Craig Goes Visiting!

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Craig surprises Meg, Dusty and Barbara, Brian confronts Luke, Emily swears she will stick to Paul's plans and Paul tries to convince Meg that Dusty is the bad guy.

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At the Oakdale P.D., Dusty tells Emily about the shooting and his reasons for it. He says since she knows what was going on, she has to back him up. He apologizes for being so tough on her and asks her to help him. She refuses. He grabs her; Dani sees them and rushes in, telling Dusty to keep his hands to himself. She leaves; Emily asks if he gets off on hurting women now! "It's nice to be needed but it's even nicer to be holding all of the cards," she says! Dusty calls her needy and pathetic. Emily leaves. Barbara arrives and asks how Dusty could try to kill Paul. He says Paul was trying to kill him but Babs doesn't believe him. "Paul hired Josie to create a connection to Jennifer," he says. Barbara says Paul would never do that; Dusty says it was all about Meg. Babs says Paul has changed and leaves.


At Fairwinds, Paul is still worried about Dusty. Meg says Dusty can't hurt them and she needs him to focus on her and the baby and forget about Dusty. He leaves. A while later Craig arrives, startling Meg! He says he is only there to check on her; she accuses him of trying to kill Paul. Craig says Katie has provided his alibi and reminds Meg that family connections are stronger than small arguments. He says he allowed the charges to stick for so long so that he could search for Johnny undetected. He reaches for the stockings but Meg stops him. Craig says he isn't after her or her child and won't do anything to hurt either of them. He asks if she is happy; she says she is. Paul returns and angrily confronts Craig, who continues to profess his innocence. Craig leaves and Meg tells Paul about Dusty's arrest. She says she went to see him and then turned him in. Paul can't believe it and is even more upset when she mentions Derek. Paul begins worrying about Craig and Dusty; Meg says he has nothing to worry about. She tells him to take his prescription. He says he never filled it; she leaves for the pharmacy. Paul calls Emily and asks her to meet him in the park.


Lucinda and Brian are taking Salsa lessons when Luke returns home; Lucinda asks if he wants to stay but Luke says he has something else to do. After a little more practice, Brian leads Lucinda to the sofa and tells her not to push herself so much; she says she was just having fun and that is the best medicine she could receive. They kiss. Brian pulls away and Lucinda suggests they go to bed. "No hurry," Brian says, worrying Lucinda. She asks why he is dodging her. He says he doesn't want to rush her but that only worries Lucinda more. She says she can make up her own mind about sex. "When it happens, it will blow your mind," she says and goes to their room.

Luke finds Carolyn in Chicago, stops her and says they need to talk. He tells Carolyn about Brian's marriage and asks why they divorced. She says it is personal; Luke tries to question her but she walks away. Carolyn calls Brian.


Dani and Craig meet in the park. She tries kissing him but he won't let her. Craig asks about Dusty's arrest. Dani asks why he cares and mentions Meg; Craig thinks she is jealous and kisses her. She accuses him of playing her. He says he'll tell her everything later but she won't let him leave without the full truth. Craig says he wants to know about Dusty's case because he is going to save Dusty! He says he wants everyone to know what a good guy he is. She says one good act won't clear his bad reputation. Craig says he is reformed and she kisses him. Craig spots Paul and Emily and hides! They watch for a while and Dani wonders why Emily would visit Dusty in jail and then meet Paul in the park. She says they have to get out of there before they are seen; Craig tells Dani to go first; he makes his way closer to them and listens as Paul orders Emily to stick to their story against Dusty.


Luke returns to Oakdale and meets Noah at Java. He tells Noah about tracking down Carolyn; Noah asks why he did that. Luke says he has to find out what Brian is hiding and says Carolyn was shocked that he had remarried. He says Carolyn wouldn't tell him the reasons for the divorce. Brian walks in and confronts Luke! Luke pretends not to know what he is talking about so Brian says he knows about Carolyn. Brian says he doesn't care why Luke is mad but he has to stop acting like a child and insists that Luke misunderstood what happened that night. Brian tells Luke to think really hard about who might get hurt if he tries to 'out' Brian again.

Craig sees Barbara in Old Town and tells her how great it is to see her. "How can you walk the streets of Oakdale unshackled?" she asks. Craig says he is innocent of the charges related to the car bombing and says Paul is simply accident prone. Craig tells her about Josie and Paul; Barbara turns on him and accuses him of bringing Josie to Oakdale! Craig says he is innocent; Barbara walks away. Craig happily says that is just the information he needed!

Brian returns to Lily's; Lucinda asks where he was. He says he had things to take care of.

Paul returns home and meets Meg. He apologizes and says he is just trying to be a good husband but he is afraid of losing her. She says all they need is honesty.

Dusty is preparing to go to holding when Craig arrives. He says he can help Dusty but Dusty won't listen.

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