Why Do You Care, Grandpa?

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Luke is surly with Alison and Brian, Lucinda tries to push Brian away, Casey is given an ultimatum, Katie tries to track down the truth and a body is found at WOAK.

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Alison runs into Luke in Old Town and asks how he is. He gets snippy and says she isn't a real nurse and should back off! He gets dizzy and calls her a drama queen. Alison realizes he is drunk and asks what he is doing. Luke tells her to stop acting like Noah and Brian! Allie says Noah and Brian have every right to care about him. Luke flashes back to the kiss and says Brian cares too much. He starts to walk away but Alison stops him and says he has to get checked out because of the dizzy spell. She asks him to come to the hospital with her and promises to make the visit confidential. Luke gives in and says he needs time to wash up. Alison calls Casey and asks him to meet them at Memorial.

Over breakfast, Tom tells Casey that he has two weeks to get a legitimate job or find a new place to live! Casey says he can't find a real job within two weeks but Tom sticks to his guns and leaves.

Lucinda and Lily are talking about her treatment when Brian walks in. Lucinda tries to convince him to take some time off from watching over her but Brian won't hear of it.


Casey, Luke and Alison get to the hospital. Allie sees a resident and pushes Casey and Luke into the exam room. She convinces the resident to look Luke over and they go inside. Luke insists he is fine and doesn’t need an exam; Casey leaves for the cafeteria – and runs right into Lily! He covers, saying he is there for a job interview but Lily thinks he is acting strangely. He gets rid of her and goes back inside. Worried, Luke says he has to leave. Casey checks the hall, doesn't see anyone and says the coast is clear.


Lily returns to Lucinda's room and tells them about the Casey sighting. The doctor finally arrives and when Brian speaks for Lucinda she kicks him out! Lily follows him into the hall and says Lucinda is just afraid and he shouldn't take this personally. He says he wants to know everything there is to know about Lucinda. Brian tells her to go back to Lucinda. He runs into Luke, notices how ill he seems but Luke brushes him off. Alison and the resident tell Brian what is going on and he tells Luke to get help unless he wants Lily to find out! Luke angrily tells Brian to stop harassing his friends but Brian won't back down. Luke agrees to finish the examination. Casey and Alison leave; Brian goes inside with Luke. The doctor says Luke needs blood work and Brian says he will get it. Luke angrily says he has no right; the doctor leaves and Luke blames Brian for his drinking! He asks if Brian is trying to make out with him again and Brian says he is wrong about what happened that night. "I was drunk, not unconscious," Luke says. Brian gives him money for a hotel and tells Luke to sleep off his binge before going home. He leaves.

Brian goes to Lily's to see Lucinda and says he will always stand by her. She apologizes for her earlier actions. Brian says he has to pick up some things at The Lakeview and leaves. Lily returns and Lucinda says she knew her life couldn't be this good for long! Upset, Lucinda says she wants to be a better person and doesn't want to be surrounded by yes-men. Lily says Brian isn't a 'yes-man' and he really cares about her.

Luke goes to Brian's room. Inside he finds a letter from a woman named Carolyn. He opens it and reads the note – it's from Brian's ex-wife about his alimony payment! Luke pretends to be sleeping when Brian walks in. He asks how Luke is and Luke says he is better. Brian says he can stay as long as he wants but Luke says he has to go. He takes the letter with him!

Casey and Alison go to Java and talk about Luke. They are worried about Luke and his drinking. Casey gets annoyed when Alison says it's about time someone noticed Luke's illness. This angers Casey because he didn't see what was happening. He tells Allie about Tom's ultimatum. Alison shows him her new divorce papers. "I'm the champion in the Whose Life Is More Pathetic Sweepstakes," she says. Casey says she isn't pathetic and she tells him to stop flirting with her! Casey says he wasn't flirting with her and Alison apologizes. She says she wants to keep their friendship intact. Casey asks her if she'll help with his job search and she agrees.

At the police department Margo asks Dani about the Chicago lead. Dani says the lead was a dead end because Brad and Katie's witness wasn't credible! Margo slams her phone around after not being able to reach Katie. She is worried that Brad is scamming Katie. An officer comes by and tells Margo to get to WOAK.


At WOAK, Brad and Katie tape a new segment, even though Kim hasn't given him his job back. During the segment, a foul order pervades the studio. They track it down to Brad's locker, open it and a body falls out! A security guard calls the police; Brad is certain the body is Spencer's because of the appearance and is about to pull the plastic from the body when his phone rings. He ignores the call and pulls the plastic down. Margo arrives and they tell her what happened. Brad admits he touched the plastic but the face on the body is too disfigured. Dani arrives and says their witness denied seeing Spencer! Margo drags Brad out and Katie follows. Dani calls her contact and says their plan is working. "Poor Spencer. You owe me for this one," she says!


At the police station Katie insists that Brad is innocent. Dani returns with a dental record and says it matches Spencer's. Margo questions Brad after Tom arrives. Both Tom and Brad say there is no proof that Brad killed or transported any bodies. Margo says the original charges will be reinstated and arrests Brad! He says they have to tell Margo everything now! Tom tells Brad to clam up and Katie backs him up. Katie turns to Margo and says they aren't lying about anything but she can't tell her everything just yet. "I can prove Brad's innocence," she says. Tom points out that Margo has to get new search warrants before Brad's charges can be reinstated. She gives Katie thirty minutes. Margo clears the room so Katie and Brad can talk. She tells Brad they can't out the mystery messenger because he might not be guilty – he might be their safety net! She leaves. Tom returns and asks what they aren't telling him. Brad says all he knows is that he is being set up and he doesn't know why. Tom leaves the room and Dani confronts him. He tells her that Brad is innocent but she insists that Brad is guilty. Margo returns to Brad's room and says she got the search warrant. She tells him that he is hurting Katie! Brad swears that he is innocent this time around; Margo says she is done believing him.


Katie returns to WOAK and logs on to her computer. She sends a message about Brad and Henry and asks why he is hurting them and says she'll do anything to make him stop. Another worker tells Katie her limo has arrived but she didn't call for a car. She leaves to deal with the driver. She gets to the car – and Craig is inside!

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Craig tells Katie to lie for him.

Lisa tells Janet she can rent The Lakeview ballroom – for $20,000!

Jack can't believe Janet's new plans!

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