Who Knew I Had That Kind Of Power?

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Craig offers Katie a deal, Margo and Dani are tied up, Janet plans a huge wedding and Carly reacts badly to Jack's money decisions.

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Both Dani and Margo tell Brad the charges against him will stick. He asks Margo to wait a little longer and says Spencer isn't dead. Margo won't listen so he tells her about the instant messenger and says he is being set up! He says Dani knows all about it. Covering, Dani says she didn't tell Margo about the messenger because she checked it out and there was no actual address for the messenger's identification. Margo tells Dani to get a computer. She returns and says the files are corrupt so they can't track the mystery man down now. Brad says this is more mystery messenger business and begs Margo to wait a little longer. She read him his rights.


In the limo, Craig acts as if being in Oakdale is perfectly natural. Katie asks what he wants and he says he is there to help. She puts two and two together and realizes Craig is the instant messenger! Craig pretends not to know what she is talking about but Katie doesn't buy it. Craig says he didn't know anything about the blackmail but insists he can help now. "You murdered her!" Katie says. Craig says the dead body isn't Spencer and says all of this is fixable. Katie threatens to go to Margo but Craig says if she does that he'll run and Brad will stay in jail. She asks how he can do this to her; he says it's business and if she agrees he'll produce Spencer alive and well. He says he needs her to alibi him for the time when Paul's car was blown up! She says no one will believe her; he says they only have to make Margo believe it. She says she won't do it; Craig says Brad will go to jail. "I don't think your marriage will survive that. How many divorces will that be?" Craig asks. Katie gives in but doesn't like it. Craig makes a call.


Dani receives a call and tells Margo that Brad might not be lying. She points out some questionable evidence and reminds Margo that every time Katie and Brad are about to clear themselves something else crops up. She shows Margo the evidence file and offers to go to Chicago to scope out Spencer's place. Margo clears it and thanks her. Dani calls from Chicago and reports that Spencer just walked into her apartment! Margo says the new report also shows the dead body isn't Spencer's! Katie arrives at the police station just as Brad is booked for murder. He says he told Margo everything but she didn't believe him. "Oh, thank God," Katie says. Brad asks what is going on with her; she backtracks and says she is just flustered. He apologizes to her again; she says she loves him and things will be okay. Brad is taken to holding. Katie calls Craig and says Brad has been arrested. Craig says Brad will be out soon and hangs up.


Spencer surprises Margo and Dani in the apartment, ties them up and pulls a gun. She says if Henry, Brad and Katie had followed instructions, none of this would have happened. "I hate the whole lot of them," she says. Margo asks what Katie, Brad and Henry did to her. She says she could have loved Brad; Margo thinks there is more to her story. Dani asks who the woman in the locker is. Spencer says it was a Jane Doe from the Chicago Morgue. "I'd love to stay and chat, but, adios," she says and leaves the apartment! Dani apologizes to Margo for getting them into this mess. Sirens sound in the distance and Margo says they are going to be rescued soon.

Margo gets back to the police station, tells Katie she found Spencer – and lost her – and that Brad and Henry are free to go. "Spencer McKay orchestrated this whole thing," Margo says and credits Dani for finding all of this out.

Dani meets Craig at his hotel room with a bottle of champagne. He kisses her and says she did well!

Brad takes Katie home and tosses her onto their bed. He can't stop talking about Spencer and the case. "I can't believe the girl cracked because I rejected her. Who knew I had that power?" he asks. Katie tells him to calm down and says talk of Spencer has to stop. They make love.

At home, JJ's headmistress calls and says the check bounced – and JJ's place at the school is in danger!

Janet meets with Lisa at The Lakeview. Lisa says she can rent the ballroom to Janet on New Year's Eve for the bargain price of $20,000! Janet is shocked and waffles but Lisa convinces her to book the room.


Jack goes to Holden with his money problems and Holden says he'll cover Jack's expenses for him. Holden tells Jack not to mess up his life this time around and the guys laugh. Holden leaves. Carly arrives and tells Jack the check bounced. He says he told her not to send the check; she says she had no choice and reminds him that she told him to buy a different dress! Jack says the dress isn't her business and then tells her to call the school because the money is there now – thanks to Holden. "That woman is driving you and our children straight to disaster!" Carly exclaims. Jack tells her to back off. Carly says JJ is going to be humiliated because of this. Janet arrives and Jack tells Carly to leave. When she is gone Janet asks what happened; Jack tells her not to worry about it. Janet brings up her conversation with Lisa. Worried, Jack says they agreed to have the wedding at the farm but she says she wants her wedding to be different from the other times he's been married at the farm. He says he's been married at The Lakeview, too, but gives in. She tells him about the ballroom and then says it is going to cost $20,000. "Have you lost your mind?" he says! Janet apologizes and says she just got caught up. She says she'll get her deposit back but Jack starts to feel bad when Janet talks about her dream wedding. Janet says they'll come up with something else and forget about inviting her extended family. She says this was her chance to get her family back because they disowned her when Liberty was born. He asks why she never told him this and tells her to invite the family and keep The Lakeview. Janet refuses because of Carly. Jack says he'll get a loan but Janet stops him. He says he is going to give her the dream wedding she's always wanted.


Carly runs into Lisa at The Lakeview. Over lunch, Lisa asks about the wedding and tells her about the ballroom offer. Carly is shocked and says Jack and Janet are getting married at the farm. Lisa says she made them a deal and Janet took it. She asks how much it is going to cost but Lisa won't tell her at first. Carly calls Holden and asks him to come to The Lakeview. Holden arrives in a few minutes and she goes on about how Jack is bankrupting himself and enabling Janet to buy her way into Sage's heart! Holden asks why she cares about what Jack is doing. She goes on about the money Jack is wasting. Holden says Jack's money is none of her business! He says Jack isn't going to make the kids suffer because of Janet; Carly says that is her point – that Janet is making him do all of this. She says it's a combination of them getting married at The Lakeview and on Parker's birthday. "He's giving all of our memories to her," she says. Holden says Jack isn't doing that at all, he is just trying to make a new life for himself. He holds Carly's hand and says she will be okay. She isn't so sure and leaves.

Jack returns to the farm and finds a priest waiting. Janet arrives and welcomes the priest, who is there to give Jack Catholicism instructions. Jack says he isn't Catholic; Janet says he has to have instruction or they can't get married at her church. He asks about The Lakeview; she says that is just for the reception. Jack reluctantly invites the priest inside. The priest says he needs to speak to Jack alone and asks about his prior marriages. He asks why Jack wants to risk marriage again. Jack goes on about how happy Janet makes him and says he wasn't looking for this but isn't going to throw it away. Listening in, Janet smiles. Jack says he knows the sacrifices and compromises they will all have to make and she starts to cry. The priest leaves. Janet asks if she is going overboard; he says she isn't and she brings up flowers.

Next on As The World Turns:

Craig puts the second half of his plan in motion.

Margo questions whether Katie really was with Craig at the time of the bombing.

Dusty can't believe Meg doesn't believe him.

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