Is There A 2-For-1 Special On Vasectomies?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Henry comes up with a No Fatherhood plan, Brad questions Katie's actions, Josie leaves town and Meg has it out with Paul.

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At the farm Dusty offers to help Meg by giving her money or anything else. She says she doesn't want his help and swears she won't take Paul's help either because she wants to stand on her own. She goes upstairs to check on Eliza. A deliveryman arrives and Dusty signs for a package; it drops and the papers fall out. "Unbelievable," he mutters. He puts the papers back before Meg returns. He offers his help again and she returns upstairs. Dusty grabs the papers and leaves!


Brad is ready to make love with Katie but she comes out of the bathroom upset. She got her period! Brad doesn't understand why it matters since they aren't trying to get pregnant now; she says she'll never have a baby! Katie goes on and on about getting pregnant and gets upset when Brad says they will be pregnant within a couple of years! Brad offers to take her to lunch; she apologizes for overreacting and hugs him. Brad leaves as Margo arrives. He quietly tells her that Katie is upset and asks her to stick around for a while. Katie returns from the bedroom and calls a fertility doctor! Margo questions her but Katie won't answer her questions; Margo tags along to the doctor's appointment.

Henry arrives at Al's, looking for Vienna but she is gone. He leaves a voicemail asking her to check in and then mutters that he needs to know if she is pregnant! Brad walks in as Henry is going over different types of pregnancy tests. Brad wonders what is going on; Henry tells him about Vienna's birth control trick. "You've gotta keep your eyes on these women – they're sneaky," Henry says. Brad realizes Katie hasn't been taking her diaphragm into the bathroom and runs out. Henry follows him.


At Fairwinds Paul goes off on Josie, telling her that by testifying she made certain that he would ruin Eliza's life! Josie insists that he has all the time in the world to create a relationship with the baby. Paul says he is too dangerous and he is incapable of changing. Josie argues with him. Paul turns around – and kisses her! She pulls away and slaps him. He says that proves he isn't a good guy but when she cries, he comforts her. Josie freaks out about being stuck in a rut and not being able to change her life. Paul asks what she wants and she admits she wants Dusty. "Is there a second thing on that list?" Paul jokes. Then he says he feels the same way about Meg and worries that he won't be able to just be her friend. Josie says he can do it. Dusty walks in. The men spar over Josie and then Dusty shows Paul the papers – which turn all of Paul's assets over to Meg. He says Meg doesn't want that, from either of them! "She wants to do things on her own," Dusty says. Paul demands to know why Dusty is so against him. He suggests that Dusty is looking for another woman to save and can't let go of Meg because she won't let him save her! Dusty walks out. Josie follows, telling him that there is nothing going on between her and Paul. He says it doesn't matter and leaves. Josie returns to Paul, who is irate at the thought that Meg sent Dusty to do her dirty work again. Frustrated, Josie tells him to do whatever he wants; that stops Paul in his tracks. "I get it, you're in a battle for Meg," Josie says. "But I am done saving people from themselves." She walks out.

Brad and Henry return to the apartment. Henry finds Katie's note, which only mentions a mysterious appointment. Brad wonders what is going on and tells Henry about Katie's flip-out earlier that day. They go to the bedroom and Brad goes through Katie's drawer. Her diaphragm case is empty! Brad is certain Katie is trying to trick him into fatherhood. Henry convinces him to search some more and Brad tears the bedroom apart. Henry tries to reach Vienna but can't. Brad can't find the diaphragm anywhere. Henry admits he kind of wants a child but says he is also very afraid of being a father, especially the thought of being a role model. Brad says he'll be a great father. "No! I will not be coerced into getting Vienna pregnant," Henry says. They wonder if they should do without sex but realize they can't. Henry brings up vasectomies but Brad doesn't like that idea. Henry convinces Brad to come along to the hospital anyway.


At the hospital Margo asks Katie why she is going to a fertility specialist so soon. Katie says she wants to be certain there are no problems. Margo asks why Brad isn't there and reminds Katie that she shouldn't be lying about something this important. Before she can call Brad, the nurse takes her into the exam room. Brad and Henry arrive; Brad asks Margo some questions but she can't answer. Katie comes in and distracts Brad. Katie makes up a story about a regular check-up; Brad lies about checking into insurance. Brad leaves to find Henry. Margo confronts Katie, telling her to talk to Brad and then talk to Bob. Katie refuses and leaves.

Paul arrives at the farm and angrily confronts Meg about Dusty's appearance at Fairwinds! He angrily says she should have talked to him about the transfer of assets. Meg stops him, totally confused. Paul realizes Dusty intercepted the papers; both are upset at Dusty. Meg says she'll talk to Dusty and Paul apologizes. He begs her to take the money and the house for Eliza's sake. He swears it isn't a trick; Meg tells him to set up a trust fund for Eliza after she turns 21, which angers Paul. He believes Dusty has gotten to her. Meg angrily says she is capable of standing on her own. "But I can't have contact with her if you don't let me help!" he says. Eliza starts crying; he apologizes to the baby. Meg asks him to hold the baby and Paul jumps at the chance. He offers to feed her. Meg says from now on his visits will be supervised at a neutral location. "Seeing you isn't good for me," she says, begging him to accept her boundaries. He hands Eliza back to her and walks out. Meg breaks down.


Josie runs into Dusty at The Lakeview. He is sullen and says he is mad about trusting her; she apologizes again for the way their relationship began but says she isn't sad that she got to know him. She says she feels sorry for Paul when he suggests she is with the other man now. Josie announces she is leaving Oakdale for good! She refuses to tell him where she is going and then asks a favor – she begs him to find himself instead of focusing on Meg's problems. She kisses him softly and leaves.


Back at the apartment Brad asks Katie about the appointment; she is distracted and asks about lunch. While he is making lunch she finds the mess in the bedroom and asks what he was looking for. He admits he was looking for her diaphragm! She can't believe it and he explains about Vienna's actions and apologizes to her. Then, he asks where her diaphragm is! Katie angrily tries to turn the tables on him and then asks if he wants children. Brad says he does but he is worried about her health. He reiterates that they will wait until Bob says she is healthy enough and then asks again where the diaphragm is. "I threw it away," she admits! Brad flips out. Katie backtracks and says she threw it away because she is getting a new one; she says that is the reason for the doctor's appointment. Brad feels like a heel and apologizes.

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