Who Will Be My Alibi?

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Dusty summons Meg, Craig moves his plans forward, Derek and Bonnie make up and Meg continues to defend Paul.

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At The Lakeview, Dani is ready to tell the world about her relationship with Craig but he says they need to keep things low profile for a while. He asks about her flirtation with Chris, laughs and asks if he was supposed to be jealous. She says he was but he obviously wasn't. Craig says it is time to take their game to the next level – Katie!

Brad and Katie are about to make love when Margo arrives. She apologizes to him. Brad asks why she believed the worst of him and Margo says it was because of his past. Brad accepts her apology; Margo says she just didn't want Katie to be hurt. Brad says he would never hurt Katie and Margo believes him. She leaves. Craig calls and Brad goes to get ready. Craig says she has to come forward – now!

At the hospital Paul says he feels fine and wants to go home. Meg says he isn't well enough yet but Paul says he is fine. They leave.

Derek surprises Bonnie at Metro and makes up with her. They are about to go to lunch when they hear a noise. Derek grabs his gun and goes into the back room – where Dusty is hiding! He says he needed time to think and both men stop Bonnie from calling the cops. Dusty tells Bonnie that Paul pulled the gun on him and then charged him with an axe. Bonnie doesn't believe him; Dusty asks her to help him for Jennifer's sake! She reluctantly agrees to be his lawyer but says he has to run himself in. Dusty says he will but only after he talks to Meg; he asks Derek to bring Meg there.

Once they are at Fairwinds, Paul goes upstairs to rest. Meg looks at the tree and then Derek walks in! He asks about Paul and Meg says he is doing better. Derek says he is there with a message – from Dusty! Still blaming Dusty, Meg says she isn't interested but Derek asks her to listen.


Derek returns to Metro with Meg; Dusty asks Bonnie and Derek to give them some space. He tries to explain but Meg angrily says she is done with him because he shot Paul! Dusty blurts out that Paul is lying but he is telling the truth. That stops Meg. He tells her about Josie and Paul's bribery of her but Meg refuses to believe him. He says Josie could only have known the intimate details of his marriage because of Paul and can't believe Meg won't believe him. "No matter what you say it won't change what you've done," she says and walks out.


Paul is sleeping when James wakes him up. Paul tells him to go away but James starts talking about his plot against Dusty and says he is proud! "That's what I've been trying to get you to do all along," he says. Paul says Josie caused the plan to fail but James says he has Dusty right where he wants him for now. Paul can't believe James' change of heart and wonders what is going on. Meg returns a while later and Paul asks her to turn off the lights. She does and he turns on the tree lights; Meg loves it! He asks her to start a new tradition – hanging the stockings together. She says this is the best Christmas ever and he kisses her. Paul goes back upstairs to rest. Meg starts thinking about what Dusty said – and calls the police to tell them where Dusty is hiding. She follows Paul upstairs and joins him in bed. She talks about the future and all of the Christmases in their future. "I've never loved you as much as I do right now," she says.


Craig goes to the police station and tells Margo he is innocent. She doesn't believe him; he says Katie will back him up. Margo calls Katie and asks her to come in; she and Brad arrive a few minutes later. Margo leads them into interrogation, where Craig is waiting. Katie acts stunned; Brad really is stunned. "Husband number four, is it?" Craig asks. "Maybe this one will stick!" Katie says she wants nothing to do with Craig and turns to leave. Margo says she is there because she has information about Paul's car bombing and asks if she really is Craig's alibi! Katie says Craig convinced her to meet him that afternoon during a break in her shooting schedule. Katie says Craig talked about leaving town and they argued because she didn't want him to go after Lucy and Johnny. Margo is surprised that her story exactly matches Craig's – and says she doesn't believe either of them! She asks why Katie waited so long to come forward; Katie says she was mad at him. She turns the tables and says this is typical Margo. "You never believe me," Katie says. Margo gives in. She releases Craig but still doesn't believe him. She says she'll find out how he got Katie to lie and will make his pay. She goes to the main office and sees Katie. Katie quietly tells Craig she never wants to see him again and leaves. Dani arrives and pretends to be surprised that Craig is back in Oakdale. She says he was like a second father to her and then Margo is distracted with the call about Dusty. Craig asks what Dani is doing. He reminds her that they have to keep their distance and says she can't just show up when he is around. She says she is sticking to the rules; he angrily tells her to do only as he says and then sends her away.


Dusty can't believe Meg didn't believe him. Bonnie and Derek tell him it's time to go; Derek offers to help him get out of town but then Margo walks in with an officer and arrests him! She threatens Bonnie with fugitive charges but Dusty says she is his lawyer and was convincing him to turn himself in. Margo hauls Dusty out. Derek apologizes for ruining their date. She turns and says the only way he can start fresh is to stay away from criminals. Derek says Dusty is a good friend; Bonnie says he could wind up behind bars.


Katie and Brad return home. He asks why she didn't tell him about Craig! He reminds her of their no secrets pledge. Katie says it wasn't a secret, she just didn't want to think about what happened. She gets upset about Craig and Brad says he'll keep Craig away from her. She makes him promise to stay far away from Craig! She hugs him.

Margo returns to the police station with Dusty just as Craig is about to leave. He makes a smart comment about Dusty's arrest!

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