Dusty Supports Craig!

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Dusty supports a party for Craig's foundation, Katie breaks into Simon's room, and Will recieves a disturbing phone call.

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Lucy arrives at the hospital board meeting. Barbara and Dusty arrive an as area is asking Lucy to leave Craig comes in. Craig apologizes to all of them and tells them that his one intention was to honor Jennifer's memory, and now after his conversation with Meg he will no longer be in association with any foundation. Craig tells them that he has already planned a fancy party where a prince is planned to arrive, along with his crown jewels. Lucy, Barbara, and Lucinda vote that Craig scrap the party as well as the foundation, Dusty on the other hand tells them he thins the town could use a good party.

Lucinda asks Dusty to lave the room. The two discuss how they think Craig is up to no good, but it is better to be at the party and know what Craig's deal is than to allow him to do it by himself.

Lucinda returns into the room and tells Craig he can go ahead with his Gala.


In a dream, Katie wakes up in bed with Simon, she tries to kiss him and he declines, and turns over in bed to kiss Carly. Katie wakes up screaming No! and Mike asks her what has gotten her so upset.

The two of them start to talk about Simon and Carly and mike tells her that he thinks Simon and Carly are sleeping together. While they are making up their bed Katie finds a pamphlet from the fertility clinic on Mike's side of the bed, Katie is impressed Mike is learning about how to make a baby, and the two decided to get started immediately by making love.

After Mike leaves Katie takes Snickers out of his cage and stars to talk to him about them having a baby. When she sits down her mind wanders to thoughts of Simon and Carly making love.Katie confesses to Snickers that she is upset that Carly and Simon may be together.

Carly covers up Simon's bruises with makeup. After she fixes him up there is a knock on the door, from the contractor Simon has had to look at the building. The contractor tells hem he will not be able to get the electrical tower out before Christmas. After Simon hands him piles of money the contractor changes his mind and tells him he can have the building down by early November.

Jack brings Spero in to the station and interrogates him. Spero tells jack that it seems like he has all the cards so he should show them, and them Spero may be able to help him out. Jack tells Spero to look over his shoulder, because Jack will always be behind him. As he leaves Margo comments to Jack that he just can't wait to get involved in Carly's life. Margo tells him she doesn't want him to mess things up for Hal before he gets back from DC.

Mike stops by the station and tells Jack he is sorry he and Katie will stay out of Jack's personal life.

Simon thanks Carly for lying for him to Jack, he understands it was a sacrifice for her. While the two talk the phone rings. When Carly asks Simon who it was he responds Plan B. Simon explains that he met with a realtor, and there is a potential buyer waiting downstairs for one of the units


Will has Casey and Maddie show up at his house in Hawaiian garb to tell Gwen about a honeymoon Will has arranged for the two of them. While Maddie showing Gwen some beach ware she got for Gwen Casey puts in a CD of Gwen singing. Casey tells her that he sent it to Adam and he loved it, so Gwen has a real shot at being a recording artist one day.


Gwen and Will start dancing and Will's phone rings. When Will returns into the room he looks obviously upset by the phone call.

Katie uses a credit card to break into Simons room. When she opens the door Carly is sitting on the bed and tells her that next time she should knock.

Downstairs in the bar Simon waits in the bar and is approached by Spero and his men. Spero tells him that the blonde went to the cops, so now he is going to pay for it.

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