Lily Lectures Jade About Family

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Lily tells Jade she has to learn what family really means, Craig offers Tom a job, and Gwen deals with Jade.

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Lily brings Jade back to her home and tells Jade she's family and always will be, but first she informs Jade that she has to learn what "family" really means.

Lily explains to Jade what family is. She tells Jade she can't lie anymore and lectures her about her relationship with Will. After talking with Jade, Lily offers to pay the $3000 off that she owes Will. Lucinda enters just in time to see Lily writing out the check.

Jade tells Lily to make the check to Will. Lily informs Jade she already has, and continues by instructing Jade to mail the check to Will so she doesn't have to see Will. Jade takes the check from Lily and leaves the room.

Will and Gwen return home from Yo's, and Will reminisces about his father. Will tells Gwen that all through the funeral he just wanted his dad to be proud of him. He goes on to say in order to make his father proud he's going to get his GED. Their conversation is interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Will, open up, it's me, Jade."

Will and Gwen sit there. Neither of them move toward door. As Jade starts to leave she yells to Will that she has something for him.

Gwen greets Jade outside the door and asks her what she wants. Will joins Gwen and Jade outside, and Jade tells Will she has the money she owes him, but Will refuses to take the money. Gwen, on the other hand, takes the money from Jade, and she admits to Jade that she didn't want to open the door, but she did because she's not afraid of her anymore.

Gwen continues by telling Jade they'll take the money, but they don't feel sorry for her. Gwen also tells Jade that hopefully someday someone will make her feel the way Jade has made her feel. After Gwen confronts Jade, Will asks Jade to leave and she does, but not before she sends her best wishes to Will and Gwen.

Jack comforts Carly while she mourns over Hal. Before he leaves, Jack instructs Carly to be careful, and reminds her that Spero is dangerous.

Soon after Jack leaves, Simon approaches Carly and frightens her. Carly turns around and sees it's Simon who startled her, she smacks him in the arm with the mail she's holding in her hands.

Simon tells Carly they should take the kids and leave Oakdale. Carly is silent for a moment, but when Simon gets her attention back she refuses Simon's offer and tells him to go on his own. She says she needs to stay in Oakdale for Parker. Not satisfied with her response, Simon tells Carly Spero saw her at the station. Carly tells Simon she'll just call Jack. She goes on to say they will just fix up the apartments and sell them as fast as they can. Simon doesn't think it's possible now that Spero has doubled the interest rate.

Carly excuses herself from the room. She tells Simon she is going to call and check on the kids, and she asks him to stay and give her a minute to come up with a plan.

With Carly out of the room, Simon gets all excited about Carly's suggestion to fix up the apartments and sell them. In his excitement, he starts to leave, but Carly re-enters the room and asks where he's going. Simon tells her he's going to go do what she said he should. Carly seems confused, and she tells Simon she doesn't understand how he can be all depressed one minute and excited the next.

Craig approaches Emily and hands her an envelope telling her he went ahead with the lastest edition. Emily doesn't seem surprised, and she accuses Craig of using the opportunity to push his own agenda. Craig responds by telling Emily he worries about her, but she tells him he should worry about "him" instead. She was referring to Dusy who has just entered the room with Johnny in his arms.

Craig speaks to Johnny, and Dusty instructs the bodyguard to take Johnny away. Craig apologizes. Then Dusty asks Craig if he has forgotten about the injunction. Craig answers with a no, and he tells Dusty he was just leaving.

As soon as Craig leaves, Dusty asks Emily for a favor. He asks her to tell him what Craig is really up to. Emily says she doesn't know what Craig is up to. Dusty tells Emily he believes Craig is there for Johnny, and he asks Emily if she will turn the tables on Craig and find out what he's planning. Emily agrees to help.

At the police station, Margo turns around to see Adam. Margo greets Adam with a hug.

Tom recommends Adam go home and get some rest. When Adam leaves, Craig walks into the station. With a look of disgust, Margo turns to face Craig. Tom and Margo both tell Craig now is not a good time. Instead of taking the hint and leaving, Craig tells Tom he has an offer for him. Craig offers Tom a job, and he tells Tom he'll give him "twice the pay and half the work," so he can have time to take care of "his sister."

Margo gets a look of suspicion after Craig tells of his offer. She can't believe Craig wants to offer Tom a job at a time when they just lost Hal. Tom advises Craig to leave, and Craig replies to Tom, informing Tom that he just wants to help his family.

Back at Lily's place, Lily yells for Jade, but Jade doesn't answer.

"Oh where oh where can our little cat be?" Lucinda says while Lily is calling for Jade.

Lily re-enters the living room and tells Lucinda Jade is gone. She continues by saying when Jade returns she will just have to go over the "ground rules" with her again. Lucinda responds telling Lily she is worried that Jade may "exhaust" her.

Jade returns and tells Lily she done what she told her not to do. Jade continues and admits to taking the money to Will instead of mailing it. Lily tells Jade she's going to have to make some changes.

"What if I can't?" Jade asks Lily.
"Then you can't be a part of this family," Lily responds without hesitation.

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