Breaking and Entering!

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Luke does some underhanded investigating, Emily confronts Jade about Casey, Alison and Matt kiss and Lily begs Margo for help.

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Lily catches Jade getting ready to go out at Fashions; Jade admits she is dating Casey now. Lily doesn't like that idea, given Jade's history with Adam but Jade insists it is not a big deal. Lily notices some expensive jewelry and questions Jade on how she got it since she isn't working; Jade says she always finds a way to get the things she wants. Jade shows Lily a dress and while she is trying it on, Jade corners Emily across the store and tells her to buy the dress – and give her more money because she's completed her job! Lily spots them and asks what is going on. Jade distracts her with a plan for dinner with Holden. Lily asks if Emily is upset that Jade is dating Casey; Jade says that is what Emily was upset about but says it is not a big deal. Lily warns Jade to be careful around Emily. Jade walks out.


At Java Kevin, Luke and Noah talk about the death. They tell Kevin their thoughts about Elwood's involvement. Then Elwood walks in and Luke shoves him up against a wall! Elwood says he is innocent and Luke is crazy. After he leaves the guys wonder how they can make Elwood pay; Kevin says Elwood is in the dorm room across from his and offers to watch Elwood. He leaves. Luke says it's time to move their investigation to the next level – by breaking into Elwood's dorm room! Noah doesn't like the idea but Luke says they have no choice. Noah leaves for class; Luke decides to snoop through Elwood's room alone.


Margo and Casey are talking about Reg's case at Al's; she asks about the people Reg associated with but Casey doesn't have much information. She mentions Luke's suspicions and then Casey gets very distracted because Alison and Matt walk in. He watches them closely until Margo brings him back to earth. Margo asks about Alison; Casey says there is nothing going on with her but she doesn't believe him and brings up his one night stand with Jade. Alison chatters about a funny website she visited; Matt says he only wanted her drink order. He asks about the website but Alison can't remember the name. Their waitress arrives and Alison tries to move to the counter. Matt says they have to go and leads her out. Margo asks Casey what he remembers from the night of the party; he insists he didn't see anyone strange except Elwood and that no one was doing drugs. Casey insists they need to investigate Elwood but Margo questions him about Matt. Casey insists Matt is bartending to support himself; she suggests Matt is the dealer, angering Casey.

As they walk through Old Town Matt tells Alison he knows she is still hung up on Casey. She finally admits that she isn't comfortable around Casey but insists she has to move on from him. She says she wants to be friends with him, if that is okay. Matt accepts that.

Luke gets to Elwood's dorm and listens at the door until he is sure the room is empty. Then he breaks in. He searches through drawers and then the desk. He finds a note that reads, "Got you covered – M." Elwood walks in with Kevin and a security guard! The guard hauls Luke away.


At the hospital Matt and Alison make plans to meet up again later. He leaves. Emily stops in and tries to chit-chat with Alison, who blows her off. Emily apologizes to her about Casey and says she can date whomever she wants. Alison says she is done with Casey because he is sleeping with Jade! Emily follows Alison around, demanding more information. Alison tells her everything she knows and Emily gets very upset. Alison wonders why Emily cares who Casey is seeing now. Emily smoothes things over and leaves.


Noah comes to the police station to see Luke; he says Kevin double-crossed them! Luke insists that Elwood is guilty and asks Noah to post bail. Margo walks in and asks what he was thinking. "This is a felony," she says. She tells Luke to be very careful and leaves. Luke worries what his parents will think. Noah tells him he should have trusted the cops; Luke asks Noah to keep investigating since he is locked up! Noah refuses until Luke shows him the note. He reluctantly agrees to try to figure out who 'M' is. Margo returns with Lily. She demands to know what is going on; Noah hides the note and leaves for school. Luke explains why he broke into Elwood's room, insisting that he is guilty. Lily angrily says he shouldn't have gotten involved but Luke stands by his principles. Lily tries to be understanding but is too upset. She leaves the room and asks Margo to go easy on Luke because of Reg's death. Margo says she can't make excuses for Luke's behavior. Margo says all of this hinges on Elwood's decision about the charges. Elwood walks in and Lily convinces her to leave them alone. She begs Elwood not to press charges. He says he won't press charges as long as Luke apologizes! Luke overhears and says that will never happen! He accuses Elwood of killing Reg again.


Emily drops by Lily's to talk to Jade. She angrily calls Jade a snake and verbally attacks her for sleeping with Casey. Jade insists she and Casey are a good fit because they are both hard partiers. Then she blackmails Emily, saying she'll tell Alison everything unless Em gives her more money! Casey walks in and asks what is going on! Jade covers, saying it is severance pay for the hassle of being hired and fired in the same day. Emily tells Casey to watch out for Ms. Troublemaker; Casey tells her to get lost. She leaves. Casey questions Jade some more. Jade says she threatened to sue Emily for racial discrimination and suggests that Casey sue her for sexual harassment! Casey tells her to back off and then breaks their date for that night and leaves.

Noah comes to the hospital looking for Casey. Alison doesn’t know where he is. Casey arrives and Noah fills him in. He asks Casey who 'M' might be; Casey decides to investigate for them and Noah leaves. Casey goes into a supply room and finds Matt snooping around; he wonders why Matt is there. Matt says he was looking for Alison and didn't notice the Employee's Only sign on the door. He goes to the hall and finds Alison. Casey grabs the note and wonders if Matt is 'M'!

Noah returns to the police station as Luke continues to refuse to apologize. He says Luke has to do the right thing and let the cops do their job. "Fine. Elwood, I apologize but I still think you gave Reg the drugs," he says. Elwood says this isn't worth the hassle and drops the charges. Margo releases Luke; Lily thanks Elwood and they all leave.

Noah and Luke go to Java. Luke insists Elwood is guilty and won't listen to Noah when he insists they leave the investigation to the cops. Kevin walks in and says he never suspected Luke was in Elwood's room. He promises to keep watching Elwood to protect the student body. He leaves. Noah thinks Kevin is being sincere but Luke still won't listen.

Lily arrives at home to find Jade wearing her new dress. She fills Jade in on the Luke situation and wonders what she can do to help him. She convinces Jade to talk to Luke for her and then asks about the dress; Jade says Casey broke their date and then decides to go out anyway. She leaves.

Jade tracks down Casey in the medicine room at the hospital. She locks the door and closes the blinds and then kisses Casey! He pushes her away and hurries out. "What is wrong with you?" she asks angrily but Casey doesn't stop running.

Matt takes Alison to Yo's for lunch. She mentions she is enjoying their time together and they flirt a little. He kisses her! Casey walks in and sees them. He looks at the note and then leaves in a hurry.

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