they leave.


As Alison is headed to Al's, Matt calls her from Yo's and tells her he is running late. She tells him the good news about Ellwood coming clean about everything. She tells him that Luke is headed to get his confession at Mill Road. Alison goes on to say she hopes he and Casey can be friends. Matt nervously hangs up.


Katie arrives home and tells Brad all she can think about is having a baby with him. Brad thinks it doesn't matter how they get their child, as long as they raise it together. Brad shows her the adoption papers, but Katie informs him that Vienna offered to be a surrogate. Brad exclaims he doesn't want his boys planted into Vienna, but Katie thinks they should let her because they will still get to have their own child. Brad only wants to make her happy so agrees to it, but isn't sure if Henry will.


At the Lakeview, Henry kisses Vienna and she confesses she has decided to help Brad and Katie. He talks about the adoption, but she informs him she is carrying their baby for them. Henry begins to have a mild panic attack and doesn't want her to change her body, but Vienna points out her breasts will be even larger and that she will be naked all the time because being pregnant will make her wild.


As Brad is holding Katie, the doorbell rings. Katie finds Vienna and Henry waiting, and Vienna happily tells her, "Hello Mama." Henry stands by looking glum. Katie tearfully thanks Vienna. They promise to get started on the details immediately. After the pair leave, Katie cries and tells Brad it is happening for them. As Brad hugs her, he looks skeptical.


At the bridge, Luke and Noah are waiting on Ellwood, who is late. As he is approaching them, an SUV flies towards Ellwood and runs him off the bridge. Luke and Noah rush down and pull him out of the river. After Noah calls 911, Margo arrives and informs them that Ellwood is dead. Luke fills her in on the confession, and Noah states that the driver of the SUV definitely hit Ellwood intentionally. Margo orders them to go back to the station to take their statements for being witnesses to murder.


At the diner, Alison sees Mark arrive. He approaches her and apologizes and wants to make amends with everyone he has hurt. Alison wearily accepts his apology. Kevin arrives again and tells Mark he has the schedule. As Mark goes to another table, Kevin tells her he should have apologized and asked how she was after the election. Kevin goes to Mark's table and orders him to leave her alone. Mark thinks she is genuinely concerned and wonders if Alison is single. Kevin reminds her that he almost raped her, but Mark insists he is a changed man.

Matt rushes into the diner and informs Alison that someone stole his car. Alison asks if he called the police. Matt reminds her that he is an ex-con, but Alison says he has to report it. She persuades him to go to the police station with her.


At the station, Noah remembers that '984' were the last three digits of the license tag. Margo sends Casey in to talk to Luke and Noah, who sadly inform him that Ellwood was murdered. Casey wonders how he is going to be cleared now. Noah thinks that they are in over their heads.

Alison and Matt arrive at the station to report the stolen car. While Matt goes to fill out the paperwork, Alison goes to check out what happened with Ellwood. Luke informs her Ellwood was murdered by a hit and run. Margo enters and informs everyone that the car that hit Ellwood was registered to Matt. Alison protests that his car was stolen, but when she goes to check for him, Matt has left. Alison tells them Matt's story about the stolen car, but no one buys it. Noah wonders how anyone knew Ellwood would be at the bridge, and Alison confesses she told Matt. Alison tries not to cry, and exclaims she doesn't want to hear 'I told you so'. Casey stands behind her and goes to hug her, but pulls away.


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