To Forgive Is Divine.

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Lucy wants forgiveness from Craig, Dusty tries to forgive Lucy, and both Matt and Casey want Alison's trust.

To Forgive Is Divine. image

At the hospital, Lucy runs into Meg and informs her that Bob is considering hiring her back, but Meg wonders how that is possible since she is a fugitive. Lucy informs her that she is not anymore and rushes off.


At the Lakeview, Craig tells Carly that Lucy violated his trust and he can't forget it. She changes the subject to the vendors and demands that he fix the problem. Craig says he has to take Johnny to the doctor, but Carly says she will take him because their problem has to be fixed now.


Jade arrives at Metro, and explains to Derek she came to see him because she needs his help with Casey. He believes her that Casey is not worth it, but Jade knows what it feels like to have everyone turn against her. She thinks Matt is the one who set Casey up and wants him to dig up something on him. Derek does not know if he can, but agrees to help.


Alison arrives at Yo's and Matt wonders why she is upset. She thinks Casey's arrest does not make sense because he never used or talked about drugs. Matt thinks if she believes Casey, she thinks he is a liar. Alison still thinks something is just not right and informs him she is going to go talk to Casey.


Carly arrives at the hospital with Johnny and they run into Lucy. Lucy and Johnny happily embrace and Carly wonders why Lucy is there. Carly calls Craig and tells him that Lucy is not in jail and is at the hospital getting her job back. Craig demands to not let them out of her sight and rushes to meet them.


Alison arrives at the station, but Casey does not want to see her. Alison states she knows he would never do drugs and that she is on his side. Casey is happy she believes in him and says it means the world to him. He then asks what they do about Matt. Alison wonders why she has to choose between the two of them.

At Dusty's office, Meg arrives and states she knows he helped Lucy just so she will get him time with Johnny. Dusty doesn't know what Lucy will do, but thought dropping the charges was the right thing to do. Meg wonders if he is okay and Dusty says not to worry about him.

Craig arrives at the hospital and tells Johnny he needs to talk to Lucy alone. She explains Dusty dropped the charges. Craig believes she is working with Dusty but she tries to convince him she is working on her own to make things right. Craig tells her he is getting a restraining order against her, but Johnny walks up and asks if Lucy can live with them. Craig tells Johnny she has other arrangements and that they have to go. Johnny begs to stay with Lucy. Craig yells at Johnny to go, as Lucy calmly tells Johnny it is okay to go with him. Craig becomes angrier, but Carly pulls him away and tells him to calm down because he is scaring his son. Craig is scared Lucy is going to take him away again, but Carly orders him to get it together or he will lose Johnny again.


Meg goes to see a movie, and laughs when she sees Dusty arrive. She playfully throws popcorn at him and he throws back. Meg moves up to sit next to him and asks if he is thinking about Lucy. He tells her that he and Lucy used to watch movies in the middle of the day. Meg asks if he is still angry at Lucy for what she did. Dusty believes that he and Craig were partly to blame because of their fighting, and that Lucy gave up everything for Johnny's well-being. Dusty gets annoyed that his escape from life is being spent talking about Lucy, and Meg takes his hand and tells him to follow her.


After seeing the doctor and confirming Johnny has made a full recovery, Craig tells Carly nothing will change what Lucy did to him. Carly points out that Lucy is the only mother that Johnny has known. Craig believes Lucy is not the little girl he once knew, but Carly asks how many times he has had to beg others for a second chance.


Jade arrives at the station with Derek. They tell Margo they have information that can clear Casey. Jade asks to tell Casey herself while Derek fills Margo in. Jade informs Casey that Derek discovered Matt was using drugs while in prison.


Alison heads back to Yo's and tells Matt she believes in Casey's innocence, but that she also believes Matt is innocent. Matt thinks she still has feelings for Casey. Alison grows tired of trying to explain that Casey is just a friend. Margo interrupts them and asks Matt about his social life of using drugs behind bars. Matt says he is not a dealer, but Margo warns that she has her eye on him. Alison is upset that he lied to her about using drugs. Matt tells her he is not using or doing drugs and that he only did them in prison because it was a dark time for him. Matt pleads with her that he needs her to believe in him. Alison tells him she does believe him, but wonders who is behind the setup.

After Craig and Johnny leave, Lucy approaches Carly. Carly believes Craig has changed. Lucy wishes Craig could see that Johnny is not the only one who needs a dad. Carly thinks she is going to have to earn Craig's trust back and that she also needs to respect his devotion to Johnny.


At the Lakeview, Lucy arrives at Craig's suite and tries to persuade him that she didn't come back to take Johnny. She firmly states she is not going anywhere and wants to spend time with Johnny. He remarks that Carly told him the same thing and Lucy states that Carly must care about him and leaves.


Margo arrives back at the station and explains to Casey she can't arrest Matt because they cannot prove anything yet. Casey wonders why she could arrest him and let everyone else go. Margo looks hurt and leaves. Jade apologizes that the evidence couldn't help him.


Dusty and Meg arrive at Al's, but see Lucy sitting inside. Dusty thinks maybe it is a sign that he needs to talk to her. Meg thinks so and Dusty enters to talk to Lucy. He tells her he hears she is getting her job back. Lucy says she needs Craig to trust her again. She thinks it will be good for both of them and takes his hand, as Meg watches outside.

Craig arrives at Carly's house and informs her that Lucy came to see him and asks if Carly cares about him. Carly thinks Lucy misunderstood her and brushes him off. As Craig leaves, he tells her she is right and he is going to try and forgive Lucy. Carly asks about the vendors and Craig says the problem is solved. She laughs that he is good and he smugly smiles that he knows.


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