You Want My Advice?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Lily and Carly move forward, Holden offers advice to Jack and Aaron, Casey is convinced to join Luke's election campaign and Liberty confronts Jack about his plans for Janet.

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Aaron and Alison meet at The Lakeview. He says he contacted a lawyer and she should have the divorce papers any day. Alison is crushed; he says she wanted this. She asks if they can be friends but he refuses. Alison walks away.

At Brad's, Janet tells Liberty that she and Jack might be getting married. Liberty is worried that Janet is acting rashly again and warns her that Jack and Carly have a long history. Janet refuses to listen to her and says she can't understand because she is a kid. Liberty goes to school. Janet stares into a mirror and sees herself as one of Liberty's characters from lit class, old and waiting among cobwebs for Jack to be ready to marry her. She screams!


Luke goes to Java and flirts with Noah. Casey arrives and Luke tells them he is running for president! Noah is shocked and not thrilled. Luke apologizes for not running the idea by him first; Noah says the Gay Film Festival isn't reason enough to add the presidency to his plate. Luke says he isn't doing this just because of the festival; Casey chimes in that Kevin is really popular and it's going to be tough. Luke asks if Casey means he can't win because he is gay! Casey and Noah can't believe how he is overreacting. Alison arrives and they tell her about Luke's plan. Kevin arrives and Luke says he'll have competition in the race now. Kevin says he looks forward to it. Casey worries that Luke doesn't have the right staff; Noah grins and says they have all they need! Luke catches on and says Casey could be their contact with the 'straight' crowds and popular people. Alison thinks it's a good idea, too, but Casey isn't sure he wants to do it. Ian arrives; Luke apologizes to Noah for not filling him in sooner and then goes to talk to Ian. Casey asks why Alison is so invested in Luke's campaign. Mark arrives before she can answer and invites Casey to come to Kevin's campaign rally. He makes a few bigoted comments about Luke and leaves. Casey says he is on Luke's team – as long as Alison is onboard, too! She reminds him that she doesn't attend Oakdale U but Casey says that doesn't matter. He says it would help the Snyder family as a whole. Alison finally agrees to be Casey's spy at Kevin's meetings! Casey tells Luke he'll be the campaign manager and that Alison is going to be their spy.


Carly sees Lily in a parking lot; she is having car trouble and Carly offers her a ride but Lily refuses. She tries calling Holden but he doesn't answer. Carly returns a while later and offers her a lift. Lily finally accepts. Carly drives her home. Lily hesitates and then invites Carly inside! She finally agrees to come in and then makes small talk. Lily stops her and says she and Holden are taking a leap of faith and trying again. Carly wishes them well and then asks Lily if she can have a second chance, too! She says she needs a friend because of Jack; Lily isn't sure she is ready to be friends again. Carly turns to go but then offers to drive the kids to school if Lily is still having car trouble. Carly gets to the door and Lily says she is willing to try! They talk about Jack; Carly says she was pushing Jack toward Janet because she knows they have no future. Lily asks if she pushed Jack at Janet because she knew, deep down, that Janet wasn't a threat to her! Carly realizes she is right and worries that it may be too late already. She rushes away after Lily tells her to call her to tell her how things went with Jack!


Alison waits outside Kevin's campaign meeting at Al's; Kevin sees her and invites her in. Mark tells Kevin to hurry up; Alison follows him inside, pretending to be an O-U student. The crowd applauds Kevin and Mark announces that Luke is their competition and makes more bigoted comments about a homosexual being the school president. Kevin tries to stop Mark but he just keeps talking, saying that Luke wants to show gay porn in the quad! Upset, Alison walks out. Kevin finally stops Mark, says Luke is a good guy and that he won't run his campaign on bias.


Holden tracks down Jack and offers him a bottle of wine in celebration of his return to police work. As they talk, Jack brings up Janet and what she wants from him; Holden says Jack's women friends are always the ones calling the shots. Then, he says Janet is good for Jack and reminds Jack that he can't live at the farm forever. Jack thinks about this and then brings up Carly. Holden says Carly is in his past and he's moving forward with Lily. Jack says he is done with Carly, too, and then wishes Holden luck with Lily. He leaves. Aaron arrives and tells Holden about the divorce papers. Holden asks if Aaron could have lived with Alison, knowing what she did. He says living with Allie is easier than living without her. Holden advises Aaron to avoid Alison at all costs.


Jack is at work when another officer welcomes him back. Even with all of the paperwork awaiting him, Jack is excited. Liberty walks in the door and says she needs to talk – about Janet! She says Jack has given Janet hope and now he's crushing her because he wants to move in instead of getting married. Jack tells Liberty that he didn't intend to do that and says he likes Janet a lot – but he isn't ready to get married. Liberty brings up Carly and says if Jack isn't ready for forever, he better back off or Janet won't be able to move on. Crying, Liberty begs him to stop. She leaves. Janet calls and Jack overhears a little of the conversation. Janet asks Liberty why she skipped school; Liberty apologizes and swears she is going to school now. Janet realizes she went to see Jack and gets upset. Liberty hangs up and then turns to Jack and leaves. Jack does some paperwork and then Janet calls him. They decide to meet in Old Town. Carly arrives to see Jack but convinces another officer to tell her where Jack went.

In Old Town, Jack asks Janet if she was talking about marriage before. She says she was and then says it is okay with her if Jack isn't ready for marriage! Jack gets on one knee, tells her to be quiet and then proposes! Carly hears them!

Alison returns to Java and reports that Kevin's campaign is built on homophobia! Luke and Noah can't believe it. Noah wants Luke to drop out but Luke insists that he has to do this to prove that homosexuals have as many rights as heterosexuals. Casey asks if Alison can spy a little more for them; she says she can do it.

Holden arrives at the house and can't believe Lily invited Carly in; he says it may have been a good thing. She agrees and says this is proof that they are moving forward.

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