Lucy is Getting in Over Her Head

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Casey and Gwen help each other through a hard time. Louis arrives from Chicago, but Maddie is not happy to see him. Gwen and Will both tell Barbara to mind her own business. Lucy's plan to catch Damian in a lie backfires.

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Will and Gwen wake up apart, both looking out the window in sadness. Casey has slept in a chair across from Gwen. He sees her at the window and tells her to call Will. Will calls Carly looking for Gwen, leaves a message. Casey talks to Gwen about how hard things are with him and Maddie right now, how she kicked me out of the interrogation room, doesn't want is help. Gwen wants to know why he didn't tell her that before. Will shows up at Java, apologies to Jade; says he should have told Gwen the truth. Gwen walks in and sees the two of them holding hands. Barbara comes upon Gwen running out. She tells Barbara that Will's in there with is new girlfriend. Barbara storms in, tells Will she just passed Gwen, he jumps up and chases after her but she's already gone. Barbara tells him to let her talk to Gwen. Will tells his mother that it's his job to fight for Gwen. But she says he should leave her alone for now, let her talk to Gwen. Will informs Jade that she is bad luck for him. They've got to stay away from each other. He leaves.

Luke comes in and asks Jade if Gwen walked out or did Jade give her a push? He asks her what the deal is with her and Will. He gets Jade to admit she slept with Will. He gives her a really hard time; then asks Gwen found out. ...That murderer, Maddie Coleman,... Jade says. Luke tells Jade Gwen and Will are going to get be back together.

Barbara tries to talk to Gwen, blames things on Jade. Gwen doesn't believe Will is an innocent victim. Gwen says love isn't the issue, and it's not just about Jade. Barbara wants to know why Gwen can't forgive Will. Gwen's afraid he can't change, he's incapability of being honest. Barbara says Gwen can blame her for that. She apologizes for the hard time she gave Gwen when she first got with Will. Gwen says ...If I make him so happy, how could he sleep with Jade?... Barbara points out how lost Gwen was before she met Will. Casey shows up and tells Barbara to back off. She leaves. Casey gives Gwen a big hug. They talk about her and Will's relationship, then Casey and Maddie's relationship. Casey asks Gwen to come home with him, hang out in his room, write songs, his parents aren't around much right now, won't take no for an answer. She says ok, she says he's the best, hugs him, Maddie walks in and sees. Casey kisses Gwen before he leaves. Gwen hears a noise behind her. She turns and it is Maddie.

Henry and Maddie are having breakfast at the Lakeview, Eve has summoned them. She shows up with her husband, Louis. He tries to hug Maddie but she resists. She is upset, wants to know why he's there. He says he wants to help. Maddie tells them that they are all suffocating her and leaves. Henry, Eve and Louis sit down, Casey show up and ask who Louis is. Louis wants to know what Casey has to do with Maddie. Henry tells Casey Louis is there from Chicago. Louis gets into it with Casey, tells him to stay out of Maddie's business. Casey leaves, Henry tells Louis he had no right to talk to Casey like that. Louis says he will move heaven and earth to help Maddie. Henry says he can handle things, Louis says Henry hasn't handled a damned thing but a cocktail shaker. He and Maddie were very close while she was in Chicago and he's there to help her.

At Fair Winds, Lucy talks to Luke, he tells her he knows all her about her plan to try and expose Damian's illness as a lie, but he's going to Malta. Lucy tells Luke that if he really believes Damian is dying, he has her blessing. Luke leaves, says he's going to say goodbye to all his friends. Lucy calls the hospital, says her grandmother is sick. Sergio shows up, he tells Damian that Lucy is like a dog with a bone. Sergio says do you know what will happen if you are not on that plane with your son tonight. Damian tells him to get out.

Dusty and Lucinda talk about Lucy trying to bust Damian. Dusty tells Lucinda about Sergio spying on Lucy at the hospital the night before. Lucinda says she's got to get Lucy away from Damian. She asks Dusty why he wants to play hero for Lucy. Lucinda calls Lucy. She lies and says she's not at Fair Winds; she's in the ER at the hospital. Lucinda tells Dusty to stay out of it; Lucy's feelings for him are complicated. Dusty goes to the hospital, finds out Lucy called in, that she lied. Dusty calls Lucinda,asks her how she's feeling, to verify that's she not sick.


Back at Fair Winds, Lucy walks in the room, she wraps her arms around Damian, kisses him big time, but she's got a trick up her sleeve, she had taken something out of her purse before she walked in. She apologizes for running out the night before; she tries to get him to postpone his flight, pretending she wants to spend time with him. She tells him she doesn't want to get involved with him because he's leaving, she's putting on a good act, like she's upset that she won't get to know him, she wants more than a kiss to remember him by, tells him there are so many things she wants to know about him. Damian is flattered, asks her what she'd like to know. She says she wants to know everything, how it feels to know you're dying, then asks him how he takes his tea. She turns her back to Damian. She has something to put in his tea. She sits down with Damian, bringing them tea, starts talking about her youth and personal things. Damian smells his tea, says good choice, but doesn't drink. He says there's something they need to discuss. He wants her to stay on at Fair Winds, doesn't want to worry about her while he's gone. She says she won't be happy for a long time after he leaves. He picks up his tea, they toast to tomboys and tea parties, and he finally takes a drink. He passes out, or pretends to. Lucy is going to give him a blood test, but he grabs her.

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Maddie tells Gwen that she better not get close to Casey, that Lia got close to him and look what happened to her.

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