Happy New Year?

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Luke kisses Brian, Alison and Casey grow closer, Bonnie tries to bring Derek and Jade together, Maddie is crushed by Casey, and Brian lies to Lucinda.

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Luke comes home while Lucinda and Brian argue about getting intimate. Lucinda tells Brian she won’t go to Metro with him and leaves in a huff. Luke tells Brian he never should have married her and they argue.

Alison breaks off the kiss with Casey and tries to get him out of the room. When Casey won’t leave he gets on the bed and finds a toy truck. Alison covers and says the maid must have not cleaned it up from the last guests. She says she will go report it to the hotel and tries to get Casey to go with her, but Casey stays behind. In the hallway, Alison calls Lucy and tells her not to come back to the room. When she comes back in, Casey is waiting for her naked in bed. Alison wonders about his date and dinner with his parents, but Casey assures her he called everyone to cancel.

Jade runs into Bonnie who invites her to the party at Metro. Jade wonders why Bonnie keeps pushing her and Derek together and Bonnie tells her it’s because she might be his daughter. Jade doesn’t think Derek cares, but Bonnie still wants her to come to the party.

Maddie meets Noah at Metro and they discuss their prospective dates for the evening. When Maddie notes that Casey is late, she realizes her phone isn’t with her and leaves to get it in case Casey calls.

Maddie walks by Alison’s hotel room and overhears Casey and Alison. She’s crushed when she realizes they are spending the night together.

Brian comes to Lucinda’s room to make peace. He tells her he wanted to take her out dancing and toast the New Year and then make love to her. However, he won’t perform on a whim. Lucinda counters that she won’t get all gussied up for him on a whim either and instructs him to go to the party by himself. Brian says he will do just that and leaves.

Jade comes home and Luke tries to talk to her, but she’s still mad at him. Luke can’t take her calling him a liar anymore and leaves for the party at Metro.

Derek and Bonnie talk about Jade at Metro. Derek doesn’t want to discuss her any longer because it doesn’t matter to him if she is his daughter or not. Bonnie can’t believe it, but Derek tells her it wouldn’t be an honor for Jade to find out he was her father; in fact, she might be ashamed. In his experience, family connections are more trouble than they are worth.

After Brian leaves, Lucinda comes looking for him and finds Jade in the living room. Lucinda is harsh with her saying Jade is not needed around here causing mischief. Jade retorts that Lily and Holden don’t need their mother-in-law around either. They trade more barbs and Jade leaves in a huff.


Luke comes to Metro and sees Noah. Luke notices Noah’s tie needs some work and also that Maddie kissed him. Luke flirtatiously fixes the tie for him and they note that tonight will finally be ‘the’ night. They then dance as Brian walks in. Brian sees the boys dancing and orders a scotch.


Alison and Casey discuss their relationship and how their kiss made them both want more. They start to get passionate in bed, but then Alison stops things. She apologizes saying she’s not ready for this and Casey gets out of bed and gets dressed. Casey is upset because he knows she's lying to him. Casey says the only time he felt like she told him the truth was when she kissed him. He wants to know what’s going on and Alison tells him to go back to his date with Maddie. Casey wants Maddie to give up on him because in the end he will just hurt her. Alison wants Casey to apologize for standing Maddie up, but Casey wants Alison to tell him what’s wrong. Alison says she’s fine and asks him not to tell anyone they were together in the hotel room. Casey knows there’s more going on with her and tries to get it out of her, but Alison continues to avoid his questions. Casey admits he wants her and thinks she’s too scared to admit she wants him too. Alison says she doesn’t want to lose or hurt him and Casey knows she has secrets she needs to keep. He hopes she’ll tell him when she can and Alison thanks him for understanding. She then pushes him to go to Maddie.


Jade comes to Metro and runs into Bonnie and Derek. Derek tells her whatever she’s looking for, he’s not it. She tells him she wants nothing to do with him and how she prays he’s not her father. She then finds Luke and apologizes to him. Noah leaves the two of them alone and Maddie returns crying. Luke watches as Noah takes Maddie out and walks her over to the diner. Maddie cries and tells Noah she heard Alison and Casey together, while Jade tells Luke what went down with Lucinda. Jade wants to patch things up with Luke and asks if he wants to dance. Bonnie comes over to Jade and Luke goes to find Noah. Bonnie asks Jade not to close the door on Derek, but Jade says that door was never opened and leaves the club. Luke returns from outside and downs a couple of glasses of champagne and leaves. Brian sees him and follows Luke out.

At home, Lucinda toasts to the New Year and wonders what she’s doing drinking alone. She then runs off to get dressed. Lucinda shows up at Metro, but can’t find Brian.


Brian finds a drunk Luke and wants to drive him home. Luke tries to get away from Brian, but stumbles and Brian helps him to a bench. Jade walks by and observes them and then sees Noah who she tries to distract. While sitting on the bench, Luke flirts with Brian and then kisses him. Noah walks by and sees them kissing. Assuming Brian instigated it, he grabs Brian and punches him. He then gets Luke and leaves.


Lucinda finds Jade helping Brian and Brian tells his wife he was mugged. When asked, Jade says she didn’t see what happened. Lucinda wants to call the police, but Brian protests saying he didn’t see the guy so calling the cops is a waste of time. Lucinda tends to her husband and thinks if she had gone with him to the party it never would have happened. Jade looks worried as they walk off.


At home, Noah is furious Brian would try to hit on Luke again. He blames himself for not believing Luke in the beginning and asks why they were in Old Town together. Luke confesses that he kissed Brian because he saw Noah with Maddie. Noah can’t believe Luke would do that to him and storms out. Alone, Luke opens a card Noah previously sent him where he thanks Luke for being his love and his future.

Casey comes out of the elevator at the hotel and runs into an upset Maddie. He lies saying he was with his parents, but Maddie knows better. She can’t believe she trusted him and gets on the elevator. She angrily says, “Happy New Year.”

Derek and Bonnie agree to just focus on each other from now on and ring in the New Year with a kiss.


As Casey sits in the lobby dejected, Alison comes in. They hear people celebrating and awkwardly wish each other a Happy New Year and walk away.


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