Jade Is Rose's Daughter

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Simon is beaten up by Spero's men, Maddie tells Casey about the rape, and Teresa confirms Jade is Rose's daughter.

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Simon encourages Carly to leave him and the project behind. Carly tells him that she is done, and walks out of the hotel room.

Outside of Crash Mike receives a telephone call from the hospital letting him know that his paternity tests are back in. While he and Katie are still outside Carly approaches and tells them she has stopped working with Simon. The two go inside and have a drink, when they are done Carly realizes she left her house keys at Simon's. Mike offers to go get them for her, but she says she can handle Simon.

Simon calls Spero to his hotel room and tells him he doesn't want the loan anymore. Spero tells him he can get out of the loan if he gives him back the principal plus 40 grand. Simon tells Spero to leave, and he refuses telling Simon he either pays him the extra 40 grand or goes back to the original loan of principal plus 100 grand in 30 days. Spero's men bet up Simon and tell him he needs to be ready to pay him in 30 days.

Carly returns to Simon's hotel room and finds him collapsed on the floor.

At Lilly's house the doorbell rings. When Lilly opens the door a girl standing outside introduces herself as Teresa. Lilly introduces herself to Teresa as her aunt. As the two begin to talk Teresa tells them that Jade stole her records, but then before she could contact Lilly and Holden she found her real birth mother. She tells them that a woman showed up at her dorm room claiming to be her mother, she had a DNA test and the woman was in fact her mother. Teresa then suggests that Jade is really Lilly's daughter.

Will confronts Luke and asks him what is going on with Jade. When he sees Jades medical records in Luke's hands, Will take's the records and begins to look at them. The two begin to fight but are interrupted by Casey calling to let Will know Jade called Gwen and asked her to meet them.

At the library, Gwen meets Jade and discovers that the two of them are all alone. Jade tells her that her and Will are going to get married, and she is going to get a house with a yard, and brothers and sisters for her baby. When Will calls Gwen Jade knocks the phone out of her hands and tells her that she isn't done with her yet.

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Jade trips and a box of books falls on Jade causing her to be knocked unconscious on the floor of the library. Will arrives at the library and tells Gwen to call the hospital.

Luke arrives home with Jade's medical records, Lilly tears them out of his hands and starts look at them, eventually deciding that Jade could in fact be Rose's daughter.


At the hospital Jade is brought in on a stretcher. Gwen tells Will that she didn't want this to happen, and pleads for Will to believe her. Lucy runs outside of Jades room and says she has a ruptured kidney and they don't know if she is going to make it through the night. Lilly calls Jade's cell phone and Lucy answers telling her Jade's condition.

When Will asks a nurse how Jade is, the nurse tells Gwen and Will Jade is not pregnant.


Casey tells Maddie he thinks she is getting better. Maddie tells him that every time she goes to the therapist things get a little easier for her. Maddie tells Casey that she wants to tell him the entire story of the rape. Maddie tells Casey, in great detail, the story of the rape. She tells him how Louis locked the door, and told her it would be fun. She tells Casey she tries to push him off and fight him, but she coudn't.

The two discuss Maddie's loss of virginity, and casey tells her that she is still a virgin, and will be until the two of them make love. When that happends, Casey describes it as a fantastic experience, nothing like her experience with Louis.

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Lilly goes to see Jade in the hospital, and Gwen and Will discuss Jade not really being pregannt.

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