Black Market Baby!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Dusty learns that Eliza is going to be sold on the black market, Jack and Janet help Sage get ready for her big play and Carly puts business first.

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At Al's Jack is so tired from the search for Eliza that he is practically falling asleep at the table. Janet begs him to slow down but Jack won't consider that, not even for the sake of Sage's play. Carly arrives with their tickets but as they are talking Craig calls. She meets him outside and he says he has a distributor for their vodka line but they have to go to Chicago tonight! Carly says she can't possibly go with him but he keeps pushing her to put business first. He promises she won't miss the actual play, only the pre-show plans. Jack watches them closely from inside, upsetting Janet. Janet puts him to work filling saltshakers so they can get to Sage's production early. Jack gives in and helps her. Carly comes in as they are kissing and asks Jack to cover for her because of the business deal. She promises she'll be there for the play but asks them to take care of Sage for the pre-show stuff; Janet jumps at the chance to help out. Craig chirps her cell phone again. Jack wishes Carly luck with the business deal and Janet promises that Sage will be gorgeous. Carly returns to Craig at the door; she can't believe how supportive Jack was and tells Craig they have to hurry.


In New York Josie tries to encourage Meg but she is desperate. She begs Paul to use his psychic gifts to find Eliza! Paul is reluctant but then picks up the baby blanket and tries to get a vision. He says this isn't going to work but Meg takes his hand and begs him to try harder. She describes a scene with Eliza and suddenly Paul sees an outdoor area. Dusty doesn't believe the hocus pocus. He hears a wolf's howl; Dusty is even more skeptical. He tries again and sees a statue of a dog in Central Park. Dusty looks up a New York travel guide and learns that there is a dog statue in Central Park. Paul gives Babs the news as Dusty tries to keep Meg calm. All four leave.


Craig takes Carly home. She dresses for the meeting and then finds Sage's pixie dust. She says she can't miss Sage's big day but Craig tells her to stop worrying. She says her biggest worry isn't about Sage – it's about possibly succeeding in business but ruining her personal life. Craig tells her again that this business deal is a great idea and reminds her that he has as much to lose as she does because of Johnny. He hands her Sage's bag of pixie dust. "Take a leap, Carly, and fly," he says. She follows him to the car after carefully placing the dust with the rest of Sage's costume.


Dusty, Paul, Meg and Josie arrive at Central Park. They see a couple holding roses and are curious about them. Dusty convinces Paul to distract them – and then he and Meg take their place! Paul approaches the couple and pretends to be the thief – he learns they are there for the baby! Meanwhile the real thug approaches Dusty and Meg, who have their own roses, and asks if they are there to buy the baby! Paul loses it and screams at the couple about stealing his kid. The thugs tell Dusty that he doesn't have enough money; he and Meg convince them that they have all of the cash but didn't trust the thugs. The man leaves, supposedly to get the baby. Josie follows. The thug and his partner say they'll sell the kid somewhere else. Josie tries to stop them but the man slugs her and stuffs her inside the car, too! Paul returns and Dusty fills him in on the thug. Meg blames herself. They realize that Josie is missing. They drive around looking for Josie or the babynappers. Paul repeatedly tries Josie's phone but she doesn't answer. Dusty and Paul argue about every step they make. Dusty suggests they put Meg front and center to get information from the neighbors.


Jack and Janet catch up with Sage outside the school. She is upset that Carly isn't there but Janet promises to fill in for her. They go to the farm. Janet gets to work on Sage's makeup; Jack is worried it won't be subtle enough. Janet finally kicks him out of the kitchen so she can get back to work. Sage is worried that she won't remember her lines and Janet admits she is worried about doing subtle makeup. Together, they muddle through as Jack watches from the porch. Janet shows Sage the finished product; Sage loves it and hurries to get her wings. Jack comes back and thanks Janet.


In Chicago Carly and Craig finish up their meeting. Carly isn't sure things went well, especially when their driver isn't waiting for them outside the building. They finally spot the driver – but he goes the opposite direction. Craig goes after the driver but then their contact catches up with them. He asks about production dates – and convinces them to come inside right then to get started on the new designs. He returns inside. Carly doesn't want to do it but Craig says they have no choice. They finish with the moneyman. Carly tells Craig they have to hurry or they'll miss the play.

Craig and Carly get to the school but they have missed the play. She finds Jack and Janet; they tell her that everything went well. Jack assures Carly that she'll get to see the tape. Sage comes over and asks how she did; Carly hugs her and says she was wonderful.


The thieves drag Josie and the baby from the car. She drops her bracelet outside a rowhouse. Josie tries to comfort Eliza but she just keeps crying. Meg, Dusty and Paul arrive at the house, find the bracelet and hear a baby crying! Meg wants to bust into the house. Dusty and Paul start for the door as the two thugs come out. They fight with the men as Meg runs inside, looking for the baby. Josie, thinking the thugs are returning, hides. Meg finds them. They go outside. Police cruisers arrive as Dusty and Paul subdue the thugs. They are carted away. Paul kisses Eliza and then the cops arrest him! Dusty leads Meg away; she thanks Josie, who says she'll be fine. Josie watches Paul for a long moment.

Janet and Jack take Sage back to the farm. She jabbers on and on about the play and then kisses Janet to thank her for her help. Jack and Janet congratulate themselves on their parenting efforts.

Craig goes back to Carly's with her, excited about their business prospects. She can't stop thinking about the missed play. Craig says missing the play doesn't matter because Sage doesn't realize Carly wasn't there. "That is so twisted," she says. He points out that the new business will give her family security. Craig offers to pour a few drinks; Carly admits that she feels good about their business deal.

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