Lucy and Dusty Work Together!

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Maddie decides to leave Oakdale, Katie questions Lucy's decision about Craig, Brad threatens Craig, Dusty and Lucy decide to work together and Alison confronts Casey about New Year's Eve!

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Henry and Vienna are holding a book signing at Al's when Casey arrives. Vienna spots him and pushes him together with Maddie. Both are uncomfortable because of the incident at The Lakeview. Vienna, meanwhile, keeps hawking Henry's books to their patrons. Henry convinces an unwilling customer to stay for the book reading. As they read Casey and Maddie both think about their past. Maddie leaves the diner and Casey follows. He brings up New Year's Eve and insists that nothing happened. He says he was in bed by himself but then Alison came on to him before turning cold. Maddie can't believe him. She asks if he likes Alison and Casey can't answer. She says it was wrong to come back and try to recapture the past. Then, she tells Casey he has to be better! The reading makes Henry and Vienna hot for one another – and convinces several patrons to buy more books! Henry spots Maddie behind the counter and asks about Casey. She says he is gone for good this time. "You know he is nowhere near good enough for you," Henry says and Maddie cries. She says she has to leave. Henry tells Vienna, who is angry on Maddie's behalf. Maddie leaves.

Alison and Katie tell Craig that Katie is just having tests. A nurse says Katie has to get ready for the procedure and Alison slips away while Katie makes up more stories for Craig.


At the hospital Dusty and Lucy argue about Johnny's illness and the fact that she ran away without a word. She insists that she had to keep Johnny out of Dusty's war with Craig. Alison arrives and tells them Craig is there. Dusty threatens to kill Craig. Alison returns to Katie's room; together they convince Craig to be tested as a donor and Alison leads him away. Dusty and Lucy sneak in with Johnny. Katie says she has to call Brad. He arrives and when Katie tells him everything he says she can't do this! Katie says she has to do it; Lucy comes in and begs him to let Katie help them. He finally agrees.


In the stairwell, Alison tells Craig that her needle kit is at Java and suggests they do the test there. Craig says she is crazy and heads back upstairs! As they near Katie's room Alison calls out; Brad comes out and insists Katie is fine. He suggests a lunch date, which makes Craig even more worried. Brad says the procedure is a 'woman thing' that she doesn't want anyone to know about. He convinces Craig to come to Al's with him for lunch. Alison goes into Katie's room and says the coast is clear. Katie says again that they should let Craig know about Johnny; Lucy insists that they can't do that. Lucy tells Alison she has to leave before Dusty comes after her the way he is going to come after Lucy. "You've done enough already," she says and hugs Allie. She thanks Alison again for her friendship. Alison asks what is next but Lucy doesn't know. Lucy asks the doctor if she can stay with Johnny but he says she can't. She turns to Dusty and they argue more about Johnny. He asks how she managed to stay out of sight all these years. She says she stayed one step ahead of him because she had to protect Johnny from Craig and from Dusty. He threatens to have Lucy arrested. "All I care about is Johnny," she says but Dusty refuses to agree with her, saying Johnny could have had a real life instead of a life on the run. He says Johnny will be with him from now on! Lucy asks Dusty to take her wherever he is going to take Johnny! She says she can help save Johnny's life and swears she won't make the same offer to Craig. Dusty gives in and says she can come along. She is relieved! The doctor returns and says Lucy was right in her diagnosis and plans; they say it will be a few days before Katie's body will be ready for the transplant. Dusty suggests a quick trip to Chicago and Lucy agrees with him. Dusty returns to Katie's room and tells her about the plans to do the transplant in Chicago. She says this isn't fair to Craig but Dusty doesn't care. He says if Katie keeps quiet for a few more days she will be free and clear to tell Craig anything she wants.

Brad and Craig go to lunch at The Lakeview. Brad lays down new rules for Craig – primarily that he has to stay away from Katie forever. He threatens Craig. Craig tries to leave but Brad shoves him into the booth and tells Craig to stay far away from Katie. "You can't blackmail her into caring about you so stay out of her life," Brad says and walks away.

Brad returns to Katie, who tells him that the transplant will happen in a few days. When Katie says Craig deserves to know about Johnny Brad reminds her of all the pain Craig has caused. "Why would you want that for your nephew?" he asks!


Casey finds Alison at the park and pushes her on the swing. He asks what happened to her on New Year's Eve but she isn't ready to talk about it. He tells her about Maddie, which upsets Alison. Casey says he isn't sorry that things are definitely over with Maddie – because of her! She angrily says he has to talk to Maddie and fix things! She storms off.


Alison runs into Maddie outside of Al's and makes her talk. She says the hotel room was a rental for a friend but she and Casey were just playing around. "There is nothing between us," she says and insists that Casey is the last thing she needs. This only upsets Maddie more so Alison backtracks. She says she doesn't have time for a project like Casey; Maddie tells her that Casey has fallen for her. Casey arrives and Maddie leaves. Allie asks why he put her in the middle of the mess with Maddie and Casey can't explain. She leaves.

At The Lakeview Josie calls Dusty while he and Lucy are packing. He says he'll call her soon but won't tell her anything more. Lucy asks about Josie; Dusty says there is nothing going on with Josie. Lucy tells him about the pictures she has shown Johnny, touching Dusty's heart. He hardens his heart when she gets emotional and says they can't go back. Johnny comes into the room and they tell him about the Chicago trip. The kiddo is still reluctant to be with Dusty but when Lucy backs up Dusty, the kiddo gives in.

Katie finds Craig at The Lakeview. She struggles with what she knows about Johnny and then tells Craig she knows where the boy is!

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Brain and Luke make a truce.

Jade outs Brian to Lucinda in the middle of an argument.

"Hello, Lullaby," Craig says when he sees Lucy!

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