Will Forgives Jade!

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Will forgives jade, Katie confronts Simon, and Meg and Craig work things out.

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Jade wakes up with Lilly by her bedside. Lilly tells Jade that the orphanage switched her and Teresa's records, and she is Rose's real daughter. The two talk, and Jade tells Lilly about faking the pregnancy, and getting Gwen to come to the library.

Will talks to Dallas and tells him he wants to charge Jade. Will tells Dallas the story of Jade and her fake pregnancy, as well as how she was going to try and frame Gwen for a miscarriage. Dallas tells him he doesn't know what he can charge her with, as the two discuss Lilly walks out of her room and says You killed her mother, can't we call it even.

Lilly talks to Will and Gwen and tells them that Rose died because Will was trying to break up a marriage, so it seems fitting that Jade would try to break up their marriage.

Will goes inside Jade's room and apologizes for killing her mother. The two forgive each other and shake hands.

Outside Gwen approaches Lilly and tells her she is angry Lilly tried to hurt Will on purpose. The two talk and Gwen starts to talk bady of Jade. Lilly tells her she knows what Jade is, but everyone makes mistakes and hopefully she will get better with a family behind her.


Lucina comes to meet Holden and Luke at Java. Holden tells Lucinda that Jade is now family, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Jack runs into Carly outside of Simons room and tells her he is taking her into the station. When she protests he tells her he has reason to think a crime has been committed and she has to come with him.

When Carly leaves with Jack Katie bangs on his door and demands to know what he's up to. Katie accuses him of faking his injures in order to play of Carly's sympathies and get her to start working with him. Simon asks Katie to leave. Katie thinks that it is all to get to her, but Simon sets her straight and tells her he cares about Carly. When katie asks Simon i he loves carly he ushers her out of his room, outside the door Katie comments to herself "Simon loves Carly"


Jack takes Carly into the interrogation room and asks her questions about Spero that she refuses to answer. When Carly asks Jack why he even cares he responds telling her he still cares about her. When Carly says they are not using Spero for cash they are using someone overseas jack agrily tells her to get out.

When Carly leaves the police station one of Spero's men is outside and calls Spero to tell him "raizers blonde is talking to the cops"

Craig approaches Meg who is working on a tractor engine. Craig helps Meg fix the tractor engine and then tells her he is there because he needs her advice about his foundation. When Meg suggests that the foundation hurts the people that loved Jennifer the most, Craig says he will stop with the foundation. Craig claims it never occurred to him that the foundation would be upsetting to Jennifer's memory.

Paul comes into the room and asks Craig to leave. The two have a brief scuffle, and when he leaves Meg tells Paul that Craig is backing off with his plans for the foundation.

Paul tells Meg that Craig doesn't change. Paul tells her that she is too forgiving. Meg is angry and thinks that Paul is calling her stupid and naive for believing n Craig.

Craig meets with Emily at the Lakeview and tells her he has decided to not start the foundation. When Emily suggests he never planned on starting the foundation Craig smiles.

At the hospital Gwen and Will realize there is nothing keeping them apart, and they can finally be together.

Meanwhile the Snyders all go in to see Jade, the newest member of their family. Lilly tells her that when she is ready to leave the hospital she can come home with them

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