Jade Calls Gwen!

Monday, October 16th, 2006

Jade asks Gwen to meet her alone at the library, Simon tells Carly to quit the project, and Lucy tells Dusty she will testify against her father in a custody battle.

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Katie and Mike drop off copies of Oakdale Confidential at the library for an upcoming benefit. While Mike is putting the books away Margo calls Katie and tells her that Craig is back in town. When Mike suggests that the two of them should go see Craig, Katie tells him she will go alone. The two start to kiss, and a librarian interrupts telling them the library is closed and they must leave.

Craig meets with Lucy and tells her he plans on starting a benefit in Jennifer's name for babies with Johnny's condition. Lucy tells him that it is a great idea, but should be done anonymously; by using Jennifer's name he hurts too many people. Craig claims an anonymous donation never occurred to him, but now it is too late to change the name of the foundation since he has already talked to Bob and Kim about the project.

When Lucy leaves Meg approaches Craig. Craig gets Meg to sit down, and tells her about the foundation he plans on starting in Jennifer's name. Meg tells Craig she thinks the foundation is just a ploy to get to Paul, not to actually help children. .

Barbara tells Paul that Craig plans on starting a benefit with Jennifer's name. When Dusty comes in, Barbara explains the situation to him; Dusty tells her that he plans on making no response whatsoever to Craig. He does not want Jennifer's name to be used to fuel a fight with Craig.

Lucy comes in and tells everyone she plans on being personally responsible for stopping her father. When Barbara leaves Lucy and Dusty alone, Dusty tells her he thinks the foundation is just something Craig is doing to use at a custody hearing. Lucy tells him that if Craig ever tries to get custody she will testify against him, and say the Johnny is better off with Dusty.

Later, Paul interrupts Meg and Craig and tells Craig he cannot use his sister's name. When Meg gets up she runs into Katie, and asks her to get her brother to reconsider.


Luke confronts Jade about not being pregnant. Jade tells him that she plans on sleeping with Will again, and she will be really pregnant with his child. Luke tells her that she has to tell Will that she isn't pregnant, or he will.

Will arrives at the hospital and asks Jade if the baby is ok. Jade tells him she appreciates him caring, and sends him downstairs to fill a prescription. When he leaves Luke tells her is going to make a copy of her medical records, and if she does not tell Will soon he is going to show him Jades records. Luke tells her he will still be hr friend afterwards, but Will needs to be told tomorrow, by either him or Jade.

Jade sends Luke down to the cafeteria to get her some food, while Will is still gone getting her medicine. While both boys are away she checks herself out of the hospital and leaves.


Dancing with Gwen, Elwood asks her why she keeps looking over at Jack who is having a drink at the bar alone. Gwen approaches Jack and the two talk briefly. During their discussion Jack tells Gwen that he feels back for yelling at Carly for something that may or may not have been true.


Casey arrives at Crash to see Maddie. As he arrives Gwen comes back in, and Elwood decides to serenade her, and the rest of the room with a rap he was written for her. Casey and Maddie convince Gwen to sing in front of the group at crash. After she performs she receives a phone call from Jade who asks her to meet her at the library alone.

Maddie and Casey try to convince Gwen not to go meet Jade, but Gwen decides to go anyway.

Outside of Crash Jack runs into Mike. When Mike asks Jack what's wrong, Jack confesses that he is upset Carly is sleeping with Simon. Jack and Mike discuss their mutual desire to smack him in his Australian face. Before the two separate, Mike asks Jack to keep the news of Simon and Carly from Katie. He doesn't want to think about how Simon and Carly together would make Katie feel. Mike tries to encourage Jack to go after Carly again.

As the two are talking about Katie and Simon Katie walks up and asks what they are talking about. Mike tells her he would prefer to not discuss it, and the two pick up where they left off in the library.


Carly yells at Simon, for getting involved with a loan shark. When Simon claims once again the money is Lucinda's, Carly picks up the phone and tells Simon she is going to call Lucinda and thank her. Simon tells Carly that he did get the money from a loan shark, but he did it because when he told her he had funding for the project she was so happy he didn't want her to loose that look in her eye. Simon apologizes to Carly for making a potentially poor decision, but he knows he can make this work if she trusts him.

Simon encourages Carly to walk away from the project right now. That way everyone will see she had no part in working with the loan shark,

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Gwen and Jade meet face-to-face in the library!

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