Remembering & Saying Goodbye to Hal

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Will gets a devastating phone call about his father. Spero sends Simon a warning.

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Will tells Barbara about Hal

While Casey, Maddie, Gwen and Will are celebrating, Will and Gwen's upcoming honeymoon, Will receives a devastating phone call that his father has been killed in the line of duty.

When Casey and Maddie leave, Gwen asks Will if his mom knows about Hal. Will tells her no. He says to Gwen that he told Margo over the phone he wanted to tell her.

As Will and Gwen get ready to leave to tell Barbara about Hall, Will breaks down and Gwen comforts him.

Meg and Paul show up at the end of the hospital board meeting. While there they find out about the party Craig has set up, and Paul isn't happy, but Dusty tells him the party will go on.

Barbara tells Paul Dusty will be all over Craig, and there's no way Craig will have anything to do with the money.

Will shows up and asks Barbara if they can talk. Craig excuses himself, and says he'll leave them alone to talk, but he sneaks back and quietly cracks the door to listen in as Will breaks the news to a devastated Barbara about Hal.

At the bar, Simon runs into Spero and his men. Spero warns Simon, telling him that "the blonde went to the cops." Simon tells Spero Carly didn't go to the cops. Spero then asks Simon why he was questioned at the station if she didn't approach the cops. Spero leaves, again warning Simon about going to the cops.


Carly receives a phone call while talking with Katie in Simon's hotel room

At Simon's hotel room, Katie tries to pry and find out if anything is going on between Carly and Simon, but Carly is on to her. Carly knows Katie still cares about Simon and has feelings for him. Carly tells Katie, "You don't want Simon, Katie, you just don't want nobody else to have him." Carly goes on to ask Katie where Mike fits in, and Katie tells Carly she still loves Mike.

"You need to decide if your feelings for Simon are worth losing Mike," Carly advises Katie.

Carly and Katie's conversation is interrupted when Carly's phone rings. After hanging up the phone, Carly, looking upset about the call, tells Katie she has to leave. When Katie tries to find out what's wrong, Carly rushes out of the room.

With Carly gone, Katie decides to rummage around in Simon's room to see what she can find. While rummaging,Katie is startled when Simon enters the room, grabs her from behind, and gently tosses her onto the bed.

Getting up from the bed, Simon asks where Carly is. Katie tells him she received a phone call and then left in a hurry. Simon tells Katie he's going to look for Carly and find out why she left in such a hurry. He also tells Katie to leave while he's gone.

Simon leaves and goes searching for Carly. When he can't find her anywhere, Simon flashes back to what Spero said.


At the station, Margo discloses to Jack that Hal died during a "robbery in progress." She said there was a gang involved, and that Hal stepped between a 15-year-old kid, and when he did the bullet hit him instead of the kid. She said the gang left Hal there without trying to help, and Hal was "dead on arrival."

Maddie and Casey show up at the station to join Margo. They exchange hugs as they express their grief. Soon after,Margo announces that everyone will go to Yo's to "send the chief out in style."

While Lucy is asking Dusty to fill her in on the details about him supporting Craig, Dusty's phone rings. When he hangs up Lucky asks what her father is up to now.

"It's not your father, it's Jennifer's," Dusty reveals to Lucy.


Emily grieves

Paul meets Emily and tells her about Hal. Emily breaks down.

"No,no, not my Hal. He wouldn't do that. He wouldn't leave me," Emily cries out.

Meg shows up to find Paul comforting Emily. Henry also shows up and takes over for Paul while Paul and Meg leave.

Henry sits Emily down, and Emily tells Henry she feels she can't go to Yo's to say goodbye to Hal after what she did to him. But Henry tells Emily she has to go, because she loved him.


Emily remembers when Hal proposed to her

Everyone starts showing up at Yo's to remember Hal. Many flashback to memories of Hal. Emily thinks back to when Hal proposed. Barbara also flashes back to when Hal asked for her hand in marriage too.

Katie joins the rest of the crew at Yo's. Carly asks Katie if she found what she was looking for at the hotel. Instead of answering, Katie asks Carly if the phone call she got back at Simon's hotel room was about Hal, and Carly confirms.


Still at Yo's, Jack calls for everyone's attention. He asks everyone to share in a moment of silence to remember what "a great cop and a great man" Hal was.

After their moment of silence for Hal, Jack fights back his emotions as he gives a speech to honor Hal's memory. During his speech, he reminds everyone how Hal helped many, and touched so many lives. Jack ends his speech with a toast to Hal.

Simon shows up at the station looking for Carly. He finds Carly and Jack in a room at the station with Parker. Simon watches from outside the room as Jack and Carly are telling Parker about his daddy.

Tuesday on As the World Turns...

Adam returns home. Will and Gwen are interruped by a knock at the door, and behind the door they hear Jade's voice. Someone tells Carly: "Why don't we pack up the kids and get out of Oakdale."

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